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The Sexual Revolution: Sexual Freedom, or enslavement and degradation?
March 13, 2009
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Renouncing the Sexual Revolution.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, March 12, 2009

It was supposed to be an actual Communist revolution. No, really. Those of us who remained conscious and un-drugged while living through the sixties, and were paying careful attention, can testify to it. All the sit-ins, love-ins, race riots, campus building burnings, taunting of cops, anti-war rallies, anti-military sentiment and so forth were part of a lager movement, and it was definitely to the Left, and quite often violently so.

I remember paying attention to the 1968 Democrat Party Convention in Chicago, which was televised. The revolutionaries all gathered in a nearby park for quickee karate lessons involving fighting with sticks against baton armed crowd control cops. I remember seeing several big-name television news talking heads and commentators in what could have passed for a “Mr. Before” photo, just before they all illegally marched on the forbidden convention zone. They had all had their karate lesson in the park, donned their army surplus flak vests, their hard hats or army surplus helmet liners, picked up their fighting sticks, and stood grim-faced before the camera. TV newscasters. I wish I could find that shot; I would publish it right here.

They hoped to martyr themselves for the Communist cause, or to at least be bloodied in the attempt, so that their names and faces would live forever in the annals of revolutionary heroes. What was intended was to provoke the Chicago police into a police riot, or at least police brutality, reminiscent of Selma Alabama. They hope for the fire hoses, the tear gas, the vicious dogs, all before the cameras so that they could publicly display their heroic commitment to the Communist cause. It was to be a first step, or a major step, toward the ultimate conquest of America, and they were all determined to be a very public part of it. After all, they all believed in it, and were committed to it.

But it was not to be. There was no “Mr. After” photo op. There were no fire hoses, no vicious dogs, and none of the TV big shots were injured or even roughed up very much. They sought to provoke the police, and to some degree they succeeded, but the best they could do for the cameras and the Leftist controlled “eye witness news” was to dramatically over-emphasize the cops side of what little violence did occur. I’m sure they were all quite disappointed in the results.

Nevertheless, they all still see eventual Communist utopia as inevitable for our future, dimly believing it to be the end of some supposedly “natural” economic-political progression. They may not fully understand it, but that’s what they were taught in school. And it is what they favor, and what they will promote and work for. It is the main theme of their morality. It is a defining characteristic of the SLIMC.

The Sexual Revolution was the only part of the whole mess that succeeded in a big way, and while that may not have pleased the real revolutionaries, they bit their tongues and took what they could get. The notion of “Free Sex” attacked the faith-based Judao-Christian Ethos that formed the basis of American civil law, and was a requirement for the proper function of the American Republic and the American Constituion. Whatever would do injury to the Judao-Christian faith of the American people would always be good for the Communist cause in the long run.

The Founders, and later Tocqueville, were quite correct. America’s greatness compared to other nations was completely dependent upon the honest, very real, and predominantly Protestant, faith of the masses of her citizenry. And so was the proper functioning of the American government, as originally constituted. The personal morality of the Catholic and Jewish minorities strongly complemented our guiding national Judao-Christian Ethos. The very notion of Sexual Freedom attacked all Judao-Christian faith at the core, and began to change our prevalent national ethos for the worse.

The results are glaringly obvious, compared to earlier American history, and earlier world history. Those who abandoned themselves to sexual freedom were not liberated from anything. They were enslaved. Sexual freedom is a myth. What we see instead of this touted freedom is sexual obsession and over-emphasis everywhere, among individuals and in the larger culture. For many it has become the end-all be-all; Nirvana. Heightened sexual gratification has become, for many, the ultimate goal in life, everything else becoming secondary. It becomes even a purpose for being. It becomes a measure of success, and a major element in what’s called the quality of life.

”Significant Otherhood” is now becoming as common as marriage. Bastard children are not seen as bastard children any more; in fact, Single Parenthood is now publicly encouraged, promoted by celebritwittery and even paid for by the government. The “revolution” gave the Homo-Nazi Movement a major boost in its quest to promote and achieve open, public faggotry everywhere, from show-biz to political office to the work place and the street.

Note well where the whole movement began, and what feeds it.

The beginnings of it, of course, came from infatuation with the pseudo-intellectual fad of Marxism, which falsely promised to uplift society from the great straw-villain bugaboo of Capitalist Exploitation.

To that end, psychology was twisted by devotees and practitioners of the black art of Freudianism to push the notion that guilt and hang-ups were not due to sin and recognition of moral norms, but that guilt and hang-ups were symptomatic illnesses and neuroses caused by great straw-villain bugaboo of domineering, authoritarian and exploiting organized religion.

Darwinist Evolutionism offered the purely “scientific theory” of evolution as proof - proof - that all religions (other than Marxism, Freudianism and Darwinism, of course) are full of crap anyway.

Meanwhile, all of TTRSTF continue to work feverishly to eliminate all of those pesky consequences of random copulation, and the consequence just keep getting worse, and more numerous. Improved and newer forms of Artificial Contraception that are supposed to eliminate pregnancies and diseases keep failing to cut the rapid increase in “unwanted” pregnancies and in venereal infections, and even the numbers of known venereal diseases.

So, ignorance of proper contraception and safe sex techniques is attacked through formal education in how to randomly screw and do it safely. Sex education increases public awareness of such things as safe fornication, protected sodomy and responsible promiscuity. Abortion and even infanticide is thrown into the mix, because other forms of birth control seem to have such a high failure rate, and because people are still so ignorant of how to properly and safely randomly copulate.

The possessors and teachers of safe fornication are not smart enough to recognize the fact that what they are promoting is the causative activity.

Meanwhile, Sexual Obsession is seen to virtually permeate the cultural air we breath. Every other advertisement on any TV channel, with the possible exception of EWTN, will be for some form of E.D. (erectile dysfunction) or some form of male enhancement drug. Every contemporary movie made will have a provocative sex scene, and every form of entertainment will involve a concentration on sexual topics. Just flip through the channels and see what topic predominates everywhere. You would think that that is all that America is about.

The legally required (I think) announcements of drug side effects of some of these advertised male drugs are downright comical, in a tragic sort of way. The user is supposed to seek medical attention if he experiences an erection lasting four or more hours. And, when he shows up for medical attention, and tells the receptionist what the problem is, just what the hell are they supposed to do about it? Another one runs along the lines of, if you experience sudden permanent blindness, why, stop taking the drug immediately. Yeah, right.

The whole thing feeds rocketing sales to sexual predators, and the whole topic feeds an ever growing American masturbation industry, a giant, growing, protected porn industry, to the everlasting shame of real manhood and womanhood. But then, the sexually free are the ones who seek to eliminate shame, and free so-called “adult” entertainment, even as they act to religiously censor all open Christian expression in public.

Take stock of what’s going on here. We have thousands of years of experience in the ebbs and flows of the chastity vs. licentiousness dichotomy. In all of that time, not one single person ever got sick or died as a result of chastity. Whole orders of men and women sworn to a life of celibacy never suffered one single spiritual, mental or physical problem as a result of complete life long celibacy. The reverse cannot be said in truth. Often, one single act of illicit sex brought about damnation and/or mental calamity and/or devastating disease and/or imprisonment and/or even murder.

What is being promoted here, in this so called sexual freedom, is, exactly, death. Spiritual, mental and physical disease, sickness and death. Moral death. Cultural death. National death.

We are becoming the new Sodom. We are losing control. Reason and common sense need to re-enter the arena. Even among the least religious of us, none of this makes any sense at all. The practices of those seeking greater and greater sexual stimulation and gratification become more and more twisted and perverted, and even death dealing, and it’s all motivated solely by the desire for more worldly pleasure, and nothing more.

People today who would call for the closing of a beach or public swimming pool at the slightest microscopic hint of any of a number of dangerous pathogens, will, behind closed doors, participate in acts involving mouth to genital, or even mouth to anal contact, for the sole purpose of sexual gratification.

We need to recognize what’s going on here. Those who do these things, and those who teach the goodness of these practices, are unclean, in the most ancient and still accurate sense of that word. We are talking about spiritually, mentally and physically filthy people here. Your own spiritual, mental and physical ongoing health and well being would be best served by avoiding contact with them.

Let them be anathema.

Their new and yet old ethos is foreign to us and alien to this land. It is the ethos of BMDFP and Marxists.

Let us turn away from it. Let us become clean and healthy again.

Let us turn our faces back toward God.

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