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The layers of lies that are destroying America; it’s like peeling an onion.
December 07, 2012
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A Universe of Anti-American Treachery, concealed amid Many, Many Layers of Lies.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, December 7, 2012

Purposeful mal-education from academia, treacherous disinformation from the media and political lies of politicians have stacked the deck against Truth in the minds of the American voters. When bold lies permeate text books from elementary school through advanced universities, and when every source of journalism has a devious agenda, and when popular music, art, drama and comedy openly attacks Truth and props up falsehood, it’s hard to blame the contemporary American voter for voting Liberty out of existence. He simply doesn’t know what he’s really doing. He has been made into a fool.

The Religious layers of lies.

The World, which is to say, Satan, insists that God does not exist. Indeed, even that Satan does not exist. Satan is never happier than when people do not even believe that evil exists. There is no good; there is no evil; there is no sin; there is nothing to feel guilty about. All of those Church-goers and their preachers are religious whackos and ignorant, unscientific and not very bright people who need our sympathy. But they bear close watching, because they may oppose the purely scientific agenda to save the planet and the universe and nature itself from man. This is especially true of religious man, who may pose a threat to the planet and the universe and nature itself.

When one has been educated and raised on this lie he doesn’t recognize that it is stating that everything is natural except man, who is somehow outside of nature, and therefore is in need of being controlled. Controlled by whom? By other men, who somehow became superior, if not natural, and therefore “authorized” to control the activities and lives of all other men. (It’s scientific; don’t question it.)

The very minute the Creator was denied, men began to try to put themselves in charge of creation. This lie says that matter – material itself – is all there is, all there ever was, and that it always was and always will be. Somehow life scientifically emerged from matter, and then scientifically “evolved” to eventually produce man, who is now no longer natural. See?

This is, of course, pure crap; but many, many generations have been educated in this crap, and it is now inculcated into the thinking of a major segment of the whole culture. It doesn’t matter so much that this education didn’t “take” with a lot of people – what matters is that it “took” with a lot of people, to the detriment of American society.

Note, first of all, that before any denominations of Christianity existed, there was only one Christian religion, which worshiped Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity of the one and only Triune God. After the Reformation, there were multiple denominations of Christianity, all associated with nations and rulers. It was in the USA, after the American nation was “Constituted” that the religion of Christianity, in all of its diverse denominations, was treated as “Our American Religion” as Benjamin Franklin put it.

“It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation of ours was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians … not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
–Patrick Henry.

While the most devout among believing Americans pay most attention to matters of evangelization and/or ecumenism, and discuss, analyze, debate and argue over which denomination is the true faith, many of them miss the point that the new ascendant denomination in America is Secularism, which is a determined enemy of all faith in general and Christianity in particular. There is nothing neutral about Secularism; it is a political and legal movement aimed at the destruction of Christian faith, ostensibly for the good of the planet. The first goal of the Secularism movement is to eliminate all Christian influence and participation in politics, government and law.

Most people don’t know that; they haven’t even thought about it. In opposing Christianity as any kind of authority, Secularism opposes Christian representation in government, and thus Secularism opposes the very idea of representative government itself.

Secularism opposes Christianity as being unscientific, thereby revealing its own ignorance of material science, which can only address matter. God is not mere matter, and He may not be scientifically studied. Secularism therefore attacks the Bible, which it can see and feel and touch. And it ridicules the various stories in Genesis and elsewhere, particularly miracles, as being “obviously” un-scientific.

Most who hold these ideas came to them via mal-education and disinformation; but some are more malevolent manipulators of ideas. That is, after all, how all the mal-education and the disinformation programs began.

The National layers of lies.

These are the lies about the nature of America as founded and constituted; we will talk about the falsified history of America later. The educational and journalistic liars here would tightly link American nationalism to the terrible forms of nationalism that arose in Europe in the 20th century. I’m speaking of the Fascism of Spain and Italy, the National Socialism of Germany, and the “International” Communism of Russia. All were born of and inspired by the writings of Karl Marx. Once the German variant broke the secret pact it had with the Russian variant and invaded Russia, Marxist International Communism and the various forms of Marxist Nationalism or National Socialism became open enemies instead of secret allies.

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