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The Racial Nazi Movement seeks to modify all of society to favor one race.
July 20, 2012
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The Racial-Nazi Movement.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, July 20, 2012

The basic idea of the Racial-Nazi page has been in the back of my head for a long time now; it has been bugging me, because it presents a nagging missing link, or a significant missing puzzle-piece in this website. I wrote the Eco-Nazi page, the Femi-Nazi page and the Homo-Nazi; but I overlooked the Racial-Nazi page. In retrospect, perhaps it should have been the first one done.

I don’t even know which one was done first, if that makes any sense. When I first started putting all this stuff in this Website, I wasn’t smart enough to put some kind of date at the top of each WebPage to let me know when it was published on the internet. That idea came to me later, and after that each new WebPage I published had a date at the top; but there’s no way now to go back and see when any of the earlier WebPages originated.

At any rate, this whole series is about factions or groups seeking special rights for themselves, being infiltrated and largely co-opted by the larger Marxist-ideology-dominated movement toward eventual revolution, and seeking to modify the whole larger culture for their own minority benefit. This is tantamount to the tail of the dog trying to wag the whole dog. It feeds the ”there oughta be a law!” subconscious sentiment that seeks to make a federal case out of everything. That warped thinking can put a minority on course to try to legislate such things as homosexual marriage at the national level. The whole nation has to change to satisfy a minority objective. The tail wags the dog.

The original Federalism debate of the Founders was supposed to have settled that sort of thing long ago. The Constitutional Republic protects the people from the “tyranny of the majority” of a pure Democracy, and the constitutionally “limited and enumerated powers of the government” protects the people from the federal government itself. If it isn’t enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, federal law is not even supposed to address it. The only legitimate business of the federal government is to govern; that is, to do the functions described in the Constitution, and leave the people alone. It is not supposed to direct the actions of the people. That is the sort of thing other forms of governments do. Not ours.

So, this Racial-Nazi page was going to be about how slick hucksters and hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk assumed positions in the public eye as America’s Black Leadership with the aid of the ideologically Marxist Democrat Party and the SLIMC, and how black progress has regressed under such plans as Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Under Democrat Party Sugar-Daddies and public celebrity Black Leadership, black America, particularly inner-city black America, has been carefully educated and conditioned into a mental state of pure dependency. That is, he opposite of independence; mental and spiritual slavery; helplessness, despondency, anger and racism. The once strong black family has been destroyed.

But, we already talked about those things in other pages. We talked about Slavery earlier. We have the Racial Victimology page, and we have the Opposing Affirmative Action page. We talked about the government-instituted and government-run criminal enterprises of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, which contributed disproportionately to black mortgage foreclosures, in the Our Final Financial Crisis? page. Note that Fannie and Freddie, under Democrat protection from Republican opposition, still exist, and still make bad loans, and still contribute to future “housing bubbles.” Their only purpose for existing, from the beginning until now, is to make bad loans that no private business man or professional lender in his right mind would make, thereby ensuring future financial failures contributing to eventual major economic catastrophes.

But then I had an epiphany one morning while driving my regular daily plus-or-minus 25 stop courier route. I listen to conservative talk radio on my daily route; first Glenn Beck, then Rush Limbaugh, then Sean Hannity. There are always breaks in what I hear, because I have to stop for pickups and deliveries, but I generally get the gist of what they’re talking about. It was 4th of July week, and there were guest hosts. One of them – I think it was Glenn Beck – had a stand-in host named Joe Pags. I had never heard him before, and he was quite funny; almost as funny as Rush can be at times. The best part of humor is when it is based on truth. But this guy Pags made me laugh so hard I almost took down a mailbox and went off the road into a bean field.

What he was talking about was a new “scientific” discovery similar to the one that told the world that there are these “trans-gender” people – men trapped in a woman’s body, and women trapped in a man’s body. It’s scientific. No, really. Stop laughing, I’m being serious here. The UN officially recognizes five (5) genders, when most all of our lives we all thought there were just males and females. And the AMA recognizes all these new genders, and more, so you know that this is serious stuff here. You’ve got your male homos and your female homos, and you’ve got your bi-sexuals of both original or obvious genders. Then, you’ve got your transsexual females, and your transsexual males; but that ain’t all. Within each of the two transsexual genders, you’ve got your pre-op transitionals, living the opposite natural gender life to get used to it, and your post-op transsexuals. It’s confusing, I know. But it’s scientific.

A transsexual person suffering the horrible trauma of living in an opposite sex body can’t just jump into a sex-change operation; they have to first live the life of the opposite sex for a transitional period, getting themselves, family, friends and co-workers used to the idea before making the final change. Sometimes they never go any farther than that stage; somehow they find fulfillment just in dressing and acting in the opposite way and they never actually get that operation. Some of them do get the operation, then change their minds and need to change back again, posing some real problems. There are open questions regarding how many times someone can go through these sex change procedures before they start falling apart.

But this Joe Pags guy wasn’t talking about transsexuals. What he was talking about was the newer scientific discovery of trans-racials and trans-ethnics. A white man trapped in a black man’s body, or, a black man trapped in a white man’s body. Or, to complexify it further, a white woman trapped in a black man’s body, or vice-versa, and all the other racial and sexual combination possibilities. He used Michael Jackson as his prime example of a white man trapped in a black man’s body. As a true white man, he despised his black race so much he couldn’t live with the horror of it; luckily for him, he was rich enough to be able to do something about it. Michael Jackson fits the picture of the typical post-op trans-ethnic. In fact, he was a post-post-post-post-post-op trans-ethnic. He had had so many procedures, treatments and surgeries that important parts were falling off. He had some serious problems with getting it all together, or keeping it all together.

Suddenly, it wasn’t funny any more. I felt this strange awakening inside; a recognition of another reality from deep within me. It was an epiphany.

Coming Out as a Trans-Ethnic. This is my official Outing as a trans-ethnic. ((sniff) excuse me; it’s (hic) so emotional; (sob)) What I realized while listening to this Joe Pags guy is that, all these years, all my life, I’ve been such a proud black man trapped in a Honky Cracker body. Oh, the horror of being all wrapped up in all this blond-haired blue-eyed Honkiness, and all this snow-white Crackerly skin. Oh, if only I had more melanin; oh, how could nature be so cruel? Why me? The science of it says that I have no choice in the matter, and this is the exact same science that told us about the existence of trans-genders, and it is supported by exactly the same solid and strictly scientific evidences; no fooling.

No wonder I feel the urge to use the word nigger in stead of the politically correct N-Word; no wonder I crave to make the most outrageous racist comments, rants and slurs out loud, and publish and broadcast them; that’s what proud black men do. I feel impelled to issue long racist and racially insulting diatribes, with no fear of being called on the carpet, no fear of answering to any Human Resources department, no fear of the Campus Police over any speech code violation, no fear of the real police over any possible hate speech crime and no fear of any civil lawsuits over anyone getting their feelings hurt. I want to be racially insulting, over and over and over again, in stand-up comedy acts, with no repercussions other than becoming rich and famous.

The problem is, unlike with transsexuals, and unlike white men trapped in black men’s bodies, for me, and for all black men trapped in Honky Cracker bodies, there can be no pre-op trial or transitional period in which we actually live the new ethnic life. Because of the curse of my exterior Honky-Crackerness, I could never get away with saying any of the things any proud black man could say in public. The deck is stacked against me. No exteriorly white man can say or do the same things any exteriorly black man can say or do and get away with it in today’s racially slanted culture. Rules and laws covering hate speech, hate crimes, speech codes, profiling, discrimination and so forth target the white race exclusively, and rightfully so. We can’t really have any equality before the law with any white Crackers among us; everybody knows that.

The law, social and cultural norms will have to catch up with the new science; in the meantime, I will just have to suffer in silence, until either the broader culture recognizes me for what I really am, or I go ahead and begin the medical procedures to remove my Honky Cracker characteristics and let my true blackness shine. Nature is so cruel.

If only I had been born with more melanin my life would have been so much better. Why, I might even have been elected President. As a high-school kid, I could have hung with a Choom gang, smoked dope, snorted cocaine and committed other felonies instead of going to class or studying, and I could have graduated anyway. I could have happily ground out my cigarettes on the Honky bourgeois carpet. I could even have gotten into Harvard after all that, on the public dime. And after graduating from college, I could have permanently sealed all of my college records, transcripts and even admission application, at great tax-payer expense, so no one could see if I ever actually studied anything, let alone where I might have been born. And I could have permanently sealed my entire passport record, again at great tax-payer expense, so no one could ever see where I’ve ever been.

If I were blessed with the correct skin, why, I could publicly call for the murder of a Honky Cracker, or, to use the media preferred term, a White Hispanic, and I could have offered a reward for his murder, with the full support of all of my comrades in the equally anti-American, anti-White, anti-Colonial, anti-bourgeois, anti-Christian, pro-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Western Culture, overwhelmingly Marxist SLIMC. And I know I could count on my media comrades to doctor pictures, doctor recordings and doctor any other available evidences to support my public enticement to commit murder for a reward.

If I were blessed with the correct skin, why, I could arm myself and stand at the door of an American public polling place to threaten, menace and intimidate Honky Cracker voters, and know that I would be completely protected and immunized from any legal repercussions. And that would be as it should be. And I would be encouraged from the highest levels of government to vote early and vote often, and to use the methods of ACORN and La Raza to get aliens and others to vote multiple times and steal elections, while the federal government acts to resist any state or local attempt at shutting down voter fraud.

But alas, here I am, trapped in this Honky Cracker covering. I feel the need to cry out for Reparations! from the tax-payers, because my people have suffered so much. But I fear that people – even my own people – might not believe me, even though it’s all so absolutely scientific.

I curse my Honky Crackerness.

Heavy sigh.

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