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Leftist Useful Idiocy of Marxism: a time bomb planted deeply in Western Culture.
January 06, 2010
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Leftist Useful Idiocy.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, January 02, 2010

Leftist Useful Idiocy is the term I use to describe the pseudo-philosophical idealism and its idealistic drive toward man-made social and societal perfection inspired by the writings of Karl Marx and the examples of history’s most successful Marxist dictators. In Western cultures, Leftist Useful Idiocy necessitates a turning away from the Judao-Christian Ethos that provides the moral rules and norms common to Western Civilization throughout its history. In any culture, it means violent replacement or elimination of whatever set of moral standards pre-existed this new utopian idealism.

In simplest terms, Leftist Useful Idiocy seeks to force the elimination of any pre-existing common sense of being able to tell right from wrong in a population or a whole society or nation. A common sense of right versus wrong is to be replaced by the Marxist idealism that seeks to establish Utopia – the ultimate worker’s paradise, society perfected by the plan of man: man-made heaven on earth. This is the perfect state of Communism, entailing the end of governments, the end of private property, the end of religion, the end of war, the end of hunger, the end of exploitation, the end of poverty, the stopping and ending of history, the end of societal evolution and an absolutely perfect, leaderless, purely Democratic society in which everyone, perfected workers that they are, is just delighted to go to work and produce every day, and to share the fruits of their labors with the rest of society.

Now, does that strike you as a particularly brilliant plan of action?

I submit that Leftist Useful Idiocy thus described is so stupid as to warrant the term imbecilic. Nevertheless, you will find it well ensconced among our so-called intellectual elites, solidly established among the highest, leading academics everywhere, and clearly visible where not in control in just about every segment of every culture where Marxist-infected formal education has had time to do its insidious work.

I offer as evidence of that statement the fact that our American electorate is so badly infected with this false, concocted and imbecilely stupid idealism that it has elected a clearly Marxist President Obama, Marxists now dominate and control one of our two major political Parties and has made major inroads into the other one, and Marxists are now in control of the American Senate and the House of Representatives.

Note that, not long ago, America used to be a Capitalist country, with free markets, a liberated citizenry to operate them, and a Constitution designed and intended to restrict government interference with private enterprise. Today our own legitimately elected government is working to dismantle the free market, the notion of private property and private activity, and establish a new order involving a government controlled economy that may only be accurately described as fascist. The American Constitution is simply brushed aside and ignored by the sitting government, which now clearly demonstrates utter contempt for the very notion of representative government, every day.

What happened to common sense? We lost our ability to tell right from wrong. It has been largely replaced by the stupid Leftist utopian idiocy, and the drive toward achievement of that stupid and impossible ideal brought forth the new moral norm, the new judgment of right vs. wrong, in the Marxist rule that says that The Ends Justify The Means in achieving “perfected” world society. Do whatever it takes. That includes destroying America, as originally constituted.

Now, the Marxist rule that says The Ends Justify the Means is so antagonistic of any other Judao-Christian moral rule, such as Thou Shalt Not Do Murder as to render them mutually exclusive rules. If you embrace either one, then you must reject the other. Therefore, Marxism, with the aid of Leftist utopian idiocy, always attacks any other moral order – any other sense of right versus wrong – that it encounters anywhere.

Joseph Stalin may have been the first to refer to all of the ding-dong intellectual elitists and pseudo-sophisticates who so passionately idealized Marxism as his “Useful Idiots,” of temporary use to him in cementing his dictatorial authority and establishing his bureaucracy; but lots and lots of such useful idiots remain out there awaiting Marxist exploitation for the elevation of other Marxist dictators. This is all due to the remarkable popularity of Marxism among the world elites, which should tell us all something about the cognitive abilities of the world elites.

Of Evil Leaders and Stupid Servants. Here we must differentiate between the truly evil dictators or would-be dictators, and the thundering herd that comprises the Leftist useful idiocy. Joseph Stalin was an evil man who capitalized on Marxism to increase his power. Adolph Hitler was an evil man who capitalized on Marxism to increase his power. All evil Marxist dictators surrounded themselves with truly evil men who formed their inner circle of terror and control. They all knew full well that the Marxist ideal of utopia and Communism was a flat out stupid physical impossibility, but they all exploited the false “ideal” of it to their advantage. All Marxist dictators are evil exploiters with an unquenchable lust for increased personal power.

Barrack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, is no different. Look at who he has always surrounded himself with. He works it from every angle available. Barrack the Magic Negro gets the so-called black vote solely to break an imaginary barrier and be the first black elected to the highest office. All recognized so-called black leadership in America is comprised of clearly either evil men or members of the Leftist useful idiocy; they all lean hard Left. They all despise America as constituted.

The Road to Serfdom. Noted economist Friedrich August Hayek authored The Road to Serfdom in his spare time between 1940 and 1943, the year I was born. He dedicated it to “The Socialists Of All Parties.” It’s a short, understandable book; you need to read it. Hayek predicted, and history has proved, that Marx’s Socialism destroys national wealth, and is the road to national poverty and eventual serfdom. That’s a European word for slavery. It stems from medieval and pre-medieval days when there were rigid status-classes, including the landowners, and the serfs who lived on the land and were therefore a part of the land, and part of the ownership of the landowners.

People create wealth, when they are free to create it. Government only consumes wealth. When people are not free to create wealth, they do not create it. Increasing government and decreasing free activity is the clear and obvious road to national impoverishment. It is very clear, and it is very simple.

The Marxist promise is false. The ideal is false. Everything about Marxism is false. See the Great Communist Lie page. We are on the Marxist path of economic destruction, and it is a wide, smooth, easily traveled, well paved path, downhill all the way.

There will be no equality; there will be two rigid status-classes, comprised of the government workers and the ordinary citizens, with a supreme dictator over all. There will be no redistribution of wealth, for there will be no wealth to redistribute. Wealth is not a permanently fixed pie to be easily divided; it is not static, but dynamic; it is annually created and annually expended, just like your budget. Free nations produce wealth; un-free nations consume wealth. Free and therefore independent men are human capital and a national blessing; un-free and therefore dependent men are mouths to feed and a national curse.

Worldly, Man-Made Perfection. Because of man’s fallen nature due to original sin, Christians are always saying that perfection is not of this world, but the next. Leftist Useful Idiocy opposes religion in general and Christianity in particular, and insists that worldly, man-made perfection is indeed possible; in fact, worldly perfection is the whole goal of their ideology. This allows them to point out existing worldly imperfections as “hypocrisies” attached to any ideologies that stand opposed to Leftist Useful Idiocy.

Look at that big church over there with its block of pedophile priests and a couple of bishops who covered up their sins; leave them and join us in our quest for perfection. Look at that TV Evangelist caught with his pants down; leave him and come help us achieve real perfection. Look at that business over there that failed due to brutal dog-eat-dog Capitalist competition; come help us eliminate all business risk. Look at that filthy rich TV celebrity over there; let us redistribute her wealth, teach her a life-lesson and uplift the lowly oppressed, all at the same time. Look at that worker at the thankless daily drudgery of his pitiful existence; come help us uplift the lowly worker. Look at those soldiers who defend their nation in violation of Christian teaching; come help us eliminate war from the world. Look at that hungry person over there, and then commit yourself to work with us to permanently eliminate all hunger from the whole world.

Note well that the godless have no real problem with pedophilia, or any other sexual sin; in fact, they renounce the very existence of “sin.” The godless like unlimited sexual license. The godless, including the SLIMC, rarely even report such sin when the perpetrators are government employees such as public school teachers or coaches, and when they do report them they downplay the stories, and never mention the higher numbers. The sole reason for sexual sin to be reported in the mainstream news at all is to emphasize and highlight the hypocrisy of practitioners of our religion.

Of course, the instigators and the leaders of the Left are not idiots; they are evil. The most interesting thing about that is that the godless and the ungodly deny the very existence of evil. For them, there is no such thing as evil, and anyone who uses the term is beneath their contempt; all elitists know that there is no such thing as evil. There is only such a thing as hypocrisy. That’s why public scandal exists only among Republicans and never among Democrats. Republicans are assumed to know right from wrong, but the more elitist Democrats are assumed to know that there is really no such thing as right and wrong. You can’t be a hypocrite if you are so elitist that you don’t know right from wrong. The godless and ungodly drivers and operators of the SLIMC work hard to “prove” the false point of Judao-Christian and Republican hypocrisy every single day, and solidly cement it into the minds of the voting lowly hoi polloi.

It’s all a lie. Every bit of it is a lie. The foundational premise is a lie.

All war is evil. Right. The Leftist useful idiocy would have us believe that there is never a valid reason to make war, even as Leftists make war. The most frequently seen iconic face on any T-shirt on any Leftist will be of Che Guevara, the Communist “Revolutionary.” He who killed for Castro, who enjoyed pulling the trigger himself, who shot victim’s children before their eyes before shooting the victims. He who is to this day most frequently pictured carrying a Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle. This is the Leftist “man of peace.” The words on the Che T-shirt will frequently be something like “Resist Oppression!” in various languages. Oppression here means, of course, private property; Capitalist “exploitation;” free markets and so forth.

It would appear that war is only invalid when waged by non-Communists. Or, perhaps, war is a necessary “ends-justify-the-means” evil only until all the dirty rotten Capitalist exploiters are all dead. Then there will be no more war.

Bush was right: Democracies do not make war on each other. We always need to be prepared to defend our interests and our allies. We also need to proactively engage the rest of the world, and not just sit back behind our borders in a purely defensive posture. When free peoples are menaced by Marxist or Islamic conquerors, we should consider getting militarily involved in their defense. When people revolt, seeking democracy from within Marxist or Islamic dictatorships, we should consider getting militarily involved in supporting them.

This is not being warlike; it is being practical, in a sometimes hard, cruel world. There is nothing wrong and everything right with championing what is right and just and moral. We need to support Democracy and oppose systematic conquest of movements like Marxism and Islam.

The Cindy-Sheehans of the Leftist useful idiocy would have us all surrender or die at the advance of any enemy rather than fight, for any cause whatsoever. This is, of course, sheer lunacy.

The “Evil” of Private Property. The only place that the word evil is recognized by the Leftist world elites and by Leftist useful idiocy is where it is applied to the inequality, or the un-equal distribution, of stuff throughout the world. (An exception to that rule is made for the stuff in the possession of the Marxist dictators, of course.) All giant private estates and private fortunes should be liquidated to feed the world. If we did that, every man, woman and child on earth would be the proud recipient of approximately two beans, one pea, a half-kernel of corn and perhaps a third of a biscuit. And that is assuming a magic distribution system popped into being to get each equally portioned meal out to all the far reaches of the earth before it was consumed by fungus or insects, rats or Democrats. Then, the following day, all the wealthy made poor, all their family members, employees and servants would be just as destitute as everyone else, and the world would again be in need of a meal. But there would be nothing left to redistribute.

In the Leftist useful idiocy, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were dirty rotten Capitalist exploiters, of their own children, of their paid servants and of their slaves. It was through ruthless exploitation of the labor of others that the Patriarchs built up the great flocks and herds and wealthy family estates. Never mind how all the exploited workers were willing participants in their own exploitation, or how they enjoyed community, income, food, clothing and shelter within the family or tribal estate. They were exploited. They should have taken it all by force, divided it up, and went their separate ways. That is what the “wisdom” of Leftist useful idiocy says. Let us kill and eat the goose that lays the golden eggs. Instant gratification is of greater value than worrying about our ongoing status, our individual families or our futures. Equality demands taking and redistributing, and an end to exploitation once and for all.

”My morality is my morality, and your morality is yours. All moral codes are equal; you have no right to impose your morality or any other morality on me.” You have probably heard that line a thousand times. Have you recognized the basic immorality in the argument? If all moral codes are equal then there is no such thing as morality. All moral codes are not equal. I submit that Judao-Christian morality is demonstrably a higher, more reasonable and more practical moral code than any other moral code in existence.

The Libertarian approach to morality may be described as a view held by otherwise conservative people who have been intellectually and morally infected with Leftist useful idiocy, to the degree that they no longer see the Judao-Christian Ethos as the sole valid foundation for our civil law, and as a common sense of right versus wrong for our American people. We attacked this position in our argument Opposing Libertarianism, for that reason. It is important that we maintain our identity as a distinct people, and our common ability to tell right from wrong is really all that identifies us as a distinct, unique, American people.

And we Americans are distinct; we may be the last Western Culture civilization that still adheres – even as poorly as we do – to our ancient guiding ethos among all existing Western nations today. If you think American culture is rapidly going down the crapper due to Leftist useful idiocy, take a good long look at European culture.

When children are properly raised in Western culture they are taught right from wrong, from birth; a proper conscience is thus inculcated in the child, formed by the parents within the family, within the larger culture. The newer so-called moral tendency, born of Leftist useful idiocy, lets the child choose his or her own religion, cuts them loose early, saying “let your conscience be your guide,” even when the child has not had benefit of a properly formed conscience in his home, his upbringing and his formative years. This is not “freedom.” It is idiocy. It is cultural suicide.

”The Constitution insists upon separation of Church and state, and thus it is unconstitutional to impose any religious set of moral norms on the citizenry.” That is the claim; but it is false. The American Constitution insists on no such thing. We successfully refuted that notion in our Separation of Church and State argument. It is a trumped-up “principle” based on thin air, which may not be found anywhere in the Constitution. The Court had and has no authority to invent Constitutional laws, or Constitutional “principles” that have no basis in the existing Constitution.

It remains for a future co-equal branch of government to set aside the Court invented precedent of so-called separation of Church and state. The legislative branch and the executive branch never should have just stood aside and allowed this travesty to occur in the first instance. Take a good, long, hard look at the pictures in our Church and State in Art page. Look at the many, many places where the religious source of our American civil law is displayed on the doors, the walls, the exterior, the great hall, the courtroom itself, of our United States Supreme Court building.

What? The Ten Commandments? In and on and around the United States Supreme Court building? No! Say it isn’t so!

But it is so.

”You Can’t Legislate Morality.” That is the false premise of the Leftist useful idiocy. If you don’t legislate morality, then, what exactly do you legislate? Immorality? This is just another idiotic maxim of the godless and the ungodly, which we refuted in the Legislating Morality argument.

Morality is just exactly what must be legislated, where any legislation is needed at all.

And so we have come full circle here. The Leftist useful idiocy seeks to replace all existing moral norms with one rule – that the ends justify the means, in the drive toward the impossible Marxian utopian dream. An impossibly stupid dream. It would seem that this is stupidity on such a grand scale as to be unimaginable. But it is real, and not only real, but it has been and is being successful. All of which doesn’t say much about the cognitive abilities of man, and the “advance” of civilization over time. Sometimes we seem to regress rather than progress.

There are some really simple books, not great economics tomes or heavy philosophical works that might put you to sleep, but easy reading, entertaining, and enlightening at the same time. Orwell’s Animal Farm, and his 1984; C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. These works show how idealistic “liberators” become the new tyrants; how evil slyly works its way into human souls, and how super-authority corrupts the user and destroys culture.

Right now, at this point in our on-going history, I very strongly recommend Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue, Star parker’s White Ghetto and Boorz and Linder’s The Fair Tax Book. Here you may find the beginning of a blue print to getting out from under the Leftist useful idiocy that is currently wrecking America.

Of course, there are four other really, really good authors to consider: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Please God and live forever.

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