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Degenerate generations of mal-educated citizens beget even worse generations.
November 24, 2012
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The New Degenerate Generations of America.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, November 23, 2012

The “Big Lie” strategy is working. We have written about it many times in this site. It’s an old trick, effectively used by Sanger, Hitler, Goebbels, Lenin, Stalin, Alinksky, Cronkite, Rather, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Ayers, Jones, Obama and too many others to mention. Who knows where or with whom it originated. The important thing is how well it has always worked in history, and how well it is working today. Here it is, in a nutshell:

Tell a great big lie; the bigger the better, and the more unbelievable the better. Some fraction of the audience will accept it right off the bat. They will wonder “How can this man stand there and say such an incredible thing if it is not true?” And even that question will tend to lend some credence to the lie in other minds, because many people simply couldn’t believe anyone would dare to say such a thing unless it was true. Then, repeat the lie; do not back away from it. Double down on it. Get others to repeat it. Get it printed; get it broadcast; say it again and again; hammer it, and it will be believed.

That is how a lie becomes a truth unto itself in the minds of men. Over time, people stop questioning it. Now, in earlier days and in other nations the radical revolutionaries who perpetrated the lie could only hope to convince a small fraction of the population, but that was enough. Revolution does not need a majority; it only needs a very dedicated and highly motivated minority to ultimately succeed. Lenin had only about 15,000 committed and dedicated Communists when he successfully took over the vast Russian population. The rest of the population didn’t really have a clue about what was going on until it was too late to stop it.

Here in America, the revolutionary ground has been much better prepared over a much longer period of time, having been seeded with lie upon lie upon lie. Untold numbers of crops of lies have had their effect on increasingly large fractions of the population. We have become a degenerate people, largely incapable of distinguishing good from evil, virtue from vice, decency from indecency or even simple right from wrong. Our education system proved to be the key. Once Marxist revolutionary thinking took over the American academy, the writing was on the wall.

Each public school educated generation is more degenerate than the previous one. Each graduating class from our universities is more degenerate than the previous class. We now have multiple degenerate generations of citizens, raising new generations. And the process continues: the current degenerate generation is just as shocked as their grandparents had been at what their children are being taught in school today. And their children are less respectful of them, and of all authority, than even they had been of their own parents at that age.

First, we will talk about how Marxist ideologues prepared, and are still preparing the American ground for general acceptance of The Big Lie; then we will return to that theme with some examples.

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