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On Evil and Nonsense: Look closely at Nonsense, and find Evil at its root.
October 19, 2011
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On Evil and Nonsense.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Evil and Nonsense addresses a simple question: How could so many seemingly normal, intelligent people hold fast to ideas that are just plain stupid? When I say stupid, I mean clearly and obviously stupid. Unworkable ideas, that came to be via some path devoid of critical thought and simple common sense.

What triggered these thoughts was a recent on-air comment by Rush Limbaugh in which he referred to the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd as being not only stupid, but “arrogant and smug” in their stupidity. He hit the nail right on the head. These people are so stupid that they think the rest of us are stupid and they hold us in contempt. There are few things in life more intolerable than the insolent condescending sneers of a truly stupid elitist.

Observation: Many – perhaps most – people today do not properly recognize evil as evil.

The higher the education, the loftier the credentials or professional bone fides, the more elite, the higher the academic status, professional status or social status any person has or acquires, the more likely it becomes that that person might deny the very fact that evil exists at all. This phenomenon has been amply demonstrated in history. When President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire” the world elites very nearly went into apoplexy. The reason they were all so shocked by any such reference was that they all “knew” that there was no such thing as evil. They were enlightened men who knew better.

Virtually all of academia and the entire SLIMC attacked Reagan’s Evil Empire statement. Among political office holders, the entire Democrat Party, and all of the “establishment” Republicans were seemingly of one mind against the “slur.”

(Establishment Republicans refers to those Republican Party members who had become professional politicians or who had learned all the inside-the-beltway tricks of the political trade, who had personal motives and who quite regularly compromised with evil for political and personal gain. Today, we call some of them RINOs; the important thing to note is that they are quite willing and able to compromise with evil, which requires getting up close and personal with evil.)

At the other end of the scale we see those of low or no degree, without any credentials or any claim to any special elite status. Many – perhaps most – of these are, to some degree, molded or even manipulated by the elites. They tend to believe whatever their teachers, professors and text books teach them, and most educators today do not properly recognize evil as evil.

One big-shot Republican advisor recently publicly opined that the art of politics involves manipulating people without them knowing they are being manipulated. This is the evil Marxist Useful Idiot strategy. Educators, journalists and politicians make use of it every single day. American professional politics has morphed from representative politics to manipulative politics. What we need is an increased number of ordinary citizens in high office and a lower number of professional political manipulators in office; then maybe we will begin the return to real representative government as opposed to manipulative government.

Postulation: As one moves away from recognition of evil, he moves away from knowing right from wrong. As one moves away from knowing right from wrong, he moves away from that attribute we all know as simple common sense. As one moves away from common sense, he opens himself up to falling victim to nonsense.

Holding fast to nonsense is stupid.

And that is how so many seemingly normal, intelligent people can come to accept and hold fast to ideas that are just plain stupid.

It would be easy to show that evil is, in itself, nonsensical and stupid by using strictly theological arguments. The argument could be successfully made that Satan is stupidity personified. However, I am trying to do the impossible here, in that I am trying to keep theology out of a discussion about evil. It would be better and more beneficial for readers who are unbelievers to keep the discussion on a purely worldly level, because unbelievers only believe in worldly things. And unbelievers, especially the elite among them, treat theology with contempt and will stop reading when the discussion turns to the possibility that there might be anything other-worldly in existence. Marxists and other atheists do not believe in Satan, so Satan must be left out of this discussion.

But we must discuss evil, or at least the proper recognition of it. How do we as a people recognize evil? For this discussion, we will ignore the most important “first tablet” Commandments defining man’s relationship with God – his theology, and just stick to man’s relationship with his fellow man – his morality. America’s guiding ethos, from even before the nation’s founding, is the Judao-Christian Ethos of Western Civilization. The root and foundation of Western morality and the root and foundation of American representative civil law is in the “second tablet” Commandments, addressing the protected nature of the family, the taking of life, chastity and marital fidelity, the taking of property, truth over untruth, covetousness and jealousy.

This is the basis of our national morality, and the basis of knowing right from wrong in all of our associations and relations with our neighbors and our fellow man. According to my pastor, and I’m sure many others of many denominations, these very normal and very natural rules were written on man’s heart before they were carved in stone, and every man is born with them. They may need to be awakened or refreshed or reaffirmed on occasion, but they are there, even for those who never properly learned them. This is the basis of common sense; it is how we know right from wrong.

Christians and Jews of probably every branch and description recognize these Commandments that are written on man’s heart under the name of The Natural Law. They are just there, and they enable the rudiments of civility, the ability to “get along” with each other, a basis for telling right from wrong, and that special thing known as common sense that we use in making choices. It has been working for untold thousands of years.

Exactly what other rule or standard would you have us all use?

Leaving theology out of the discussion, we may say that here in America, knowingly and purposely violating this standard is evil. All Marxists will disagree, because Marx’s Communist Manifesto damned not only religion, but the family, private property and truth. (See the Refuting Marx page.) That’s a violation of every Commandment, and a violation of the whole of the natural law. Therefore, we can say that Marxism is evil, by the long established American standard.

So how do good people morph into acceptance of, first, nonsensical ideas, and eventually, evil?

One little propagandizing / educational / political nibble at a time. The pre-war history of Germany is instructive. The SS soldier herding people onto or off of cattle cars, or supervising the gas chambers, or supervising the ovens, or shooing unarmed civilians in the streets, started out life as an ordinary citizen, raised in a Christian household. The process of turning him into a monster didn’t even take one generation. The whole process was orchestrated and driven by the Machiavellian manipulative bastards known as Professional Politicians who wound up in charge of a country.

Evil and nonsense has been slowly gaining ground in America since long before I was born, and I’m getting pretty long in the tooth. Books have been written about it; three that come immediately to mind are Iserbyt’s Dumbing Down of America, Bork’s Slouching Toward Gomorrah and Moynihan;s Defining Deviancy Down. Much nonsense is now institutionalized in American thought. Just as one example, how many people of your acquaintance believe that there is any such thing as a Human Population Problem that simply must be dealt with by government, despite the fact that it was long ago incontrovertibly proven to be a complete fraud?

Over the last few days Rush Limbaugh has delivered more than one of his typically brilliant rants regarding the aforementioned Occupy Wall Street stupidos. (Sometimes the rants of Rush are so brilliant that I wish he would just talk, and leave the phone calls out of it. But then I realize that his passionate rants are most frequently fired up by what some caller says, and it becomes clear that his method and show organization probably could not be improved upon.) In one rant in particular, Rush pointed out the utter imbecility of the “arguments” and “purposes” and “goals” of the demonstrators.

Shut down Wall Street; shut down all banking; shut down “corporate America,” meaning, I suppose, shut down all corporations; bring down Capitalism; take an undefined “fair share” from millionaires and billionaires; etc. So, imagine if all their wishes come true.

No more bank; what would they do now? They just lost all their accounts, and so did mom and dad. No more corporations; what would they do now? Manufacture their own i-phones and i-pads and cell phones? Make their own phone network so they could use their cell phone to talk to another cell phone? Sew their own clothes? Grow their own cotton or wool, spin it, weave it into cloth themselves? Manufacture their own cars? Produce their own oil and refine their own gasoline to run in their cars? Manufacture their own light bulbs? Generate their own electricity to light their own light bulbs? Grow or raise and slaughter their own food?

Or, would they depend on Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, to properly do all these things for them? He who never even held any real job.

These clowns don’t have the first clue about what the world will look like when they bring the system down. They have no idea what the replacement system is that will be imposed upon them.

They have openly defied nature, including their own nature. Like the indiscriminate pig, they eat, drink, urinate, defecate, sleep and wallow in the same place. It is a rare animal indeed that fouls its own nest. They are steeped in nonsense. And there are those among them – professional revolutionaries, advanced useful idiot revolutionaries, anarchists, racists, anti-Semites and other Democrats – who are indeed evil Machiavellian manipulators and deceivers.

Question: Once man – homo sapiens – no longer thinks, is he still man?

Answer: When you change the nature of man, he is no longer man.

These people are probably hopelessly lost in their nonsense. Like the Democrat Party itself, there is little chance of reasoning with them or convincing them of their errors. There can be no negotiation with positions that are stupid or evil. These positions must be defeated via the ballot box.

Pray and work to get all the old time politicians of both Parties out of office, get real citizen representatives in there, and establish term limits on all elected office holders.

And let freedom ring.

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