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Marxists and Moslems: The Last Barbarians.
August 30, 2010
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The Last Barbarians.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, August 26, 2010

The last Barbarians in the modern world are, I submit, those who follow the false ideology of Marxism, and those who follow the false ideology of Islam, which masquerades as an actual religion. Both ideologies present a false face to the outside world; both pretend to somehow uplift man, or save him; both, in fact, are different paths to ruthless barbarity in the name of power, plunder and slaves.

I define barbarian perhaps a little differently than your favorite dictionary, which probably defines it as pertaining to an alien people or a culture considered in some ways to be inferior to the native people or culture. I suppose the dictionary is correct, as English goes, but I do not personally consider the Bushman, or the Indian, etc., living out in the wilds somewhere to be a barbarian. They may be inferior in some ways, perhaps, but superior in others. When I use the term barbarian I am referring to a people or a culture that does not produce anything or make anything, or just go to the open and free market, whether with anything or for anything. They take what they need from other peoples and other cultures, and they take it by force.

So it was with historic barbarians, as with the Vikings, the Vandals, the Visigoths, the Turks, the Huns, and so many others. In pre-colonial American times, so it was with many of the Indian tribes. So it was among many tribes in Africa and in Asia. The people would hit some point where, for whatever reason, they couldn’t make a decent living anymore where they were – or, they freely chose not to make a living by their own work anymore – and they “went barbarian” and began marauding and robbing other peoples and cultures for profit.

They still wanted wealth, but they only wanted to consume it; they no longer wanted to be the ones who produced it. They could see plenty of wealth around them available for the plucking. And so they turned to barbarism, by which I mean, a combination of open piracy, conquest and ruthless dictatorship.

The end of the medieval era of marauding hordes of barbarians came about because of the inexorable advance of the Judao-Christian religion around the Mediterranean and across Europe. It was the Christian feudal lords who ultimately tamed the various barbarians and stopped, then turned back the advances of Islam. Most of the old barbarians were assimilated into the larger culture, adopted their religion, and with it, their Ethos, which is to say, their common, community sense of telling right from wrong.

This ethos is what formed the bedrock for common law, from the Magna Carta to the American Constitution. It was based on the Ten Commandments, summarized into the Two Great Commandments, and it was then, and still is, the best, highest and most recognized morality in the world. Living by it meant, in the main, living in peace. Internal threats to this common morality usually resulted in violence; threats to it from outsiders usually resulted in war. Love of neighbor requires adhering to God’s law and living in peace.

However, European Christians amply demonstrated that they retained a bit of barbarity themselves, by the dictionary definition, among them as they set about “colonizing” other continents, where they almost universally considered the native inhabitants to be inferior to themselves. The difference between colonization and ruthless conquering is great; however – almost as if they were conquerors – the Europeans rapidly took advantage of the produce of lands that the natives previously ignored, or were unaware of. From minerals to tea, to rubber, to fossil fuels, to whatever the land contained or could produce. Much of this is not a pleasant history for Westerners to read, for it immorally took serious advantage of less fortunate peoples and lands.

Probably the best thing the European colonists left behind, when they eventually were either driven out or they just left in exasperation and exhaustion from native unrest, was their Judao-Christian ethos – their religion-based morality. Many natives were converted to Christianity, but even among those who were not, there was a new recognition of the wrongness of unnecessary killing, of stealing, of dishonor of parents, of adultery, of dishonesty, of coveting and so forth. In some cases these morals reinforced similar preexisting native morals. These rules involve the specific Commandments by which men are instructed to treat their fellow man; the “rule set” which forms a recognized community morality, and provides a broadly recognized basis for civil law.

Judao-Christian morality has thus become known and recognized throughout the world, even among peoples who stand far from the Judao-Christian religions. The Judao-Christian ethos, more than any other factor, was responsible for the taming of the barbaric heart, one barbarian at a time. The anti-barbaric nugget at the heart of this ethos is the notion of sanctity of human life, which is best expressed in the notion of love of fellow man. Within the culture of Western Civilization this, primarily, is what is meant by the term Civilization.

An expanded definition of “barbarian”, then, to Western man, would apply to a people who are not civilized, in the sense that civilized men do not wantonly attack, murder, rob or enslave others. In Western, i.e., Judao-Christian societies, such behaviors are considered to be uncivilized, which is to say barbaric. Civilized peoples do not generally make war on each other, while barbarians will generally make war on anyone they think they can defeat. They keep proving it, again and again. The very existence of barbarians in the world means that civilized men, however distasteful war may be, must always be prepared to make war against barbarians. Freedom has an ongoing price.

The Judao-Christian Ethos and Western Civilization found it’s highest and best expression in the United States of America. The Declaration Of Independence and the American Constitution concretize the highest ideals of Western man, enforcing limited government, separation of powers, the notion of the sovereign citizen and a legally restrained government.

In imperfect America, we find the expression of individual Liberty at its best. No society before or since has built more wealth, been more charitable, achieved more peaceful progress, attained a higher standard of living, championed more freedom, defended itself and its allies with more alacrity, or defended the right against the wrong as well as has the USA.

But, America is still imperfect. Of course. This leaves an opening for attack by those who do not know or recognize the nature of fallen man – those who lack proper Judao-Christian understanding of man and of The World – through which to destroy or replace America in the name of achieving worldly perfection. This – the wish to make everything perfect – is the chink in the armor of America that is being exploited by the last of the barbarians. It enables the recruitment of otherwise good American citizens as unwitting allies of the anti-American barbarians.

Marxists are barbarians who hold the silly superstition of atheism, although they will often mask that fact and publicly pretend to follow the faith of the populace. It was not always so.

We lightly went through the history of man’s misguided “Social Perfection” movement in the World Revolution Returns page. This quest of man to achieve absolute perfection in the social order coalesced into Marxism. In its infancy, Marxism presented itself openly as Violent Revolution with which to move human society as quickly as possible from imperfection to perfection. It never worked, because, in general, the people would not revolt. You can’t have a popular revolution with only a few revolutionaries.

So Marxism changed its stripes, and, at least partially, went underground. The most successful revolutionaries learned to “swim in the sea of the people” and pretend to be other than what they were. The most successful soldiers of Marxism took off their Marxist uniforms, became spies and mingled with the people they intended to conquer. Marxism began to take in little nibbles what it failed to take in immediate bloody revolution, using tactics perfected by the likes of Hegel, Cloward and Piven. Every crisis was to be an opportunity. Whether the crisis was real or imaginary, whether natural or a Marxist invention, it was to be taken advantage of in such a way as to centralize power in government. When power was centralized enough, it would be seized.

We lightly went through the history of this process in the Fatal False Premises page. Marxism absolutely depends upon an ill-informed or a miss-informed populace for success. Marxism thus infects first the arenas of education, journalism and intellectualism. It then sets about making the people believe things that are not true, and to make them believe that more government is good, and that government is the proper solution to whatever current problems are in the news.

The first step is secularization, getting the people to turn away from God and from their religion. After that, everything gets easier. Using the already secularized courts, Marxist organizations like the ACLU, Marxist dominated “public” education, the Marxist propaganda of the SLIMC and the careful, studied, logical arguments from the world-recognized WBESSWG experts, Marxism slowly coaxes the people out of individual independence and into total dependence upon government. The people don’t even see it happening. They act as though hypnotized. They no longer apply critical thinking to anything. They no longer know how to apply it.

You don’t have to look too far into history to see the utter barbarity of Marxism. The Soviet Union, the Nazi-conquered nations, the Warsaw Pact and other nations behind the Iron Curtain, China and the nations behind the Bamboo Curtain, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and others. There you will find the killing fields, the death camps, the show trials, the farm communes, the factory communes, the forced labor camps, the destruction of families, the suppression of religion, the suppression of speech, controlled news, controlled print, controlled thought, and more, as solid empirical evidence that Marxists are indecent, merciless, godless and ungodly absolute barbarians.

The semi-Marxist, almost-Socialist, so-called “Social Democracies” of Scandinavia and Western Europe have not yet suffered the crushing enslavement of Marxism; it isn’t their turn yet. It is coming to them. Their power has already migrated from the people to the government, and it is centralized and ready to be seized by someone ruthless enough to seize it. But not yet; America will be first. In the meantime, “socialized” Europeans are as contented as simple cattle, chewing their cud and gently mooing on their way to the slaughter house. They are convinced of their own superiority to Americans, in their greater simplicity of life, their lack of need for all of the great “toys” Americans seem so anxious about. They have been mesmerized into thinking they do not have to produce anything, for their wise and benign government makes them comfortable and gives them all that they need. The unseen problem is that nothing is free, and their governments, like them, are running out of money.

When God is gone from the scene, people become truly stupid. They sneer at what they have been taught is American “greed” while the statistics measuring their own national levels of depression, alcoholism, suicide and other social-breakdown factors rocket. Apparently their only real pleasure in life is running Americans down.

Moslems are barbarians who either hold or pretend to hold the ideology, or, if you will, the “religion” developed by sixth century Mohammed. It was from the beginning a military strategy wrapped in an ideology dressed up as a religion, and its whole purpose for being was military conquest on a potentially global scale. Like Marxism, it depends upon an uneducated or miss-educated populace, or one easily dominated and directed under physical threat, to gain “disciples” who will become or produce future warriors for the cause.

When “Islam” burst forth out of the Arabian desert it was for military conquest, pure and simple. Those it conquered were converted, enslaved or killed. Mohammed established Islam by force of arms; Saladin and others would later cement it and spread it, even into Europe, by force of arms. There was nothing subtle about it; it was military conquest, pure and simple. There were no willing conversions; free will had nothing to do with it. Free will is not allowed under Islam; the house of Islam is the house of submission. Free will and blind submission do not go together.

The first Europeans to encounter Islam recognized it at once as a twisted, heretical perversion of Roman Catholicism. There was simply no mistaking it for anything else. Islam recognized, for instance, the miracle of the virgin birth of our Lord and the special sanctity of our Lady; however, they recognized our Lord as a mere prophet – a mere man – and they recognized another prophet who was superior to Him. A new prophet named Mohammed who was superior to God Personified. Jesus Christ was not God Incarnate, He was a mere man. The Europeans recognized this nonsense as a “new” revelation outside the sacred Depositum Fide, which was closed forever with the death of the last Apostle. Any new “public revelation” made after that is recognized as heresy. The Gospel message does not change.

But Mohammed was never a Catholic, and so he was not a Catholic heretic; he was born and raised a pagan, worshipping the moon, the particularly silly “moon stone” and various silly idols at the Kabba in Meca, in the manner of his father, whose name was Allah. He got bits and pieces of the Catholic Gospel from travelers in caravans, and cobbled them together in his masterpiece of military strategy, ideology and religion, which became Islam. We talked about the confrontation between Islam and Western Civilization in the Medieval Crusades page.

Many Americans are not even aware of the fact that, up until around the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, Moslems were taking and selling Europeans as slaves. As many as 1.5 million Europeans, and Americans, were taken in pirate raids on the high seas and sold as slaves. The Moslems were so bold as to actually sail in on their corsairs and raid European towns and villages in the manner of the Vikings of old, not only murdering, pillaging and burning, but taking people as slaves or as hostages for ransom. In one case they took the whole population of an Irish town as slaves. Some nations were actually paying tribute to these Islamic pirates to ensure safe passage of their own ships on the high seas.

Many more are not aware of the fact that black slavery was invented and developed into a major industry by Islam. Islamic barbarians took and sold the first black slaves to unscrupulous Dutch and other slave traders, to be carried off to Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. Islam took white slaves to sell or trade in Africa and the East, and Islam took black slaves in Africa to sell or trade in the West. In point of fact, Islam continues to forcibly take black slaves in Africa, for sale, to this very day.

When America won her revolution and gained independence, it thereby forfeited the protection of the British navy. American commerce and American citizens were being taken by Islamic pirates, most notably in the neighborhood of Gibraltar. The source was the powerful Islamic caliphate of the Barbary Coast, which roughly comprised present day Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. This piracy not only took Americans for ransom or slavery, but it threatened to strangle Commerce of the new fledgling America. Something had to be done, and that something, eventually, brought about the birth of the American navy.

Early on, Thomas Jefferson began looking into Islam to find the source of this enmity toward the West. Eventually, he took the words of one Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, the Ambassador to London from Tripoli, to heart. He had asked Abdrahaman by what right the Mohammedans, or Musselmen, behaved in such a barbaric way as to attack ships, rob commerce and take slaves and hostages on the high seas. Abdrahaman answered that the “right” was founded in Islam; specifically, the right

” … was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”
Abdrahaman further stated that some relief from this punishment could be gotten by paying a tribute to Tripoli, and also by paying a separate tribute to himself personally. All of this Jefferson reported to the Secretary of State and to an astonished Congress. Later, as President, one of President Jefferson’s first acts would be to dispatch American warships to deal forcefully with this matter. Which they did; however, in hindsight, they (and Jefferson) could have been more forceful. They took no action to destroy or occupy or control the Barbary Coast, or to overthrow the reigning regime; they acted only to free slaves and exact an oath from the defeated enemy to leave American ships and citizens alone. Perhaps it was all America was militarily capable of doing at the time.

As we see today, nothing was really settled.

You don’t have to look too deep into history, and you don’t have to look too far around yourself today to see that Islam is absolutely cruel and barbaric. They actually practice saying the flagrant categorical lie that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Islam has never, in it’s entire history, been peaceful, or anything other than warlike. The closest Islam has ever come to being “peaceful” is during periods of relative military weakness or periods of truce, while it builds itself up for the next round of war. The mission of Islam toward you is to convert you, enslave you or kill you. That has never changed. It was true in Mohammed’s day, it was true in Jefferson’s day, and it remains true today. The teaching has not changed. The Koran has not changed. Islam has not changed.

No one else in the world does the horrific things Islam does to grow itself at the expense of the non-Islamic world. No one else in the world is as absolutely intolerant of other views, other opinions, other religions, other forms of government, other cultures, other values, other legal systems or other social orders. Islamic intolerance of the other is at the murderous level.

No one else in the world insists, in a truly murderous way, on everyone else being extremely super-sensitive, not provocative and not even the slightest bit critical of anything at all about Islam, Mohammed or the Koran. A simple thing like a cartoon at the expense of Islam can set the whole Islamic world ablaze in murderous destructive riots, as we have already seen.

Standing alone, against the temporarily united utter barbarities of Marxism and Islam, is us – the United States of America, under the leadership of our Dear Leader, Comrade Caliph Obama and his ruling Marxocratic Party. That should give us pause.

Marxism failed miserably in its march to world revolution, and so it changed tactics and changed colors, like a chameleon. In the here and now, Marxism has taken off its revolutionary military uniform, masked itself to hide among the free American citizenry and insist upon its American legal rights. Freedom of speech and press grants the cover for Marxists to promote absolute egalitarianism, redistribution, collectivization, a controlled economy and other Communist Manifesto notions that are absolutely destructive of America and the American Constitution.

Islam failed miserably in its march to world domination, and so it changed tactics and changed colors, like a chameleon. In the here and now, Islam has taken off its military uniform, masked itself to hide among the free American citizenry and insists upon its American legal rights. Freedom of religion grants the cover for Moslems to promote sharia law and to gradually obtain dominance over more and more American territory, establishing notions of Islam that are absolutely destructive of America and the American Constitution.

We are expected to tolerate absolute intolerance of us in our own land, in the name of tolerance.

General Benedict Arnold was a spy. One who sneaks about behind enemy lines while out of uniform and not identifying himself as an enemy soldier, while seeking a military objective, is not subject to the normal rules that apply to soldiers in time of war. Benedict Arnold was executed. Marxist spies and Islamic spies among us deserve the same treatment. Marxism has been at war with America (and with all notions of liberty, sovereignty, etc.) since the Communist Manifesto was written. Islam has been at war with America (and with all notions of freedom from Islam) ever since the Koran was written.

Now, I don’t care if the offender is a President, a Senator, a Representative, a Governor, a Mayor, a Justice, or whatever; if the offender promotes or defends notions such as redistribution or the growth or expansion of Islam in America, or any other such notion that is so clearly and obviously against the American Constitution, America and the grand ideals of America, then I view that offender as an anti-American agent provocateur and spy. The only other possibility is that the offender might be so ill-informed and so naive as to be imbecilic or stupid.

For probably all of my life America has been being systematically secularized; all references to Christianity have been scrubbed from the public square and from all public discourse, in a most religiously intolerant way. Now, suddenly, with the Ground Zero Mosque story, all of America is to do an about-face and be super tolerant if Islamic sensibilities. Suddenly, we are all about religious tolerance, but only in the name of Islam. Why?

Because Marxism and Islam have united in an unholy alliance of barbarians to reduce America and the American ideals to a destroyed, impoverished, burning pile of rubble. After that, they will turn on each other and fight for the right to plunder the world.

Everybody on our side – and I mean everybody – who opposes the Ground Zero Mosque shouts that “nobody is saying they can’t build a mosque” and that “nobody is opposing the religion of Islam”. But, I do, and I am. I have opposed Islam from the beginning. Islam, from its birth, has declared war on us; it is not radical Islam, or any subset or branch of Islam. There is no such thing as radical Islam, and there is no such thing as moderate Islam; there is only Islam. There is only one Koran. And, despite how our Dear Leader has repeatedly described it, there is absolutely nothing holy about the Koran. All you have to do is read it, and you will know that what I am saying is true.

American law makers have had no trouble at all suppressing Christianity in the public square. What’s so special about Islam?

Everybody also seems to waffle on identifying our Dear Leader, Comrade Caliph Obama, as an out-and-out Marxist. But I do. I marked him as a flat out Marxist from the very beginning. Even so, freedom of speech and press requires tolerance of speech promoting the Marxist ideals of collectivization, redistribution and so forth; right? Maybe. But when it comes to actually codifying these things into American law, and adjudication legal cases in favor of Marxist principles, we have come to a point where our own government has become our enemy, and is actively and purposely destroying our Constitution and our nation, in direct violation of their own oaths of office.

Common sense dictates that we not tolerate deadly intolerance of us.

Elsewhere among the pages on this site I have predicted that Dear Leader Comrade Caliph Obama intends to destroy America as we know it, in multiple ways, with multiple “crises.” That he will use some opportunity or excuse to suspend the Constitution and take over the government as dictator. That he intends to preside over a ruined and humbled America as he turns his attention to his own ascendancy in the world, via the UN or any other international vehicle of use. I pray that I am wrong, but I remain convinced of his intention.

However, America is now so aroused to the danger that the element of surprise is long gone. We may now be as ready or more ready than the first American revolutionaries were at Lexington and Concord. He will fail. But things have now gone so far that I do not see how we can come out of this as an intact nation without bloodshed. Let us here resolve that if violence is to come that it will not come by our hand. We must also resolve to finish it, once it starts. Pray that any violence will be scattered and local. But know this well: freedom has a price, and anyone not willing to pay the price does not deserve to keep it.

We have already talked about The Way Out of this mess. We have got to take the Senate, execute multiple impeachments, force a special election and start over with a new government free of barbarian influence. Then we need to sweep Marxist ideology and Islamic ideology out of our culture, beginning with the classroom and the newsroom.

Then we may be able to go back to our imperfect but tolerant American way. Some of you may call my Pope the whore of Babylon and run me down as a Papist, and I will not punch your lights out, although I will respond. Some Christian may call a Jew a Jesus killer, and the Jew will not get violent, although he may be expected to respond. A Jew may accuse some Christian Scripture or some sermon as being anti-Semitic, and nobody will get physical about it, although someone may respond. I may challenge your theology, and you may challenge mine, but the argument is verbal, and we all recognize the right to have our differences, and to give voice to them.

Or, we can take the route most of us usually take, which is to not discuss our theology at all with people of other faiths. We can do this because we are civilized; we are not barbarians. Our common national Judao-Christian ethos tells us that our salvation is a matter of our own God given individual free will and the exercise of our free will choices in life. And so we argue, or not argue, and so we get along, in this rough, unkempt, imperfect thing we call America. We all agree on those Commandments dealing with our common morality.

We couldn’t do that if any of us were barbarians. Barbarians are too intolerant for that sort of thing. What we civilized men hold most in common is less our theology – the first few Commandments, describing our relationship with God, and the way we interpret them – than our morality, driven by those following Commandments that describe man’s relationship with his fellow man. This is our American Ethos, and even in its wildest diversity, it is Judao-Christian. It is the basis for our law, our Constitution, our country and our people-hood. That is what civilizes us. That is what differentiates us from barbarians.

You must look to our founding documents, and nowhere else, for our American legal and moral “rights.” The American Civil Rights movement was early on infiltrated and infected with Marxist notions. Martin Luther King was a Baptist Minister, and as such, I am sure he was diametrically opposed to Communism. He was a very good man. However, even he, and others, showed the affects of Marxism’s sneaky, underhanded intellectual intrusion into the movement by references to such things as the right to “economic equality,” which is a purely Marxist idea.

Economic equality equals Marxist redistribution. You cannot achieve economic equality without forfeiting individual liberty, and individual liberty is the same thing as the right to pursue happiness. The right to pursue happiness / right to individual liberty is the source wealth creation, and the source of what President Reagan called American Exceptionalism. You will gain “economic equality” only at the expense of all of your civil rights, with the sole exception of one and only one right, that being, the right to be exactly the same as everyone else. Economic equality can only be achieved under brutal totalitarianism. I believe Martin Luther King, like many others, was tricked into adding such notions into his worthy and blessed movement, without proper application of critical thinking to the notion.

The American Flag is more than a mere national banner. It means more than just the American national flag. Since the first one was sewn, it has been the Banner of Liberty, and everyone in the world knows it. Everyone on earth recognizes it. People have risked life and limb to come and live under it; people have sold or given away all that they had just to get to America. Nations have turned to our flag when they were in jeopardy from barbarian onslaught, and the American flag came to their aid. It stands for not just a nation, but for decency, honor, truth, protection, religious freedom, individual liberty, and a chance, an opportunity to change your own condition by your own effort.

Today the American flag stands alone against barbarity in the world.

That’s why all Marxists hate it; Marxists are barbarians. No Marxist American will truly honor the American flag, in his heart.

That’s why all Moslems hate it; Moslems are barbarians. No Moslem American will truly honor the American flag, in his heart.

Neither Marxist barbarians nor Islamic barbarians will ever tolerate such things as religious freedom, individual liberty, or the American Constitution and Bill of Rights as written. All barbarians are intolerant of such things.

Turn back to God, and then pledge your allegiance anew.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God and live forever.

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