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The Peace Treaty.
November 20, 2010
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The Peace Treaty.

Sajid Ali Khan, New York, NY, USA 07/09/08

Once upon a time there were two people living on the same land. Their Patriarch was the same. They both coveted the same real estate as their holy ground. So they fought for hundreds of years. The time came when the whole world got affected by their dispute and they both got tired of fighting. So they started peace talks which lasted for decades. Governments came and went and the peace talks went on and on and yet they remained far apart.

In both the groups there lived a wise man, each very popular in his own group. Their actions had brought great prosperity for their own people and even affected the other side. The elders having tried all kinds of leaders finally went to their respective wise man and asked him to do something. They both agreed to negotiate peace on the condition that their agreement be honored and implemented.

They both had opening statements before going in to the peace room. One of the wise man said to the other, "Your people have done so much har m to my people that you people deserve to be hated! Yet I could never do that because hate is a gang leader. It would never come into my mind alone. Hate would bring with it jealousy, fear, anger, guilt, confusion, tiredness and ill health etc. Harming me more than it would ever harm you. As when the whole ugly gang settles in it leaves less room for math and science. Also it would result in shifting my focus from our own progress to how to destroy you thus diverting valuable resources etc. etc. So for my own sake I have always loved you!

The other wise man replied, "Your people have been the scum of the earth for my people yet I have always loved you! For love is a gang leader too. It does not come into the mind alone. It brings happiness, confidence, pleasure, relaxation, health, calmness etc. into the mind. Thus making the mind more powerful for math and science. This has brought health, happiness and even prosperity for me and my family. So I have always loved you for my own sake."

After these statements they went into the room alone. After two hours they both emerged from the room. They had a peace treaty which was a few pages long. Every one cheered. They were asked how they could work out a peace agreement in two hours where it was not possible for hundreds of years. One of the wise men read a statement that both had jointly written. “We know this question will be asked... Well we went into the room with the right tools for fixing peace. Suppose war is red and peace is blue and your aim is to both create the color blue then you both have to go into the room with the color blue. If we both go into the room with the color red then there is no way, not in a 1000 years that we can come out with the color blue. If we went into the room with the red paint then all we can come out with is red paint. There is no trick in the world that can change the color red to blue. We both went into the room with blue paint only. Even if we tried to produce red we couldn't do it because we did not have the tools to produce red. Even though we both love each other too much for our own selfish reasons love can only produce results it is capable of. Love can only produce peace!"

With the peace treaty every thing was up and up from GDP to Gross National Happiness for both countries. Would you be interested in knowing the exact peace treaty that the two wise men had negotiated?

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