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Thinking Catholic direction: threats to America, Church, Ethos, even History.
July 22, 2007
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Thinking Catholic Direction
(Where the Website is Going)

The Thinking Catholic Direction and Website Status to Readers, Participants and Contributors. (In a nutshell, I blew it.)

well, I had a brief window of opportunity to catch up with my planned website updates, and I didn't get it all done before the window closed on me. I had a short period of time that could be exclusively devoted to some of the new pages that have existed so far only in my mind. I got the Inquisition page and the Galileo Galileo page done; then I did the Medieval Crusade page, as you can see among the newer navigation buttons to the left. I got really got into the Byzantine 4th Crusade page, as you can also see, but – I haven’t completed it yet.

Distractions and interruptions were just too many and too significant to allow complete devotion to completing the Byzantine 4th Crusade page before moving on to the next task. My schedule had the Reformation next, and then a history on the development of the Bible. However, the World keeps throwing me curve balls. The Thinking Catholic direction remains unchanged; however, sometimes current events demand current emphasis on specific enemies to our nation, our religion, our common ethos and even our recorded history. Particularly when our home-grown SLIMC so consistently puts a spin on current events that is, at once, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-common ethos, anti-Western Culture and even anti-recorded history.

One major distraction involved another item I read over at the SANE site on a new method of opposing the destructive encroachment of Islam into non-Islamic cultures like ours. I took the time to write about it in the new The Islamic Theocracy page, another new button to the left. The more (and longer) that Western Culture in general and America in particular fail to recognize the social menace posed by orthodox, mainstream Islam, the greater that menace becomes. Go to the Islam Opposes America page to see what Islam officially teaches its disciples about us and instructs them in how to deal with us, and you’ll see that our peril comes from Islam, rather than “hijacked” Islam, or “Islam-o-fascism” or any other such misrepresentation. Forget what the SLIMC consistently says about Islam, the Religion of Peace; go to the link above to see what Islam itself says about the nature of Islam.

In the midst of all of that, one day it seemed to me that the “Worldliness” of our American culture had become absolute, or very nearly so. Every single little signal I got seemed to be of a sexual nature. Every thing we watched, or started to watch on TV that day; everything I heard on the radio, which was, exclusively, conservative talk radio; every major news story of the day, nearly every title among the “new releases” at a local book store, the so-called fashions on display by young and not-so-young “ladies” in public, all came crashing home to me with the notion that our common ethos is, if not dead, mortally wounded. The overwhelming signals seemed to be saying that open licentiousness and apparent sexual “availability” were somehow “in” and – this really blows my mind – actually sophisticated. Which says that chastity is the opposite of sophisticated. All that prompted the new Chastity Vs Sophistication page, right in the middle of my ongoing work.

The reason is that it seemed to be a frontal assault on our common guiding ethos in a situation where our most deadly enemy, Islam, displays what appears to be an unshakable guiding ethos. Wrong though it may be, it is solid and real, in the Moslem mind. And in the face of that strong sense of ethos, that solid Divine ground of being, what is Western Culture in general and America in particular presenting as a public face? The so-called sophistication of randomly copulating animals? The guiding ethos of BMDFP and Celebricrats? More of us need to see what’s happening here and try to turn it around.

Then, the Holy Father Benedict XVI issued his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, and his Letter to Bishops on Summorum Pontificum, and his Explanatory Note on Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, and I felt that all of that was significant enough to put copies of them out there for you. And, I felt compelled to do a bit of history review of how we got where we are, and why this second motu proprio by a second pope on the same topic was even necessary. So, I did the Background on Catholic Liturgical Changes page as a third-tier reference page. And, the page that it was to be used as a reference in was – well, this is where I really got off track in utilizing the limited time in my window of opportunity.

I began a detailed explanation of the traditional Latin Tridentine Mass, which I felt would be helpful for the uninitiated, and to those not familiar with Latin, to enable them to more readily understand, if not follow along, in the “old” Mass. Major underestimation of how long and involved such an explanation would be. The 1962-Latin-Mass page is now only half done, with about four times the original estimated time already spent on it. Take a look at it if you wish, but now, like the Byzantine 4th Crusade page, it will have to be finished one little piece at a time, as spare time permits, because I now have to go back to doing real work to earn real money.

Necessity is sometimes a cruel master. Please be patient with me if I don’t answer your questions in a timely manner; I now have a backlog of real work to clean up before doing my own new pages, responding to questions and comments and the on-going website normal chores. For the foreseeable future, all of that will have to become spare time activity.

Future direction indicates that I will first finish the Latin Mass page, then the Byzantine 4th Crusade Page. Then I will work on a new Reformation page, and a history of the Bible page.

One of these days, I’ll get all caught up.

But then, something else will happen.

Pray for me; and I’ll pray for you.

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