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It isnít really Health Care. Itís all a giant pile of lies.
December 03, 2009
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It isnít really Health Care

Vic Biorseth, Posted Nov 24, 2009 7:59PM

And it isnít really Climate Care. And it really wasnít a Bail Out. And it really wasnít a Stimulus Package. And there never was any bloody, screaming emergency that had to be solved this instant, else the world banking system, or the auto industry, or American jobs, or the stock market, or the earth itself, or all of mankind, would crash and burn never to recover again.

There is and never was any danger to the earth posed by carbon dioxide. There is and never was any need for our government to do any of the things done since the first screaming emergency handled under lame-duck Bush, or any of the subsequent screaming emergencies handled since by Obama. This administration and this Congress doesnít give two whoops in hell for the lives of American servicemen in harmís way.

Nothing here is what its title indicates; all of it is false. Itís all a giant pile of lies. None of it is true. The real problem we face has nothing whatsoever to do with whether the US has any need for a new or an improved health care or health-care insurance system. Itís much simpler than that.

The real problem we need to face is Truth versus Falsehood. Itís very simple. Itís black and white. Deliverance From Evil is an attempt to highlight the real political battlefield, and the real goals of the contenders. Our current sitting government, at the top, is Marxist, and therefore, they are liars. Conservatives, generally speaking, are too decent to understand the depth of the lies. Most conservatives are naive enough to give the opposition the benefit of the doubt, because it is so hard to believe that anyone could be such thorough-going liars as to plot, collude and cooperate to tell such huge lies.

But there it is, right before our eyes. Most Americans, I fear, are not yet aware of the depth of the Marxism Of Obama and so they donít yet see the horrible possibilities before us. We have taken so much for granted for so long; it is almost inconceivable that it could all be lost in such a very short time span.

But itís happening.

It is the very nature of America that is at stake here, because that is the real target. Note well that America is more than a nation; more than any mere Democracy; more than a Constitutional Republic. America is an idea. America is a unique and truly wonderful idea, and that idea is being systematically destroyed.

God help us. Pray for America, and do whatever you can to stop all of this and turn it around.

This is something I posted back in November at the Penninsula Patriots site, which I found by accident while researching something else on the internet. This is a group that makes me wish I lived in Virginia, or that I had more spare time here in Ohio. They are doing what needs to be done. Join in if you can.

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This ain't Health Care

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