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Toward a return to argumentation; the lost art of reasoned verbal combat.
April 12, 2013
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Return to Argumentation.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toward a return to argumentation; the lost art of reasoned verbal combat. A return to argumentation requires a return to critical thinking. Is it too late for Western man?

Possibly. We have come to a point where most of us don't really know anything, but we know how to look things up, and do it quickly, with electronics. Our foundational education lacks depth.

We can check the weather with our cell phones; we do our reading using our Kindle or our Ipad; we do "serous" research with our laptops. We seldom read "hard copy" any more, and we almost never write, with a pen. When our signature is required, we ever increasingly sign some electronic device rather than paper. Pencils, pens and paper are just beginning to approach obsolescence.

As a local courier, I get people's signatures at every pickup, and at every delivery. I have to get people to print their last names in a column right beside the signature column, because so many of them have absolutely illegible signatures. Now, I'm as guilty as the next guy; my handwriting is nothing to brag about. But it calls to mind the words of an old elementary school teacher, who always went on and on about how

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