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Boycott the airlines until they stop the groping and begin profiling.
November 10, 2010
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Boycott the Airlines.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are not flying anywhere until sanity returns to check-in and boarding procedures. What lit my fire on this topic were all the Fox News “expert” discussions regarding the new procedures for full body scanning and genitalia-groping of passengers, added to all the other pure crap we are already subjected to. Removal of shoes, belts, crucifixes, medals, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum. And all the Fox News “experts” smile at the camera and say it’s all fine with them; they have nothing to hide, and it’s a small sacrifice to keep a plane from being blown out of the sky.


They have prepared themselves for herding and tending by petty bureaucrats and their hirelings. They have willingly and agreeably turned themselves from Americans into simple sheep, ready to be spoon-fed and led around by the nose throughout life. The Jihadists have already won.

We have already recommended that we Outlaw Marxism and Outlaw Islam in the USA. Both the Communist Manifesto and the Koran are not only un-American, but they are proactively anti-American, to the point of seeking the destruction or subjugation of Constitutional America. The Communist Manifesto and the Koran agree on these points:

  • They oppose the American Declaration of Independence.
  • They oppose the American Constitution.
  • They oppose the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • They oppose freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
  • They oppose freedom of assembly and association.
  • They oppose national sovereignty and border security.
There is more, but that’s enough for now. If you haven’t examined the Communist Manifesto or the Koran, shame on you.

The Case for Profiling. How many Jewish grandmothers, Catholic nuns, toddlers or “typical Americans” have gone anarchist, revolutionary or Jihadist? How about Amish farmers?


How many non-Moslems have blown themselves up to kill others, blown up a plane or hijacked one and flown it into a building, just to kill “infidels”?


The whole air security problem, born on 9/11/01, is due to Jihad.

I submit that every single Jihadist on earth is a Moslem. I submit that in all of world history, there has never been a Jihadist that was not a Moslem. The current threat to world air traffic is Jihadist. Jihadism is very strictly a Moslem phenomenon. No one else on earth does these things.

With those simple facts staring us in the face, why should we submit ourselves, including professed religious, to all the new indignities that the Fox News “experts” see no problem with, and perhaps enjoy? What is happening to our collective sense of Judao-Christian decency? What kind of people are we allowing ourselves to be molded into by others? As for us, nobody is going to scan or grope me or my wife and remain upright, because I won’t have it. Until these restrictive and invasive rules change, if we cannot get there by car then we simply will not go there. Period.

The only people who should be searched in any such manner are Moslems, because Moslems are the only ones who support and teach Jihadism. All Moslems do not practice Jihad, but few if any Moslems do not agree with Jihad, support it, teach it to their children, celebrate it’s victories and consider it’s practitioners to be heroes or martyrs. Jihad is embedded within Islam and is inseparable from it. It exists nowhere else on earth. All Moslems are not Jihadists but all Jihadists are Moslems. No exceptions.

In the Outlaw Islam page we recommended that Moslems be restricted from entry into the US, so most Moslems at US airports should be on their way out, hopefully via the route of deportation. Moslems and Moslems alone should be subjected to the rigid requirements of scanning, groping and so forth, and the rest of us should be left alone.

No American should allow any threat emanating from any Koranic verses ordering the murder, conversion or subjugation of American citizens to change the way we live our lives and go about our daily business in our own country, or anywhere in the world. This is nuts. If we allow these people to just roam free among us while we frisk grandma and eliminate everybody’s shampoo or shaving cream from their luggage, what does that say about our common sense, let alone our cherished American individual liberty?

If non-Jihadist Moslems get upset enough about this treatment and profiling, and they are truly peaceful people, then they should work to openly discourage and denounce Jihad within the Moslem community. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of them to do that.

Anyway, I feel better now; I just had to get that off my chest. Keep an eye any Moslems around you. Read the Koran for your own self protection.

May you please God, and may you live forever.

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