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Global Absolute Stupidassism: Opposing American Constitutional Absolutism.
March 10, 2015
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Global Absolute Stupidassism: Opposing American Constitutional Absolutism.

Most Political Parties and most Federal Bureaucracies are based on Global Absolute Stupidassism.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, March 09, 2015

The problems stemming from Global Absolute Stupidassism all came to mind while writing American Constitutional Absolutism. Such extraneous yet related thoughts always come to mind while writing, and maybe that's why some of the pages in this site are a bit too long. Sometimes I never run out of words unless I stop myself. I have discovered that it is better to break things into separate articles than to make super long ones, and this is one of those "broken off" strains of thought.

A "Stupidassism" as used herein is a mistaken or a purposeful fraudulent false belief, usually with a Scientistic base, inculcated into culture through academic indoctrination and reinforced through journalistic propaganda. We are all being educated into stupidassism, along with all the rest of the educated world.

The worst of them, if not all of them, become someone's cause célèbre and a new political agenda. In a lot of Parliamentary Democracies, they become actual Political Parties, or parts of existing ones. In America, they become Federal Bureaucracies, or major

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