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Naked Elite: The Intelligentsia Have No Clothes; their arguments: empty suits.
September 22, 2012
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The Naked Elite.

Our Naked Elite: The Intelligentsia Have No Clothes; and their arguments are just empty suits.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have often been disgusted by supposedly “scientific” and yet downright stupid and unsupportable positions, heavily supported by near unanimous scientific consensus, and heavily camouflaged by highfalutin scientific language. And I have wondered about it. Real science needs the actual application of the scientific method, but what it largely consists of these days is imperial edicts issuing from elitist pseudo-sophisticates dripping with insufferable condescension. This is not science; it’s more akin to a pre-pubescent urge to belong to a group.

Every once in awhile I have an epiphany of some sort, and I never know where the new train of thought will lead. The other day I had a big one, for me, and I wrote about it in the Politics of Popularity page. Thanks to a little verbal essay or whatever you might call it by Rush Limbaugh on the radio that day, I began to have a better understanding of an unexplored aspect of the Liberal intellectual mindset. Many if not most of them never advanced beyond high school in one particular area of maturity – that being, the adolescent need to be “in” – to be hip, and cool, and popular; to be accepted as one of the cool kids in the coolest of the cliques.

If you’re an ordinary grown-up person, living a hands-on, practical life in the real world, this may be an epiphany for you too. It’s hard to imagine that grown ups in highly respected positions in science, in academia, in journalism, in entertainment, in business, in law, in medicine, in politics – really, in just about every branch of high society – might be driven by the need to be popular. But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense, and the more it explains. How could a known man of science, for example, lend his support to an unsupportable scientific argument, to the point of looking aside from, if not actively participating in, actual scientific fraud? Well, for the sake of consensus, and maintaining a very precious “in” status within a super elite clique of really cool fellow scientists. Membership in the super elite clique – popularity – trumps scientific objectivity.

Being cool trumps doing good science.

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