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The Plastic Bags and Eco Doom theory: will plastic bags end life as we know it?
May 07, 2009
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Of plastic bags and eco doom.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plastic bags and eco doom is just the latest in a long line of ridiculous and even silly notions that simply get popularized in the public psyche and generally accepted in public lore as being somehow true, with minimal thinking applied. Certainly no critical thinking. Nobody ever argues against it.

First, we had our ever famous human Population Problem that said the human population was out of control and dooming the planet, with a huge assortment of eco-doom predictions, not a single one of which ever came close to being true, long, long after the predicted dates had past. It lead to the sub-theory that says that HBAACOTE, which is a popular “theory” held by many people today.

There were a vast array of follow-on eco-doom theories that followed, most elaborated upon in the Eco-Nazi page. The world is running out of resources; (false!) The world is running out of food; (false!) The world is too dependent on the limited oil supply; (false!) and a host of others. We all just keep on exhaling CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), a known greenhouse-gas, and thus causing the earth’s climate to warm, and therefore the ice-caps will melt and New York city will be under water by next Wednesday or so. Unless we submit to the wisdom of the Marxists. I mean Democrats.

I was going to say that this one was the silliest and the least scientific, but then I remembered the great horror uncovered in the scientific study of cattle farts. “Bovine Flatulence” was to be the new eco-doom. It was found that methane was, like ordinary CO2, a so-called greenhouse gas that would warm the earth and doom us all. Again. If something else hadn’t already doomed us first. It made me think of the Indian stories of the bison before Buffalo Bill; whole oceans of bison, as far as the eye could see. Back when there were all those buffalo as far as the eye could see, I’ll bet if any Comanche or Lakota had struck a match over the herd, the whole of the North American continent might have been vaporized in a giant explosion and huge mushroom cloud that might have brought about a nuclear winter and froze the earth solid. But, hey, it didn’t happen, and so now we’ve got to find a drug to ease the gas of cows, or slowly die.

I think this latest flap about plastic bags and eco doom is related to the fact that plastic is developed from oil, which is simply hated by all eco-doomers. They just despise oil. They are convinced that all wars are fought over it, and over nothing else. They are convinced that Big Oil is in conspiracy to rule the world or something, instead of produce energy. The real goal is to, what they call, rape the planet, apparently for fun and profit. Oil makes plastic; therefore, plastic is evil.

The latest silly twit I saw on TV pushing the notion of plastic bag eco-doom was all in a dither over his over-emphasized statement that a plastic garbage bag in a land fill will still be in that land fill over a thousand years from now. No poop.

So what?

The rock buried right beside it might also be there a thousand years from now. Again, so what?

So, we probably need another gazillion dollars to get rid of all the plastic bags in all the landfills, that’s so what.

Because it’s just so unsightly. See?

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