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Islam is the enemy; the non-Islamic world just dosen't know it yet.
November 11, 2009
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Islam Is The Enemy.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Islam is the enemy. How many times have I said it or written it now? I’ve lost track. Go back through my old articles and start counting; I just don’t have the heart to do it again; I’ve done it too many times. Again, unsuspecting, innocent “infidels” have been taken unprepared; again, I have prayed in atonement for any sins on their unprepared souls, that the Lord see not their sins but the good that they have done, and hear with favor the intercessory prayers of others on their behalf. Again, I have prayed for world deliverance from the scourge of Islam.

And, again, the political-correctness aficionados and the loveliness-of-diversity preachers loudly warn us to not blame Islam, the religion of peace, as they move to head off any anti-Islam “backlash” that may come into being.

And, again, the Sean Hannitys and the Rush Limbaughs are careful to blame “Islamic Radicalism” and “Hijacked Islam” and misinterpreted or misappropriated or radicalized Islam.

But it’s Islam; Islam is the enemy. Look at what Islam says about Islam. Don’t look to any non-Islamic “expert” to tell you anything about the nature of Islam.

The problem with America is that most of her Christian people are not Christian enough. The more a Christian lives out his faith, the more decent, loving and charitable he is. It is the exact opposite with practitioners of the faith of Islam, where again, most devotees do not fully embrace and live out their faith. Thank God. The more religious or devoted the Moslem is, the more likely he is to embrace external Jihad and kill someone. That’s just the way it is.

I have pointed out some of the related Koranic verses in the Islam and the Jews page. I have highlighted the legal teaching of Islamic jurisprudence or Sharia Law in the Islam Opposes America page. Go to the Worldly Village-ism page, page down and look at the pictures. The most murderous signs are held by the most religious of the Moslems. The most hate-filled faces are on the most devout practitioners of the faith of Islam. I’m telling you, Islam itself is the real enemy here.

The evidence is so brilliant and glaring that I frankly do not understand why everyone doesn’t see it. It is just crystal clear. Islam is the enemy, of everyone.

Look at the most religious among Christians, and what names come to mind?

  • All the Saints.
  • John Paul the Great.
  • Mother Theresa.
  • Billy Graham.
  • Etc.
The pattern is clear; devout, devoted, caring, selfless, charitable and decent Christians.

Who were or are the most devout practitioners of Islam?

  • Osama Bin Ladin.
  • The Taliban.
  • Al Queda.
  • Beltway snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.
  • Ayatollah Khomeini
  • The Imams running the government of Iran.
  • Fort Hood Texas mass-assassin Nidal Hasan.
  • Mohamed Atta and the other 9/11 hijackers.
  • Mohammed.
  • Saladin.
  • Etc.
Again the pattern is clear; devotees of Islam kill those who do not submit to Islam, who are considered to be infidels.

The most devout Moslem is the one most likely to kill you.

This is not a secret. Look at what Fort Hood assassin Nidal Hasan said and read what he wrote; he was quite open about it, and he was telling the truth, and nobody was listening to him. What the hell is wrong with us? Islam is the enemy.

If we do not even recognize that simple fact then we are doomed.

The plain and simple words in the Koran are right in front of our faces. The sermons preached in Mosques all over the world are within earshot. The jurisprudence of Sharia is set down and recorded for all the world to see. The bloody history of Islam is available to all who care to study it.

It isn’t some little subset of Islam that is out to kill us. We are at war with an idea, or rather, the idea is at war with us; we haven’t even recognized the nature of the war yet. I have elsewhere declared Islam to be a false religion, an ideology masquerading as a religion, and I still hold to that theory. The fact that it has been a successful ideology in that millions have been “converted” doesn’t’ change the facts on the ground. There are lots of believing devotees of Scientology, too, and that fact doesn’t make Scientology a true religion.

Use your brain. Look at the very nature of it. Compare Islam to any other religion on earth.

Look at the devotees and the practitioners. When a murderer like Timothy McVeigh pops up, claiming to be a Christian, what does Christianity and Christian leadership, overwhelmingly if not universally, say about him? He is roundly and universally denounced by them. In comparison, what does Islam and Islamic leadership say about the murderer Mohamed Atta? He is revered in Islam as a mujahid, meaning a holy warrior, and an Islamic martyr.

Question: Did Jesus Christ personally take up the sword or order His disciples to take up the sword and kill in the name of His religion?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: Did Mohamed personally take up the sword and order his disciples to take up the sword and kill in the name of his religion?

Answer: Of course he did.

Moslems are only as peaceful as everyone else until they really get into their religion; then they become dangerous. Thank God most of them never really get that far into their own faith. It is the normal, basic teaching of Islam to expand Islam by use of the sword against the infidel, meaning anyone not in submission to Islam.

Ask your nearest local imam to define the word Ummah for you, and then to explain exactly how it is to be achieved. Ask him to explain external Jihad; ask him how and in what ways he encourages his disciples to support Jihad. Listen very carefully to what he says.

Note well that the most peaceful among sovereign nations that consider themselves to be Islamic are not really Islamic. Turkey, for instance, has a “secular” government; that form of government is very strictly against the religion of Islam. For that reason Turkish government representatives are walking a tightrope every day. Islam demands Sharia law, and no other law. True Islam is a theocracy – a radical combination of Church and state. Any nation that is in any way democratic, or Marxist, or any form of secular government is not truly Islamic, and all well versed Moslems know it. The only truly Islamic governments exist today in the most inhospitable, belligerent and warlike nations and non-nation communities or organizations on earth.

And the idea of Islam continues to spread, everywhere, even here. The prison convert to Islam becomes more of a potential threat to human life as he gets deeper into his “religion.” The “Black Moslem” convert to real Islam starts out on his new “faith journey” with a racist chip on his shoulder and is well prepared to be moved by religious belief to murder. The Middle-Eastern youngster studying Islam may be moved to take an early oath to become a mujahid and commit his life to Jihad. It’s all the same thing. It’s all Islam.

We need to get all Moslems out of our military. They are all a potential threat to us. We need to either deport or carefully monitor all Moslems among us. They are all a potential threat to us. The Brits, and the Ausies, and the Kiwis, and all other non-Moslem nations, need to purge their own military forces and perhaps their citizenry. Islam cannot be treated as just another religion; it is far too dangerous to do that.

But, of course, I’ve said all this before.

Just for the record, I’ll give it one more shot.

Islam is the enemy.

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Islam Is The Enemy

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