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Three fatal oversights of the top conservative cognizanti: Glenn, Rush and Sean.
February 13, 2011
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The Three Fatal Oversights.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, February 11, 2011

The primary purpose of this Website is to attack untruth. Truth stands on His own. While Truth is easy to defend, and this site does it’s share of that, there are plenty of others out there practicing apologetics for Catholicism, Protestanism, Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, our common national ethos, conservatism, the Declaration, the Constitution, the inter-dependency between free markets and human liberty, our history, world history, etc., etc., etc. Here, the primary mission is to directly attack error in general and falsehood in particular.

We go after the enemy on his own terms, not ours. We do not claim to be trying to take ground for Catholicism, for instance, or for American idealism, or to argue from any higher position. If an untruth claims to be scientific, then we attack it on strictly scientific terms. If it claims theological basis, then we attack it on theological grounds. So it is with socio-economic or socio-political falsehoods, and those associated with psychology, health, human decency, history, ecology or whatever. Untruth should be able to stand on its own ground, or fall on its own ground.

Those of you who have been with me for awhile will now assume that I’m about to go after my three favorite targets, Darwin, Freud and Marx, but that’s not what this particular rant is about (well, maybe Marx, but from a different angle.) I have already pretty much destroyed the unholy trinity of Darwin, Freud and Marx elsewhere, on their own ground, on their own terms, by their own rules, and I have yet to see any coherent argument or evidences supporting any of their theories that needs to be dealt with. I have shown that they are all fraudulent theories by their own validating criteria.

All that now needs to be said and recognized regarding the theories of Darwin, Freud and Marx is that there are untold millions if not billions of people all over the world who are absolutely convinced that Some Part of what Darwin said, or Some Part of what Freud said, or Some Part of what Marx said is true, and of use, and of value to mankind. I submit that no part of any of their theories is valid, none of it is proved, and none of it is of any value to man. In fact, it is harmful. The fact that so many people believe that these theories are valid proves that it is harmful to man.

We the people, of the USA and of the world, are being systematically dumbed down. We no longer know how to apply critical thinking to anything at all. Massive, world-wide, automatic, knee-jerk acceptance of the thoroughly falsified theories of Darwin, Freud and Marx merely proves that point. If teacher says so, and everybody says so, why, it must be true. Right?

Fatal Oversight Number One involves the many political alarms that are sounded by the best of Talk Radio: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They point to the documented words of such figures as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, Billary, Carter, Kerry, Frank, Piven, Ayers, Dohrn, Van Jones, Alinsky, and so many others, showing movement from Americanism to redistributionism at best, and bloody revolution at worst: the overthrowing of the existing government, by violence or otherwise. “Change you can believe in” becomes a “New World Order.” The Constitution is not only ignored, it is violated, with seeming impunity, by people sworn to defend it in their very oaths of office.

The alarms are quite valid and quite true, and quite serious. Our radio heroes point to the very words, written and spoken, by the leaders of the Democrat Party and their favorite teachers, mentors, advisors colleagues and counselors. Glenn Beck in particular does an outstanding job of connecting the links between various movements and personalities involved in the destruction of the free market system and the establishment of a New World Order. On the defensive or apologetics side of the street, Beck has done the best job of relating true American history to a mal-educated audience of millions, who have been taught all their lives the falsehood of how it is that America is evil, and how it is that opposition to America is virtuous.

The usurping and taking-over of the term Liberal by the Left, the Progressive Movement, the Communist Movement, the Socialist Movement, the trend toward and into State Capitalism (which is Nazi-Fascism,) the sneaky, underhanded tricks of the likes of Ayers, Alinsky, Piven, etc., the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the Rules for Radicals, etc., etc., etc., are all manifestations or outgrowths from a central ideology that has gained almost universal social acceptance, here and everywhere, and that central ideology is almost ignored by our greatest Talk Radio Heroes.

It is seen today as merely the Liberal leaning or Left leaning, but honest and decent opinion and equally valid political position that is predominant in the Democrat Party, and has made serious inroads into the Republican Party. It is an evil, insidious and infectious ideology, and there is not one single small part of it that is anything other than antagonistic to the American Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and Amendments, free market Capitalism and individual citizen liberty. This is what must be rooted out and expunged from America.

We all know who Obama’s teachers, mentors and colleagues are. But who was their teacher, and who was their mentor, and from whom did they learn their evil tricks and gain their expertise in treachery? Who is their great motivator and example? Glenn, Rush and Sean all quote these people and show how anti-American and anti-free-market they are. But that’s just nibbling around the edges of the real problem. When you look at who’s philosophy these anti-Americans are steeped in and who they are likely to quote the most, you will find Karl Marx at the root of it all.

There is nothing in Rules For Radicals and there is nothing in the Cloward-Piven Strategy, or in any other “new” revolutionary ideas that did not pre-exist in Karl Marx’s old Communist Manifesto. It’s all right there. There is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing innocent, nothing benign and nothing harmless to man anywhere in all of Marxism, and that includes Socialism.

Marx himself was steeped and stewed in the evil treachery of Machiavelli’s rule, The Ends Justify The Means. Way back then Marx recognized that you couldn’t get any whole population to revolt or revert to anarchy as in Machiavelli’s plan, and he became a disciple of Hegel, adopting the slower but more affective Hegelian Dialectic approach, with caused crisis after caused crises leading to eventual social chaos and anarchy. Like Machiavelli and like Hegel, Marx’s intention from the beginning was to create a path to moral, economic and social breakdown, chaos, anarchy and then pure dictatorship. Dictatorship was the intent from the beginning. That means that Socialism, Communism, etc., all other parts of Marxism, are lies, window dressing, bait if you will, of use in recruiting dupes, fools and non-critical thinkers to the cause. The real cause is, and always has been, to achieve dictatorship, pure and simple.

To that end, Marx demonized religion, the family, property, morality, the social order, and just about everything familiar in life to any citizen anywhere. He sought to make the revolutionary an exciting and heroic figure in the eye of the ordinary citizen.

But, you say, Marx made important contributions in the fields of economics, philosophy, social science and political science. We all learned that in school. Well, that is, after all, the job of government (public) education: to teach the goodness of evil. If you’ve been through any major university, you already know that upper academia is steeped in Marxist theory. Most university professors are Marxists. Republican professional politicians like John McCain feel perfectly at ease reaching across the aisle to make deals with opposition Democrat Party politicians, who are Marxist but who are seen as merely Liberal or Left-leaning, but otherwise perfectly innocent and decent men, perhaps even pro-American.

As I’ve said before, there is no part of Marxism that is innocent or benign toward the American Constitution. Any compromise with Marxism hurts America. America and Marxism are absolutely antagonistic, diametrically opposed, and compromise is not possible between them unless America is injured in the process. To the degree that any man is Marxist or accepts any of the tenets of Marxism, to that same degree is that man anti-American.

Fatal Oversight Number Two involves the many Islamic Terrorism alarms that are sounded by the best of Talk Radio: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They do an excellent job of publicizing the written and spoken words of Ahmadinejad, Bin Ladin, various imams and spokesmen for groups such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al Dawa, Party Of God, Taliban, Sudanese Islamic Front, PLO, Al Queda and others. The broadcast and publicized quotes are great. Islamic spokesmen’s own words show their absolute intolerance of the other, and their intention to drive towards Ummah, or a Grand Caliphate, or a New World Order in which the entire world is in forced submission to Islam.

But, again, our Talk Show Heroes are only nibbling around the edges of the real problem. They are very careful to identify these organizations and these spokesmen and these terrorists as “outside” the mainstream of Islam. The terrorist-element is described as “hijacked” Islam, or “radicalized” Islam, or even as “false” Islam. Much is made of the murderous intolerance of Wahhabism and Wahhabi teaching of Islam, but, again, it is treated as some kind of fringe teaching of Islam and not related to real Islam, whatever that might be.

So let us ask the same question we asked about the modern spokesmen for Marxism above. These currently quoted modern terrorist, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-infidel spokesmen for Islam – who is it that they quote, and look to for guidance, and revere?

His name is Mohammed – the author of the Koran and the founder of Islam.

There is not one single Islamic-spokesman quote publicized by our Talk Radio Heroes that is not in complete accord with the Koran and with mainstream Islamic teaching. There is nothing radical about Wahhabism, for instance. There is nothing out of the mainstream teaching of Islam that has been said or done by Osama Bin Ladin. Again, there is nothing new under the sun.

I wince every time I hear one of our Talk Show Heroes say something like “Nobody is out to condemn Islam itself.” Why not? Islam has already condemned us. Moslems are instructed to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (Koran; 2:139; 8:39; 9:29). These Koranic verses are held by Moslems to be the irreformable words of Allah spoken through the lips of his prophet Mohammed. Mainstream, orthodox Islam makes no bones about what it intends to do to us all.

Modern Islam has strategically merged with modern Marxism, at least as far as the principles of Machiavelli, Hegel and Marx are concerned. I have said before that any true Marxist is a MEJTML before he is anything else. And, I have said before that any true Moslem is an IEJTML before he is anything else. They will lie. For them, the ends justify the means. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The important thing is this: Islam is not a religion of peace, and it never was.

Fatal Oversight Number Three involves the many Corrupted Mainstream Media alarms that are sounded by the best of Talk Radio: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They do an excellent job of publicizing the clear and obvious double-standard in scandal reporting, the clear and obvious Leftist slant to news reporting, the Blame America First editorializing, and the obvious cheerleading and propagandizing for the Democrat Party in general and Obama in particular.

Mainstream “Journalists” are heavily quoted and their words carefully parsed on the air to show the falseness of their reporting and the direction of their attention, which is always away from any news detracting of the Democrat cause. MSM-ers are shown to be everything from fools, buffoons and clowns to Party hacks and political propagandists. They are publicly damned, and rightly so, for injecting opinion into news and for lacking objectivity. But again, our Talk Radio Heroes are only nibbling around the edges of the real problem.

Like the Democrats, and like Obama, our mainstream media journalists are not stupid; they are not in over their heads; they are not merely opinionated, and not merely subjective and not objective. They are part of the real problem.

The mainstream media is almost solidly Marxist.

They have been thoroughly Marxist for many, many decades. They are cooperators in the destruction of America. They are co-conspirators in the destruction of Capitalism and the advance of a New World Order. They all came out of thoroughly Marxist universities. They are every bit as Marxist as is the Democrat Party. They, and they alone, caused and brought about the loss of the Vietnam War, and they have grown even more Marxist since then. They are knowingly and actively involved in the dismantling of the Constitution and the destruction of Constitutional America.

These three fatal oversights of what may be America’s last best hope, Talk Radio, have left us, and the world, in a very tenuous position. In my opinion, America is the world’s last best hope, and Talk Radio may be America’s last best hope. But the forces of untruth are converging, and, to date, there is no one with a really big voice to point that out to everyone.

”The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” is the notion that provides an uneasy alliance between Marxism and Islam. Both seek a New World Order, but of different types. To get there, both need to topple the existing order and the rule of law, everywhere. They will use each other and combine efforts to that end; for them, the ends justify the means. Once they have conquered us, they will then set about the business of converting or killing each other.

In strictly international affairs, there is nothing wrong with the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so long as you never forget that your enemy is your enemy. At the end of World War II, and again in Korea, generals Patton and MacArthur kept track of who the enemy was, but Truman did not. War sometimes makes strange bedfellows, but when you deal with the likes of Marxists or Moslems, you had better sleep with one eye open, and then get up and moving when the war ends.

Look to the Old Testament stories of how God used the Babylonians to punish and purge Israel, and then used the Assyrians to punish the Babylonians and return the remnant of Israel to rebuild the Temple. There are many, many similar stories; a given people may become an enemy, then an ally, then again an enemy. At this point in our own history Obama seems to be doing his utmost to alienate all of our traditional allies and to befriend and make allies all of our traditional enemies. Who knows where that sort of thing might end.

Both Marxism and Islam depend entirely on an illiterate or a mal-educated population to spread and grow. You cannot make a critical thinker into a Marxist, or into a Moslem. Maybe you can do it by the sword, or by threat, but certainly not by reason or logic. Therefore, Islam keeps the Islamic world in perpetual semi-literacy and under carefully controlled education and information, and therefore Marxism seeks to rewrite history and dumb-down the masses through formal mal-education in more advanced cultures.

It is the ideas of Marxism and of Islam that must be attacked at their core. We have shown elsewhere that Islam is an ideology of conquest and dictatorship masquerading as a religion. It is a false religion. All the ranking ayatollahs and imams know it, and play the role to keep and increase their rank. Some of them hope to become the supreme grand caliph of the world. We have shown elsewhere that Marxism, as advertised, is another sham ideology of “equality” that is aimed at achieving dictatorship, pure and simple. All the leading Marxists in the world know it, and play the role to keep and increase their rank. Some of them hope to become supreme dictator of the world.

That’s why Obama encouraged Egypt’s Mubarak to begin the orderly transition from his government to that of the howling mob in the streets of Cairo, immediately, so that utter chaos, anarchy and social breakdown could really get going. That is what all of Marxism and all of Islam wants to happen, there and everywhere. You can’t get to a New World Order without breaking some eggs.

The really frustrating thing is that it is all so obviously wrong, and untrue. There has never been, for instance, any such thing as redistribution of wealth, anywhere, ever. No Communist or Socialist leader ever went through any poor neighborhood passing out money taken from someone else. They took money, sure enough; but they skipped the redistributing part. The closest anyone can come to claiming true redistribution involves such “entitlement” government benefits as welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and so forth, in which taxes are spent to pay the entitlements. But that money, sooner or later, will run out, and there will be no more entitlements, and all the top Marxists know it. All Marxism ever does in the long run is to make everyone, including the poorest among us, even poorer.

Right now, America pays much, much more in entitlements than it does for national defense, and the that disparity grows every day that Obama is in office. Redistribution, and fairness, and whatever else you’ve heard is not the goal; the real goal is, again, dictatorship, pure and simple. Marxism and Islam will go to great lengths to keep you from hearing that, or knowing it, but it is the truth.

That’s why we recommended that we legislate to Outlaw Marxism, and why we recommended that we legislate to Outlaw Islam in our Arguments Pro and Con section. Until that happens, we may expect “community organizing” to continue unabated, and factionalizing and divisiveness increase, under the guise of tolerance and equality.

The unions will rise up, and the students will protest, and the youth will get organized, and the minorities will demonstrate, and the homosexuals will fight for their rights, and the femi-Nazis will get into the act, and the eco-nuts will sabotage ships and factories, and the Communists will insist on representation, and the “disenfranchised” and the newly homeless, thanks to a rising foreclosure rate, will be in the streets, and the Moslems will fight for their place at the table, and on, and on, and on. The “Democracy” they all cry out for is the pure Democracy encouraged by Marx and Lenin and Stalin, which is to say, mob rule, leading inexorably to failure and anarchy, and the chaotic, desperate situation ripe for the strong man to move in and take charge and establish order, to the approval of everyone still alive. They will beg for order and safety.

It will not work, at least not completely, here in America, because there are too many of us who are not stupid, and not dumbed-down enough yet. There are now more than enough of us awake and aware to defeat any sort of attempt at violent takeover.

It will ultimately fail elsewhere because of the absolute lack of scruples and principles among Marxists and Moslems. Marxist contenders for high office will kill each other; Islamic contenders for high office will kill each other. In the end, Marxists and Moslems will war with each other. Sunni and Shia will war with each other. The whole goal is to become supreme dictator, and, everybody can’t become the supreme dictator. If someone were to actually become supreme dictator, he would soon be dispossessed by another. And another. And it would never end. The whole notion is just impossible. But that is not to say that horrible damage may not be done to the world in the meantime.

So, if the question is whether the Marxists and the Moslems are stupid or evil, the answer is, both.

The world population needs to learn the falsehood of Marxism, the falsehood of Islam, and the treacherous Marxism of the mainstream media.

God help us all.

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