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Examining the "Thinker" aspect of the Catholic American Thinker.
December 25, 2014
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Examining the "Thinker" aspect of the Catholic American Thinker.

On fiercely remaining a Free Thinker, resisting being made into a Directed Thinker.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, December 22, 2014

We are Homo Sapiens, or, Thinking Man. Thinking is arguably the most important and defining natural characteristic of human beings. To stop thinking, or to begin thinking unproductively, or to succumb to directed thinking, i.e., allowing someone else to do our thinking, is to change our own nature and stop being Homo Sapiens.

It is quite possible to modify a human population into a herd mentality, and to kill individual or inventive or productive "outside the box" thinking. It has been done. The North Korean population provides a good example. They can be made to laugh, or to weep and mourn, or to attack someone, etc., right on queue. In a heartbeat. Without thinking about it. They are a totally manipulated population. They follow and obey monolithic thought.

Being ruled by a dictator they practice only dictated group thought.

In Western Civilization, Critical Thinking used to be an important part of formal education, but no more. In Catholic Culture, Thinking Catholic and being a Catholic Thinker used to be passed on generation to generation, but no more. Thinking - the thought process itself - is being funneled and guided into restricted Politically Correct herd-thinking, through Marxist indoctrination masquerading as education, and Marxist propaganda masquerading as entertainment and news reporting.

America is currently being conquered, rather quickly, by the advancement of dictated monolithic thought, at the expense of natural human free thinking. This poses a greater threat to America and to Western Civilization than the almost totally physical threat presented by all historical wars, including both World Wars.

The just completed project to change the name of this website from the Thinking-Catholic-Strategic-Center to the CatholicAmericanThinker just happened to coincide with, perhaps, the pinnacle of the Marxist effort to destroy us from within.

So, the Catholic page drew attention to how Catholicism is under attack from within, through the treachery of many of her own ordained clerics. And the American page drew attention to how the American Constitution is under attack from within, through the treachery and treason of many of her own elected government officials. Here we will draw attention to how citizen Free Thought is under assault in America and in Western Culture by the Marxist sub-ideology of Political Correctness.

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