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Refuting Scientism, the term coined by F. A. Hayek for modern pseudo-science.
October 11, 2011
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Refuting Scientism.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Refuting Scientism is another third-column gathering of linked articles, this one showing the drift of Western thought into nonsense, under the title of “enlightenment.” Go to the links you see to the right on this page for the nitty-gritty details of where Scientism has taken us.)

The First Link seen at the top of the right hand column of this webpage describes the declared Catholic heresy of Modernism. A Catholic heresy may seem a strange place to begin talking about scientism; however, I submit that that is where science – meaning material, physical science – first took a wrong turn, began corrupting itself, and that Modernism is what morphed into Scientism. Modernism moved man to the center of thinking, and moved materialistic science to the preeminent position among all sciences, and that was and is the problem. If you read nothing else among the right column links, you should read that article.

The term Scientism was coined, I believe, by F. A. Hayek in his book, The Counter Revolution of Science. The term describes a movement of the scientific method away from strict empiricism, Critical Thinking and objectivity, and toward an unempirical, purely subjective, elitist and “collective” popular composite approach to doing science. This is an elevation of consensus over strict empiricism and independent open criticism, at the expense of the old, tried-and-true scientific method.

In this approach, “scientific consensus” trumps all, including even reason.

Thus, Scientism – i.e., Scientific Consensus – is why clear past scientific falsehoods, proven false with utter certainty long ago, are still held, promoted, built upon and taught by a majority of “scientists” today. Dr. Paul Erlich’s Population Bomb and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring are just two of many examples we could mention; they contain multiple utter falsehoods that have been proven false and fraudulent many, many times over the many, many years since publication, and yet they are still held in high esteem in scientific quarters, and their long ago falsified theories are still held to be true, and still held to somehow be scientific.

Every single thing they said turned out to be false, and every single prediction they made was proven wrong by time itself. And yet, we have in place huge, costly programs round the world to control human population and unnecessarily “redistribute” resources, and conserve resources that do not need to be conserved, and to eliminate products that do not need to be eliminated, and on and on. As a direct result of the political furor ignited by Silent Sprint, for instance, the perfectly harmless but extremely effective mosquito insecticide DDT was (and remains) banned. By now, if DDT had not been banned, it is entirely possible that malaria might have been wiped out on earth. Instead, millions continue to suffer and die from it every single year.

Much of science today has become political science, in that Marxism has co-opted or commandeered many scientistic myths for purely political reasons. Marxists will invent crises if crises do not present themselves; if crises present themselves then Marxist will co-opt them for the benefit of the Marxist cause, which is, to achieve or increase concentrated political power, at the expense of power of the people. The move of science away from empiricism and toward the popular composite approach – meaning scientific consensus – was and is a great boon for the ultimate cause of Marxism.

Scientism has thus become a tool of ever opportunistic Marxism.

It has been clearly shown by simple mathematics that there is no such thing as a Human Population Problem; nevertheless, multiple governments, including this one, have multiple programs in place to “deal with” this non-existent problem. International political pressure is brought to bear on “over-populated” nations for them to get their over-population problem under control.

This is a Marxist-inspired effort to convince the world of scientistic or political-science myth that says that HBAACOTE, and that the world is in need of WBESSWG , since this is a problem too big for one or even a few governments to properly resolve.

If it’s a global problem, then it needs a global solution. See?

There are “double-whamy” falsehoods, that promote the need for more government control from both ends – such as, The World Is Running Out Of Fossil Fuels falsehood, right up against the Burning Of Fossil Fuels Is Destroying The Planet falsehood. Once again, it tells us that HBAACOTE, and that the world is in need of WBESSWG , for its own good.

There are many such clear falsehoods rampant on the world stage today. We are supposed to be running out of food, although food production continually increases, and is higher today than ever in history – which means nothing more than that this is a normal year, as regards food production. Some of these scientistic falsehoods are real killers, like the HIV-AIDS relationship myth. See the links to the right for the details; but this one has actually killed lots of people, and this government, and other governments, have spent untold billions to fight a non-existent problem.

AIDS is supposed to be rampant in Africa, because of a high detected HIV infection rate; it is therefore assumed that homosexuality and general promiscuity is more prevalent in Africa than elsewhere. However, the reason for the higher African infection rate with the perfectly harmless HIV retrovirus is almost comically simple: it is caused by the re-use of hypodermic needles by all medical practitioners all across Africa, something unheard of in America. If we really wanted to cut the spread of harmless HIV in Africa, the way to do it would be to ship billions of hypodermic needles instead of billions of dollars over there. We use them once and throw them away, a practice that is unheard of in Africa. They reuse them until they don’t work any more.

You have heard that figures don’t lie but figurers do. Africans are assumed to be dieing of AIDS at a higher rate than other continents because of extrapolations made regarding symptoms of those who die; i.e., many Africans deaths involve dehydration, a symptom associated with AIDS. But, you see, dehydration is also associated with many other diseases more prevalent in Africa, such as cholera, which simply dehydrates the victim unto death. But, don’t think about it too much. Just listen to what the experts tell you.

Now that Marxism has entered the game and taken over so many of the scientistic myths, we need to look more closely than ever at the political spokesmen for the myth-of-the-moment. These are the ones who most strongly promote the myth that HBAACOTE, and who most strongly promote the myth that the world is in need of WBESSWG . They do not follow, and indeed they oppose our commonly held Judao-Chrisitan Ethos, in favor of MPAV. Your very life, and the lives of those you love, could depend on your recognition of that simple fact.

The Western world has drifted into error. We must change course.

It is your job to persist in the quest for truth. It is your job – not the government’s job – to properly educate your children. It is your job to insist on honesty and integrity in your elected representatives. It is your job to attack clear falsehood.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God, and live forever.

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