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Can we outlaw Islam in the USA and still be a free thinking society?
October 07, 2010
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Why the USA should Outlaw Islam.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why outlaw Islam? For the same reason we recommended Outlawing Marxism. There is and can be no middle ground between Marxism and the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. There can be no compromise here. There is no room to negotiate. You cannot meet any Marxist notion, such as Equality Via Redistribution, part way and still support the Declaration and the Constitution. The same things can be said of Islam. Being forced to submit and convert, become a specially taxed slave, or be executed, is not compatible with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America has always been a nation of free-wheeling free-thinkers. We have here legally established rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition, etc. That’s why some of our debates get pretty heated on occasion; over time we become more and more diverse in our thinking and life direction. This diversity of thought has good points and it has bad points, which can be argued well from either standpoint. However, when one ideology arises among the many that seeks and intends to replace all other ideologies and establish itself as the supreme ideology, destroying all opposition, we need to pause and study it. That thinking does not fit the American model, because it would in the future deny the very freedom that protects it today.

Do we want to remain the Constitutional nation as founded, or do we want to become something else? Question: Is our national foundation – the Declaration of Independence – and is our defining legal document – the Constitution – worthy of preserving intact, with all of our citizen rights, or is it time to replace it all with something else?

Now, everybody wants to tip-toe around any notion of outlawing Islam because of the religion clause in Amendment I of the Constitution. However, Islam is not merely a religion; it is a theocracy – a radical combination of Church and state. And, it is not merely a theocracy, but an aggressive, domineering and barbaric theocracy hell bent on forcing the entire world into submission to itself.

What this means is that Islam seeks not only to convert everyone to the religion of Islam, by any means necessary including force; but Islam also seeks to transform every other government and every other legal system into absolute submission to Islam. That necessarily means the end of not only our religion, but the end of our Declaration of Independence and the end of our Constitution, and the end of all of our legislated law. Are you really ready for that?

Islam’s Koran would make a system that is the reverse of all that we are and all that we stand for. Rather than a system of freedom that recognizes the rights of man, those of us who survive would become a conquering horde intent on forcing others into submission to Islam.

I submit that the main theme in the Koran aims at the destruction of America as founded, the negation of the American Declaration of Independence and the negation of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It aims at the elimination of our religion, our ethos and our morality, and at turning us into enslavers and murderers. We talked about the nature of Islam in the The Last Barbarians Webpage.

We must outlaw the Koran just as soon as we have the legislative power to do it. We need legislation in defense of the whole of the American Ideal, including the Declaration and the Constitution. Islam is just flat out anti-American, and it seeks to destroy all that we have and all that we are. The language is just crystal clear. You can see a short-hand version of the more egregious verses in it in the Tolerating Brutal Intolerance Webpage; or, read the Koran itself. Islam doesn’t make any bones about what it intends to do to us.

Jews and Christians, as “people of the book,” are singled out for special treatment. Early verses seem especially peaceful toward us, but later verses are downright brutal. The reason is that Mohammed failed to win the Jews and the Christians over, and then had himself a little hissy-fit and wrote the later and harsher verses. He did that sort of thing a lot. Moslem theology insists that whatever verses he authored later automatically overrode and superseded any previous verses that they conflicted with. Therefore, the brutal verses are the ones that stand.

All good Moslems are to strike off our fingers and/or our heads, to make a wide slaughter among us, to enslave survivors, to torture us with fire and with boiling water, and to make continuous war against all unbelievers until no other religion exists except Islam. There can be no compromise here. This is held to be the irreformable word of Allah. No one is ever going to negotiate those verses out of the Koran.

No one who holds to Islam, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep an oath of office involving the defense and safeguarding of the Constitution. These are opposite and antagonistic ideologies. Any elected or appointed official whose office is subject to such an oath should step down or be removed from office. No candidate for any such office who is identifiably Moslem should be held to be qualified for the office.

No member of the American armed forces who holds to Islam, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep the oath of office for entry into the military, because Islam and the Constitution are opposites and antagonists. Any such member of the military should step down or be removed from uniform. No candidate for military service who is identifiably Moslem should be held to be qualified for service.

People should still be free to talk Islam all they want to; but we need to preclude Moslems from office and from military service, and we need to preclude any Islamic goals from American legislation.

No need to burn Korans as any part of outlawing the Koran, any more than there would be a need to burn the Communist Manifesto if we were to Outlaw Marxism. It is the principles and goals contained in the document that are to be outlawed. Libraries and private citizens should be free to keep the Koran so that people can see what it is. What, then, should be outlawed, besides Moslems holding office or entering the military? What restrictions should there be?

  • No building of any new mosques.
  • No repairing or expanding any existing mosques.
  • No praying in public in the Moslem manner.
  • No audible Islamic call to prayer.
  • No immigration of Moslems.
  • No travel, work or student visas granted to Moslems.
  • All Moslems to register as Moslems.
  • All Moslem convicts to be deported after serving any prison sentence.
Islam is just as treacherous, underhanded, sneaky and deceptive as is Marxism in seeking to destroy nations from within. Islam slowly builds little enclaves into larger ones, ultimately claiming a territory that it considers to be under Sharia law, and then its attitude changes and becomes more belligerent to the host country. Islam, like Marxism, is a cancer on society. It declared war on the whole of the non-Islamic world over 1,300 years ago, and it’s taken this long for the non-Islamic world to begin to recognize that simple fact. It needs to be outlawed in America.

That’s my argument; what’s yours?

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