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So the Marxists get their wish again: an openly homosexual American military.
December 20, 2010
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An Openly Homosexual American Military.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, December 20, 2010

The anti-American and anti-citizen political march continues in Washington, with the introduction of a new openly homosexual military for America. Our common American Judao-Christian ethos, morality and common sense has taken another hit, thanks to the anti-Judao-Christian program of Obamunism aided by the Democrat Party.

Billary Clinton’s infamous “don’t ask don’t tell,” let’s pretend they aren’t really there wink and nod at homosexual infiltration into all male combat units has finally born its evil fruit. The Senate repealed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” on December 18, 2010, to the everlasting shame of this Christian nation. They did it with the help of eight (8) Republicans, whose names should forever live in infamy:

  1. Richard Burr, North Carolina
  2. Mark Kirk, Illinois
  3. John Ensign, Nevada
  4. Scott Brown, Massachusetts
  5. George Voinovich, Ohio
  6. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
  7. Olympia Snowe, Maine
  8. Susan Collins, Maine
The hidden purpose is, of course, to further the goal weakening American military defense. That’s the Marxist goal. The Secularist goal is to weaken American Judao-Christian faith, and the Libertine goal is to turn America into the new Sodom.

High-ranking yes-men – I mean officers – in the Pentagon, even with lots of stars on their shoulders, have even stated that unit cohesion will not be injured by the insertion of an open screaming queen or flaming faggot into a small combat team. “Unit cohesion depends upon unit leadership,” they say. Perhaps once the team leader himself is the screaming queen, they think everybody will then be happy. These high ranking jackasses never had to take a shower with a gang of open homosexuals, and they never had to sleep in a two-man pup tent with an obvious flamer, so they don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about.

This repeal is going to force decent heterosexual men into close living, sleeping, showering and eating company with flaming homosexuals who are there to seduce them, and who are there for the perverted thrill of living in such a manner with an all male captive audience.

Clowns who say idiotic things like “The last thing I’m going to worry about on the battlefield is if the guy next to me is gay” never served, will never serve, do not see service as any kind of duty or responsibility, or perhaps even as a national need. They know nothing whatsoever about the closeness and absolute inter-dependence of military life. All they know about military life they saw in movies or read in books, and all of that information concentrated on the smallest percentage of military life, which is to say, the battlefield.

They don’t even think to ask that sort of question around any issue of barracks life, such as the common showers, and common sleeping facilities. Or of any issue involving one or more month long field exercises, in which they would pair up with a sleeping buddy, and help each other take showers in the field. All they know about military life is the military life they see in the movies.

An openly homosexual American military is wrong for the same reason that it is wrong for heterosexual servicemen to bring their wives into the barracks and along with the unit. It is wrong for the same reason that it is wrong for men and women to serve in the same military units involving co-ed barracks. The military unit needs to concentrate on the military mission, without any sexual undercurrents or distractions, or any relationship problems, jealousy problems, break-up or make-up problems, or any such distractions from the mission. Every single member of the unit needs to commit himself to and be absolutely dependent upon ever other member of the unit, at all times.

Nothing good will come of this. I’m glad my service is done. But this has got to be changed, for the good of national defense. I predict that the best, brightest and fittest for service will have second thoughts about joining. Many of the best now serving will retire early, or leave service before they would have. The military will become more and more like Hollywood, which is to say, openly, publicly, flamingly homosexual, and publicly celebrating that fact.

We talked about the movement to normalize homosexuality and demonize the Judao-Christian ethos in the Homo-Nazi Front page.

We talked about the effort to instill the false notion of the homosexual as victim and hero in the The HIV=AIDS=DEATH Hoax page.

We presented our argument renouncing the infamous Sexual Revolution of the 60s.

We presented our argument refuting the notion of Open Homosexuality.

What more needs to be said?

Right and wrong are turned upside down here. Open homosexuality is seen to be a virtue, rather than a sinful, disgusting and shameful thing. Anyone daring to speak out against it is held to be immoral, of all things, and damned with the stigma of homophobia; a rhetorical invention aimed at labeling opponents as somehow mentally ill. There is no such thing as heterophobia; only homophobia. See? Ask anyone in show-biz, or in journalism, or in education. Or in high office.

What kind of a people are we? What kind of a nation is this?

Our government – our elected government – opposes us, and is against everything we stand for. It opposes our religion. It opposes our common decency. It opposes our morality. It actually opposes our national existence.

It is just so hard to believe that so many in high office could be so irretrievably, irreconcilably, irrevocably Democrat. I mean stupid.

Pray for America, and put on another kettle of Tea.

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