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Immoral, Unjustified and Criminal Authority
November 09, 2021
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Immoral, Unjustified and Criminal Authority

In America, Unconstitutional Law Is No Law. In American Military, Illegal Orders Are No Orders. Any And All Criminally Assumed Authority Is No Authority.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Illegitimate criminal authority is being exercised in America by federal state and local governments, and by employers, up and down the line.


Who in any level of American government (indeed, who on this planet, including any private employer) holds the legitimate, constitutional and legal authority to order any American citizen on American soil, let alone any whole American citizen population, to mask-up, vax-up, booster-up, distance-up, quarantine-up, get-tested or otherwise behave as old-world lepers, whether they were perfectly healthy, infected with anything or not?


No one.

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