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Presenting the systematic promotion of class warfare in the absence of classes.
November 18, 2013
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The Dividing of America.

Marxist Revolution demands class strife, and chaos sufficient to make the people demand the use of government force to stop it.

If classes don't exist, Marxists will "create" them, and set them against each other. Out of chaos comes Marxist Revolutionary opportunity.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Saturday November 16, 2013

When a Website begins to get large and holds a significant number of separate Webpages, it can become difficult for readers to find the ones they are interested in reading. TCSC pages are thus separated into groups by related subject matter, and each member-page of a given group has a set of links to the rest of that group in the right column of the page.

This newsletter is part of a series that will introduce the various groups of TCSC webpages.


The Purpose of this grouping of links is to highlight the most successful "divide and conquer" programs of Marxism in America.

The Divide and Conquer Pages

Establishing National and International Unions was only a first step in the new Marxist project of "Community Organizing." You cannot name an emergency, an approaching calamity, an unfairness or a failure in "Social Justice" or in "Liberation Theology" that is not either invented by or co-opted by Marxist Community Organizing for growing divisive chaos.

Eco-Nazi -ism: global problems demanding global solutions, and, global mastery. The Eco-Nazi movement actually describes two movements: those who say "it's the economy, stupid" and those who say "it's the ecology, stupid."

Femi-Nazi -ism: The Leftist, authoritarian Movement that commandeered Feminism. The Femi-Nazi Movement seeks to modify our language and culture, restrict our speech and press, and create and alienate yet another "disenfranchised" group.

Homo Nazi -ism assaults the Western Culture ethos of our American majority. The grass-roots Homo Nazi is for the most part a simple immoral selfist. But the homo-Nazi in the rarified atmosphere of city, state and national politics is a much more sinister character.

The Racial Nazi Movement seeks to modify all of society to favor one race. Racial-Nazi joins Eco-Nazi, Femi-Nazi and Homo-Nazi movements feeding class warfare.

The rise of the Femi Nazi Green Beret, and the decline of military victory. The first Femi Nazi Green Beret will be awarded out of fairness, not excellence.

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