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If an American Redirection is underway; we all need to look at it.
December 18, 2006
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What's happening at Thinking Catholic American:

While web work has moved into the background as I continue learning the Medical Billing business, I've still been working a little in my spare time on issues that I have found troubling. A few of them are in a completed state, so I went ahead and published them on the site. Here they are:

Are we really a racist culture, or are our blacks just a bunch of crybabies?
If America has produced more black self-made millionaires than any or all other nations, then, how is it that America is seen to be a racist nation?

"There is no such thing as Scientism" say those who practice it.
If Scientism is a false term, then by what title to we refer to "Scientific Theory Established By Vote"?

The Democracy-Open Society problem: Does it spell doom for Democracy?
The "Redirection" and the increasingly Open Society born of Democracy. Inevitable chaos?

These are things that have been on my mind. Please allow me to wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperoous New Year.

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