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Stupidified and Chickafied America: Creating a dumbed-down and sissified public.
January 31, 2013
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Chickafied and Stupidified America.

Chickafied is a Rushism. The term was coined by Rush Limbaugh to describe the not-so-gradual movement of society away any sense of bold adventure, which involves risk of some kind, and toward a more "safe and sensible" be careful and be sensitive stand-patism. The Chickafied approach is often so cautious in decision making as to be completely indecisive.

Stupefied is a term normally used to describe a temporary condition of inability to think clearly due to amazement or astonishment, or, shock and surprise, or, exhaustion and fatigue. Most usually the stupefied condition is temporary.

Stupidefied is the term I prefer to use to describe the slower, purposeful, systematic dumbing-down of a person or a population by a person or group who seeks to teach, direct and guide the "proper thinking" of the stupidefied person or population. The motivation for the stupidification process may be sinister, or it may be a simple case of super elitist hubris and false superiority on the part of the perpetrator(s). Quite often the stupidefied condition is not temporary, or at least it is not of short duration.

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