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Can we outlaw Marxism in the USA and still be a free thinking society?
October 07, 2010
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Why the USA should Outlaw Marxism.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why outlaw Marxism? There is and can be no middle ground between Marxism and the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. There can be no compromise here. There is no room to negotiate. You cannot meet any Marxist notion, such as Equality Via Redistribution, part way and still support the Declaration and the Constitution. The same can be said of Islam. Being forced to submit and convert, become a specially taxed slave, or die, is not compatible with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But we will save Islam for the next discussion.

America has always been a nation of free-wheeling free-thinkers. We have here legally established rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition, etc. That’s why some of our debates get pretty heated on occasion; over time we become more and more diverse in our thinking and life direction. This diversity of thought has good points and it has bad points, which can be argued well from either standpoint. However, when one ideology arises among the many that seeks and intends to replace all other ideologies and establish itself as the supreme ideology, destroying all opposition, we need to pause and study it. That thinking does not fit the American model, because it would in the future deny the very freedom that protects it today.

Do we want to remain the Constitutional nation as founded, or do we want to become something else? Question: Is our national foundation – the Declaration of Independence – and is our defining legal document – the Constitution – worthy of preserving intact, with all of our citizen rights, or is it time to replace it all with something else?

Marxists in high office in America define the Constitution differently than non-Marxist American citizens. The Marxists see the Constitution as an “organic” document; a living, breathing document subject to new interpretation by newer generations, to fit changing circumstances. Constitutional Americans see the Constitution more simply, as a fixed legal document, written in English, that says very specific legal things. Very simple. The reason it is a “fixed” legal document is that it makes of us a nation of laws and not merely of men.

Marx’s Communist Manifesto would make a system that is the reverse of that – a nation of men and not of laws. In the case of the typical absolute dictatorship, it would be a nation ruled by one man. In the case of the variety of Democracy that Marx spoke of in his Manifesto, it would be a complete or pure Democracy, something akin to a lynch mob; it would be a nation of the majority. Again, very simple.

The Marxist-inspired Amendment XVI turned the American Senate into just another bunch of local pork-barrel politicians no different than the House, moving America toward becoming a pure Democracy and away from being a Republic. The same can be said for current movements by the Clintons and others to popularize the idea of the elimination of the Electoral College.

I submit that every line and every item in the Communist Manifesto aims at the destruction of America as founded, the negation of the American Declaration of Independence and the negation of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It aims at the elimination of our religion and our morality, the elimination of the normative family, the unionization of all workers, the elimination of our borders and our sovereignty, the elimination of the right of anyone to own anything – the right to private property – and even the right to life itself, let alone liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American citizen would no longer have a fixed legal right to continue to live.

(Our newest Justice, Sotomayor, already holds that view. She has already stated that in her judgment the Declaration of Independence has no standing in law, and thus the Court should not even consider it. In her view the Constitution is the sole document the Court should deliberate on. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not in the Constitution, but in the Declaration of Independence; therefore, we have no such rights in law. Sotomayor is the first Justice in American history to ever voice such an incredibly stupid position.)

We must outlaw the Communist Manifesto just as soon as we have the legislative power to do it. We need legislation in defense of the whole of the American Ideal, including the Declaration and the Constitution. Marxism is just flat out anti-American, and it seeks to destroy all that we have and all that we are. The language is just crystal clear. You can see a short-hand version of the more egregious elements in it in the Grounds For Impeachment Webpage. Marxism doesn’t make any bones about what it intends to do to us.

There is much talk today about the need to roll back Obamunism, and indeed we do need to do that, especially Obamacare. But that ain’t all, not by a long shot. Marxism has been sneaking into our legislation for over a hundred years; all of that legislated un-Americanism needs to be recognized, identified and undone. Marxism has a huge head start in the process of taking us down from within. Now, Marxism owns the White House and the Congress, and has a powerful presence in the Supreme Court.

I invite you to look at our Constitution, specifically, Article 1, Section 1:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
It speaks of “All” legislative powers. All means 100%. How much does that leave for the Court? None. How much does that leave for the Executive branch? None. Congress and Congress alone legislates new law.

Now look at Article 1 Section 8; it’s pretty long, but well worth the read. That is what our government is to do, and nothing else. Those are the limits of legislation. If it isn’t in there, our government has no business doing it. They cannot pass laws regarding it, they cannot tax to support it, they cannot borrow to support it, they cannot spend treasure to accomplish it.

You can readily see from the clear fixed wording of our Constitution that the Federal government has no business doing anything whatsoever related to education. Or to any central bank. Or to any forced legal secularization of the public square, or secularization of anything at all. Or to a graduated income tax. Or to anything to do with health care or medicine. Or to anything to do with the climate, or the ozone layer, or any of a myriad of things not enumerated in Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution.

All of the things listed in the paragraph above, and a lot more, came right straight out of the Communist Manifesto. All of them are alien to America and run against the American grain. Read the Manifesto. It openly seeks our utter destruction; the destruction of our freedom, our families, our religion, our morality, our law, our borders, our sovereignty – there is nothing left out. Marxism is a menace to America and to all free lands.

No one who holds to Marxism, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep an oath of office involving the defense and safeguarding of the Constitution. These are opposite and antagonistic ideologies. Any elected or appointed official whose office is subject to such an oath should step down or be removed from office. No candidate for any such office who is identifiably Marxist should be held to be qualified for the office.

No member of the American armed forces who holds to Marxism, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep the oath of office for entry into the military, because Marxism and the Constitution are opposites and antagonists. Any such member of the military should step down or be removed from uniform. No candidate for military service who is identifiably Marxist should be held to be qualified for service.

People should still be free to talk Marxism all they want to; but we need to preclude Marxists from office and from military service, and we need to preclude Marxist goals from American legislation. I would argue that Marxist ideals should not be taught in a positive way in schools, but then, the public schools themselves were recommended by Marx and legislated into existence here by Marxists, whether knowingly or otherwise. (Most Marxists are just useful idiots who don’t even know what they are.) The Department of Education, among many other giant, treasure-sucking departments, has no Constitutional reason to continue to exist.

That’s my argument; what’s yours?

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