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This Christian Nation, and its Political Process: It’s The Morality, Stupid.
September 01, 2012
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This Christian Nation, and the
American Political Process:
It’s The Morality, Stupid.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How, Exactly, did this Christian nation come to be? How did our political structure and our governmental organization come about? How did we wind up with this non-theocratic, multidenominational Christian national guiding ethos? No objective, honest student of American history would call such personages as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, etc., mere politicians. Sure, they committed politics against each other; however, when you look at what drove them and inspired them and motivated their arguments, you see that they were Statesmen first and foremost. They were men of Christian principle and conviction, and their political arguments were always a matter of principle and personal conviction aimed at formulating and constructing a truly decent nation. That was what inspired them and drove them.

Just look at what they produced! In their Declaration of Independence they recognized, set down in black and white, and concretized in the American psyche four of the most fundamental God-given rights of man, and established them as Principles upon which decent men could stand.

  1. The “Created Equal” principle, by which all men stand as equals before the law. This represents the virtual abolition of classes, and renders even the “ruling class” member equal to every other man before the law. They actually, willingly and purposefully made themselves equal to every other American citizen.
  2. The right to Life, and recognition of the sacred nature of human life.
  3. The right to Liberty, and the ability of the citizen to move about, change his residence at will, do whatever work he chooses to do, start whatever business, and participate in any lawful activity and association.
  4. The right to “Pursue Happiness,” meaning the right to prosper from the work of his own hands, to work in his own self-interest, to lawfully acquire and accumulate private property and private wealth.

Above all this was the more important principle that these rights come from God, not man, and that they may not be set aside by man. These are the Christian principles upon which they built this nation. We discussed these uniquely American principles in more detail in the American Founding Principles page. In their Declaration of Independence, in which they established these four firm American principles, they spoke of the need to Organize the new nation in such a way as to guarantee the preservation of these four principles. After the Revolutionary War, they convened the first Constitutional Congress to do that very thing. Our American Constitution was very carefully crafted to protect the citizenry from its own government. I believe it to be the only time in human history any nation ever attempted to do such a thing.

The American citizen’s right to private property is firmly established in the Fifth Amendment, and reinforced in the Fourteenth Amendment. The government is prohibited from establishing an official national religion, and the people are free to open religious exercise, in accordance with the First Amendment. By that amendment, we also enjoy freedom of speech, the press, assembly and the right to petition the government for redress of grievance. We are actually free to openly criticize our own government. The Second Amendment guarantees our citizen right to keep and bear arms, representing a larger armed force than any army that may be maintained by the government. This too is a layer of protection of the citizenry from its own government. We discussed these uniquely American principles in more detail in the American Constitutional Principles page.

Another rather unique thing about our American form of government is its participatory nature. As you can see in the above link, the government is purposely arranged into three co-equal branches: the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They counter-balance each other and provide checks and balances against each other, so that no one branch may dominate the others, or the people. But, what is often overlooked by many, is the fact that We The People form a fourth co-equal branch of the government. The government is supposed to be Representative of us, and reflect our overall nature back to us. In other words, they are not supposed to rule us, but represent us. It is our interest they are supposed to be concerned about in their legislating, executing and adjudicating.

And that principle raises the question, exactly what are we? What sort of image is our government representatives supposed to reflect back at us? We know what we were at the founding, but what have we become? Are we still a Christian people, and is this still a Christian nation?

Our founders were all raised up in Christian households, and they lived their lives in Christian communities, within one or the other of the original thirteen Christian theocracies. We spoke of the official state Christian religions of the thirteen Colonies in the Separation of Church and State page. While their divergent Christian denominations differed mightily in theology, they all found common ground in their common Christian morality. Early America was steeped in it.

Christian morality – how man deals with his fellow man – comes down to us from those Commandments that address that social need. The details may be found in the Judao-Christian Ethos page. These are those of the Ten Commandments that are summarized into the Second Great Commandment: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyselff. They involve honor of parents and duty to family, prohibition of murder, prohibition of stealing private property, prohibition of falsehoods, prohibition of sexual immorality, and prohibition of coveting private property. This is and has been the Christian basis for civil law in Western Civilization, since, at least, Emperor Constantine. And it is the basis of American representative law.

This American Ethos – this way of being – came out of Christianity.

We began going astray from our own natural guiding ethos when falsehood began to make headway against truth. We began going astray in our own governance when politics began to gain ground against principle. I submit that today, in America, the most successful elected officials are men of politics rather than men of principle. They have mastered the art of political persuasion at the expense of standing on principle.

It should be very simple, really. All truth is of God. All untruths oppose God. Standing for simple truth should be the very first and very strongest principle any decent man should stand firm on. Truth is the foundation stone of Christian Principle.

Americans have been being mal-educated and miss-informed in their formal education and in their news reporting for many, many generations now. Most Americans are traveling under gross misconceptions of reality, in broad, vast areas of human knowledge. Many if not most of these gross misconceptions are products of purposeful disinformation and propaganda programs.

I first became aware of American news reporting being false, contrived and ideologically slanted to favor Marxism over Americanism when I pored over all of the available mainstream media “news” of Cuba going Communist. That was a long time ago. Since then, I have learned that the predominant news in America has been slanted that way for at least all of my life, and I am 69 years old now. You can read the Professional Liars of Journalism page and the other related articles linked in the right column of that page for my evidences. The Marxist ideological element that controls the news media is so powerful that it was able to shut down and virtually destroy Senator Joe McCarthy, shut down his investigation, make him a laughing stock, relegate him to the permanent caricature of the laughable conspiracy theorist, and do all of that even despite the fact that, as we now know, he was right. What he said was true.

Elementary education and advanced education has similarly been handing down corrupted knowledge to ever increasingly mal-educated generations. I won’t go into the many manifestations of error officially taught as “discoveries” or “advancements” of the likes of Darwin, Freud and Marx, because we’ve written enough about them in this site already. Suffice it to say that their wild hypotheses have been officially elevated to be scientific theories, in biology, psychology, political science and economics, despite never having been subjected to the scientific method and never being proven, in any way, by anyone, or by history.

But what is worse than all of that is the Christian moral decline of We, The People.

If you don’t believe that We The People are in steep moral decline, and have been for quite some time, I invite you to read the Artificial Constraception page. Don’t laugh; if you call yourself a Christian, and you don’t think the topic of artificial contraception represents a radical change in Christian morality, then you have just proved the point. Go there and see what Scripture says about it. If you don’t want to rely on Scripture, or on what the Popes and Councils have said, then read how roundly and vociferously it was condemned by such historic luminaries as:

  • Marting Luther
  • John Calvin
  • John Wesley
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Mahatma Gandhi
and then explain to me how it came to pass that artificial contraception ever came to be such a commonplace, every-day, not-even-thought-about practice today, although it was universally considered to be horribly immoral, world-wide, right up until 1930. If that is not a clear and obvious example of Christian moral decline, what is?

Note that in historical terms, the period from 1930 until today is an exceptionally short period of years. This is not merely moral decline; it is moral free-fall.

Since the social acceptance of artificial contraception, the moral slope has gotten steeper. For many generations now – although not in my own generation – beginning earlier and earlier in elementary education, children are officially being taught the mechanics of safe fornication, protected sodomy and “responsible” and “discreet” promiscuity, all at tax payer expense. People no longer even ask the question of when, and why, sex education even became a subject suitable for elementary education, or why it should be required, or why it should even exist. People just accept it. It’s as if they’ve been trained.

The quite predictable results, which refute the claims of contraception proponents and sex education proponents alike, involve radical increases over time in unwed pregnancies, radical increase in venereal disease, loss of respect for women and womanhood, increase in divorce and broken marriages, increase in cohabitation, broken families, social acceptability of cohabitation, social acceptability of homosexuality, sex, including all forms of illicit sex, as a mere leisure activity, etc., etc., etc. The more the “experts” teach the children, the worse the situation gets. The “experts” are not smart enough to see that they are encouraging the causative activity. Or, they are evil enough to want to increase it.

The more contraception is encouraged, the more unwanted pregnancy occurs; the safer science makes sex, the higher the venereal disease rate goes. If you ask a public school educated kid to define the word chastity, he would have to look it up. What can I say?

Remember, objective truth is independent of the human mind. Objective truth in this matter, as in all matters, remains unchanged. God has not moved.

On the Political side of the street the changes over time have also been negative. Modern “Statesmen” are much more attuned to political stratagems than to Christian American Principles. Just as with the decline in Judao-Christian morality, the move away from American founding and constituting Principles and into pure political gamesmanship has been slow, smooth and largely unnoticed. It’s as if that’s the way it’s always been. Until the Tea Party awakening brought about by the actions of Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, most of the American citizenry saw little or no difference between the two major American political Parties.

Now, more and more of us are waking up to it. All you have to do is look at the Democrat Party platform, plank by plank, and it is as if you were ticking off all of the pillars of Communism listed in Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Every single thing the Democrat Party pushes is against the foundation of America, and against her Constitution, against her Christian religion and against her Judao-Christian guiding ethos. Marx once summed up his whole theory in one nut-shell sentence, saying “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” And that’s just what the Democrat Party seems to be driving at.

Note well that there is nothing – not one single thing – in all of Marxist ideology that is in any way compatible with Christianity, or with American Founding Principles, or with American Constitutional Principles, or with good economic theory, or with citizen freedom. In fact, Marxism opposes all of those things.

Now, the most Marxist and the least Christian among us - Democrats, teachers, journalists, celebrities and entertainers, along with the leadership of theFemi-Nazi Front, the Eco-Nazi Front, the Homo-Nazi Front and the Racial-Nazi Front - may eschew the title Marxist and call themselves Leftist, or Liberal, or Progressive, or even anti anti-Communist. But the bottom line is that they all seek the same ultimate conclusion that Marxism seeks. They even oppose our own national borders, and work toward a vision of open borders, non-sovereignty and non-nationhood in a completely New World Order, in which our Constitution – the supreme law of the land – if it still exists at all, will be inferior to some new utopian global authority. A new set of “better” rules will be superimposed above our Constitution, and not subject to our approval, not representative of us and not accountable to us in any way. And we will be ruled by people not elected by us, not accountable to us, and not representative of us.

They (the Democrat Party) consistently and vehemently oppose our Constitutional right to freedom of religious exercise, and they present a warped, twisted and purely Marxist interpretation of Equality, which is not an equality before the law and therefore equality of opportunity; no, what they replace that with is equality of outcome, which is to say, direct opposition to the right of pursuit of happiness and opposition to the right to accumulate and own private property. Prospering from the work of you own hands is to become the new Marxian immorality.

But the “Establishment” Republican Party members are not much better than the Democrats. The “Establishment” Republicans are comprised of two groups of politicians:

  1. Elected holders of office, and candidates for office, who are or want to be involved in the purely Republican political Party initiatives and goals, both secret and public, and who are moved by politics first and principle second.
  2. Paid Republican Party operatives, who are not office holders or candidates for office; the political scientists, consultants, strategists, tacticians and political program developers, debate coaches, political publicists and so forth.
The first “Establishment” Republican Party group – those who hold or seek to hold political office – seek office more than national interest, are more politician than statesman, and promote Party goals more than American goals. The older, seemingly tenured Elder Statesmen among them who have held office seemingly forever, have made themselves into political power brokers. They know how to game the system and prosper from it.

The second “Establishment” Republican Party group – the paid professional political contest winners – are almost pure political mercenaries. Up to a point, they will willingly switch Parties for the right price. The point at which they become less likely to switch Political Parties is when they become so solidly ensconced and even famous public celebrities, and very well paid, that they would prefer to keep their position even when their Party is out of power. They would rather be highly placed in an out-of-power Party than lowly placed in the one in power.

Bottom line is, “Establishment” Party types, of both Parties, are politicians first, before they are anything else. Allegiance to America, like allegiance to Christian Principle, is a secondary or tertiary thing, where it exists at all. Constitutional America is almost an afterthought. The political contest is everything.

I see the paid professionals as the worst of these. Karl Rove, James Carville and their like. On the Republican side, they oppose Tea Party candidates and issues just as strongly as do the Establishment Republican office holders. If the Tea Party gains control of the Republican Party, their jobs are jeopardized just as much as are the jobs of the old-hat, long-term office holders. It’s a matter of job security. They have made themselves indispensible through their mastery of the tools of the trade – demographics, effective political adds, the poll, the focus-group, speech writing, debate-coaching, issue-tweaking, image-projecting, etc. – and they are very well paid for all of this.

From their point of view, the political contest itself is everything. That’s what they live for. Their office-holding contemporaries are not much better. They all oppose ideology and attack “rigid” ideology for that reason. They condemn the Tea Party as far Right wing ideologues and pretend that their ideological positions cannot win a political contest in contemporary America. They are wrong. They are not only wrong, but they know they are wrong, and that makes them liars. Ideology and politics cannot be divorced.

Politics is the battle ground of ideas. It is where opposing ideologies do battle. Ideology is exactly and specifically what politics exists for. Politics is, specifically, almost definitively, divisive, and not inclusive, along strictly ideological lines. And the Establishment Republican Party knows it. A politician condemning ideology is tantamount to a preacher condemning faith in God. Such a thing should be seen by all – but it isn’t – to be downright stupid, unless it is a sly attempt at deep deception.

Many Tea Partiers I know think of Establishment Republicans as merely RINOs (Republican In Name Only) who are actually Leftist in their ideology. And many of them are. But the worst kind of Establishment Republican is the luke-warm, bloodless, nutless-wonder politician with no solid, motivational ideology at all, other than winning political contests.

And that brings us to the current brouhaha in the Missouri Senate race involving Republican candidate Todd Akin running against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. He made a pretty dumb statement having little or no effect on anything, and Republicans and Conservatives of all description jumped on him with both feet, and stopped just short of calling for his immediate execution. Instant opposition from all quarters!

No Christian Principle applied here; pure politics only. Truth? What is that?

The statement in question involves a reference to a "legitimate rape," meaning a forcible rape, and a true forcible rape as opposed to a false charge of rape. Pedantics entered the game with all of the oh, so horrified and oh, how insensitive exclamations declaring that all rapes are illegitimate, I'll have you know.

It also involved a misconception regarding a woman's reproductive process somehow "shutting down" under stress, particularly the stress involved in a forcible rape. This was one of many pseudo-scientific notions that floated about for a time and was even taught in schools. It might be likened to another one that still affects a lot of people today - the one that says that human blood is blue while in the human body, but red outside of it, or when exposed to light or air or something. Not true, of course, but a small and seemingly insignificant part of American mal-education nonetheless.

Eventually, the mal-educated person learns the truth in the matter and moves on. But no, not here. This was unforgivable. Akin publicly and profusely apologized for his poor choice of words and his lack of knowledge in the matter, but forgiveness was not to be his, for this was absolutely unforgivable, and all because, it turns out, Akin, who won his primary race, was not the preferred candidate of the Republican establishment.

Does the name Christine O'Donnell strike a familiar note? She was the popular Tea Party candidate who won her primary to run in the 2010 Delaware Senate race, thereby earning the ire of the Establishment Republican Party. She might have been The People’s candidate, but she wasn’t their candidate. They refused to support her, despite the fact that they owed her their support, as the Republican winner of the primary. No Party money, no adds, no support whatsoever, and in fact they actively campaigned against her in the public media, Karl Rove among them.

The completely false claim, in that instance, was that she was just unelectable, and so they washed their hands of her. Her Democrat opponent was so clearly anti-American that he even described himself as a “bearded Marxist.” So Karl Rove and the Establishment Republican Party were saying - quite falsely - that they were not smart enough to run a political campaign to defeat such an openly Marxist Democrat, despite the extreme popularity of Christine O’Donnell at the time, before they all cooperated with the Democrats and succeeded in destroying her chances. As a direct result of that Establishment Republican Party hissy-fit, Delaware has a bearded Marxist for a Senator, instead of the locally popular Tea Party candidate, the Democrats have one more Senate seat than they should have, and the Republicans have one less. Congratulations, drinks and cigars all around. That's another big win for the Establishment.

Akin, too, won his primary in Missouri against the Establishment favorite; and within 24 hours of his truly minor misstatement the whole Establishment Republican world came crashing down on his head.

On Republican Circular Firing Squads. Rush Limbaugh, during this Todd Akin dust-up, spoke of Democrats circling the wagons around their candidates who make a gaffe, and how Republicans invariably form circular firing squads around their own in the same situations, even though the Republican gaffes are usually minor and insignificant, and the Democrat gaffes are often absolute howlers. The Dems always, always defend their man; the Republicans seldom do.

In point of fact, even non-establishment conservative champions and spokesmen almost always join in with the establishment in quickly condemning any Republican gaffe, and quickly disassociate themselves with the implications of the gaffe, always showing a rather sickening personal super-sensitivity to how the gaffe might hurt someone's little feelings, and how they know that, and, why, heavens to Betsy, they themselves would never ever say such a thing, perfect beings that they are. We must be sensitive, you know.

But there’s a mighty difference in the gaffes themselves, as well as how gaffes are treated, between the two political Parties, and between pro-Marxists and pro-Americans in general. Over many, many generations, the Democrat Party guiding ideology has been transforming more and more into absolute Marxism, and is now today just about totally Marxist, although not publicly or admittedly so. They still pretend to be something else. That makes them liars, which should not be a surprise to anyone. You show me a Marxist and I’ll show you an Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar.

When a Republican or a conservative makes a gaffe, it is most usually of the more innocent, perhaps ignorant variety that the Akin gaffe typifies. Sometimes it is merely a misstatement, or a tangling of the tongue. But when you look at the typical Democrat gaffe, it is most frequently a misstatement of a lie – meaning that the speaker didn’t really intend to reveal the truth of the matter – it was an accidental and unintended statement of truth. Of course, with many Democrats, a whole lot of gaffes are clear marks of just plain stupidity. But quite often Democrats reveal their true intentions by making an unintended gaffe while trying to mislead.

They also can’t help but reveal their lying nature by the speeches and statements they make in guarded moments before trusted audiences, such as unions, homosexuals, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc., and then some of their unguarded remarks to trusted anti-American audiences somehow find their way into the broader public sphere.

This Giant Double Standard in how political gaffes are treated between the two Parties is strongly established and fiercely maintained by the Mainstream Media, which I long ago labeled the SLIMC. The American News Media has slowly and invisibly gone thoroughly Marxist over the same time span that the Democrat Party made the same journey.

You can read about the political metamorphosis of our media in the Professional Liar’s Club page, and it’s right-column linked articles. I submit that our Marxist news media represents a greater threat to America’s foundation and Constitution than even our Marxist Democrat Party.

The Establishment Republican Party is absolutely terrified of the SLIMC. They will do anything – anything at all – to earn and maintain the tolerance, if not favor, of the news media and popular celebrity. They even allow – strike that; they invite – thoroughgoing Marxist media members to "moderate" and slant political debates between Republican candidates they hold in scorn, and Democrat candidates they obviously favor. Republicans have been doing this for as long as I can remember. They’ve been getting slapped around by the media, apologizing, groveling, currying favor, and coming back for more, seemingly forever. They seem incapable of learning.

True conservative pro-American spokesmen, these days found only in Talk Radio and on the internet, publicly recognize this horrible double standard, and – get this – they accept it. Perhaps they don’t embrace it, but they do not fight it. They go along with it. They identify it, criticize it, condemn it, sigh a heavy sigh, throw up their hands and declare that that’s just the way it is, and everybody knows it, and we just have to live with it, forever and ever, or until Marxism finally wins.

They point out how good Republican candidates can still win debates despite Marxist moderators slanted and loaded questions, and despite their choosing the direction of the whole debate. But, they note, we can’t afford to have even one minor slip-up in even one contest; all of our candidates have to have upon their brow the unmistakable mark of genius, in order to overcome the double standard. There’s nothing we can do about the double standard, so we’ve got to win in spite of the unfairness of the contest.

One by one, the Talk Show conservatives trashed Todd Akins and called for his withdrawal from the Missouri Senate race. They all spoke highly of Akins himself, they all spoke negatively about this dastardly double standard, about which nobody can ever do anything, they all spoke damningly about his flat out Marxist and flat out immoral opponent, and then they told him to step aside, for the good of the Party and for the good of the Republic, because, in their view, he now had not the ghost of a chance to win. The only exception to this was Rush, who only indicated that if he were in Akin’s place, he would step aside, without actually telling Akin what he should do. All the rest got stronger and fiercer in the condemnation of Akin’s continued candidacy. It was a matter of political expediency.

The only person in the whole controversy who stood on Principle was Todd Akin.

After his decision to stay the course, the Establishment Republican Party, now with a lot of reinforcements from Talk Radio, set about to actively oppose Akin’s run against Claire McCaskill. Ostensibly for the good of the nation. Ann Coulter began a write-in-name new candidate program to split the conservative vote. Even Sarah Palin got sucked into this, and called for a third Party candidate to further split the conservative vote. Republicans are now, quite officially, throwing away a Senate seat. They will blame Akin for it; but here’s the thing:

Akin could win.

But, of course, he will not win; not with his own Party opposing him. It’s Christine O’Donnell, all over again.

I refuse to accept that the double standard is unbreakable, or that Todd Akin is (was) unelectable. The damage already done to his candidacy is in all likelihood already fatal; however, that damage came not from his gaffe, but from his Party and from conservatives who were thoroughly intimidated by the double standard, which they were all too terrified to openly oppose.

Akin’s contest for the Missouri Senate seat could have been ridiculously easy to win. For one thing, at that point in time, Claire McCaskill happened to be quite unpopular in a reawakened Missouri. For another, the typical conservative fear of so-called social issues is and always has been unfounded. Abortion, for instance, is winning conservative issue, and, I submit that it has always been a potentially winning issue. Establishment types and beltway types just don’t get out much; they only talk to each other. Those of us who live at the Town Hall and even lower level know better. Nobody wants unlimited and unrestricted abortion, and nobody other than Democrats wants the federal government involved in the issue in the first place.

There is nothing in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution about abortion, and the federal government has no business exceeding its limited and enumerated powers in addressing abortion. See the Abortion in America article for how a Left-leaning Supreme Court, acting quite unconstitutionally, usurped the exclusive legislative authority of the Congress and made new law in the matter. That’s what started the whole mess; it remains for a future Congress to undo it all. Abortion, like a million other things, needs to go back to state and local lawmakers in accordance with local community standards, as it was before the Supreme Court began legislating new and unrepresentative law from the bench.

Akin is unreservedly pro-life; McCaskill is unreservedly pro-abortion. And that’s the term that should be used: pro-abortion, not pro-choice. It would be so easy for Akin to point out that he knows how much McCaskill loves, sponsors, promotes, champions and defends unlimited, unrestricted abortion and even infanticide, and he knows that unlimited, unrestricted and unrestrained abortion is a vitally important plank in the Democrat Party’s political platform, but that most Missouri voters, as well as most American voters, disagree with that position. And that if she really does not truly love, sponsor, promote, champion and defend unrestricted abortion, then she has a damned funny way of showing it.

In point of fact, through Obamacare, McCaskill and her Democrat Party hope to force every single American citizen, against their will, to pay for other people’s contraception and abortion “insurance.” They are to be forced by law to either buy this evil insurance product, or pay a fine for not buying it, and then not be covered, and also be possibly liable to other legal penalties, such as jail. It is the Democrats, not the Republicans, who seek to impose their will on every citizen in this matter. The poorest of the poor will be forced by law to pay an additional $1,200 per year (or whatever) for an insurance plan, or, pay a smaller fine and not be covered at all, and possibly go to jail. So the poor man with no money will be screwed, any way you look at it. And McCaskill and the Democratic Party hope to get his vote by telling him he will get “free” health care. It is a lie; it was a lie from the beginning. McCaskill is a liar, and her Democrat Party is a liar.

There is to be no choice in the matter.

The Establishment Republican Party, and even conservative Talk Radio, don't think that kind of a campaign would win. They are wrong. It would win.

The Conservative Experts argue otherwise, and they they think we should avoid such social issues because:

  1. It is a distraction from the main issue, which is the economy.
  2. Social issue arguments might cost us the independent vote.
  3. Abortion arguments might cost us the women's vote.
And that is pure crap.

First of all, the Marxists are not going to leave the issue alone. They do not want to talk about the economy, and the media is on their side. They are going to hammer Romney (and others) for his "exceptions" and any discernible limitations on his pro-life stance, such as a rape or incest exception, in order to try to split his pro-life conservative vote.

As far as the independent vote is concerned, to hell with them. If they haven't decided at this late date, they are not worth trying to win.

And I don't know about you, but we don't know one single woman who supports unlimited, unrestricted abortion, which is what the Democrats sponsor.

And this is true of social issue after social issue. When they go after Romney for his Mormonism - and they will - the response should be a full on attack showing that Democrat candidates can be shown to love, sponsor, promote, champion and defend open direct opposition to Jesus Christ, Christianity as a religion and to the Constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion when practiced by Christians out in the open. Clearly unconstitutional opposition to any such open practice of Christianity is another vitally important plank in the Democrat Party political platform. If they deny their hatred of Christianity and their opposition to public exercise of christian religion, they've got a damned funny way of showing it. Again, they seek to exclude Christian exercise at the federal level - there is to be no choice in the matter, for anyone.

When they try to legally impose a legal redefinition of marriage on the whole nation via legalization of homosexual marriage, the response should be a full on attack showing that Democrat candidates love, sponsor, promote, champion and defend sodomy and all open public expressions of homosexuality, and the "normalization" and forced cultural acceptance of all such perversion. And how forced acceptability of open homosexuality is a vitally important plank in the Democrat Party political platform. And if Democrats don't really love, sponsor, champion and defend sodomy, then they have a damned funny way of showing it. Again, open public homosexuality is to be imposed on everyone, against their will, at the federal level - there is to be no choice in the matter.

These are the very subjects Democrats will attack all anti-Marxist candidates on, and these are all losing arguments for them. They invoke an American tidal wave of opposition at the grass roots level. But, establishment Republicans are terrified of these issues, and Talk Radio does not resist, and therefore reinforces, the Media Double Standard. Democrats will do anything to avoid talking about the economy, or Biden's three letter word Jobs, and so they use these issues. When they do, we should hand them their heads. But we won't. Pick your social subject. Pick your moral subject. the Democrats will always be on the immoral, unpopular, unrepresentative side of it. No exceptions.

I would love the opportunity to argue the long, long, solid history of the Democrat Party's flat out racism.

I will never understand why the most powerful conservatives are so timid about even bringing up these issues, let along contesting them. The ordinary American citizenry, especially now after the great Tea Party awakening, is just dying to be represented on all of these issues, and waiting, hoping and praying for a champion.

Breaking the Double Standard will require a direct, head-on, full frontal assault with fixed bayonets. The American news media has got to be put out of business. It is possible, lacking any October Surprise (such as a war) that we will crush the Democrat Party within two elections, beginning this November. But what is more important, in my opinion, is the other head of the snake: the media.

Glenn Beck has made perhaps the first move in that direction with the launch of GBTV as a new free market alternative to mainstream media. Whether and how much it succeeds will only be revealed by the passage of a great deal of time; we have prayed for that effort. However, the Marxist threat has grown up within us for too long, and I fear the reach of its undetected tentacles. More must be done.

Talk Radio seems to universally oppose boycotts, probably because Talk Radio is an obvious potential victim of boycotts, and efforts to boycott their advertisers and sponsors as well as their programs. And that is understandable. However, we are not averse to boycotts of any companies or businesses that oppose truth. We boycott Target, for instance, so long as they censor the word Christmas, and prohibit Salvation Army bell ringers from collecting for charity at their doors.

Now, maybe our Talk Radio conservative champions cannot issue or sponsor any boycotts, but they can directly attack mainstream news. They already do it, when mainstream news does something deserving of attack. What I am hoping for is that they will go after the SLIMC for what they are and for what they stand for, without waiting for any reporter or article to give them an excuse. We The People need to be truthfully informed about what we’re dealing with when we turn on the TV or open up a newspaper or news magazine.

If a Rush Limbaugh or a Glenn Beck were to tell the people about the history of the Communization of the American Newsroom, his audience is already so large that the ripples from that sort of reporting would touch all corners of America in short order. It would make Media personalities stick their heads up, where he could get a shot at them. I am sure they would fire back, and I am sure that they would ultimately lose the fight. Truth always wins in the end.

The long and the short of it is that we need to not only defeat the Democrat Party, but defeat them so badly as to destroy them as a viable political force in America. We need to reduce them to the size and power of the other also-ran Parties that always put up a candidate or two, but never win. The Socialist Party, the Communist Party, etc.

Second, the new Republican Party needs to purge itself of the old Establishment Party members, and get back to our Founding and Constituting Principles that made us great.

Then the newly reinvigorated Republican Party could get back to Statesmanship rather than Political Science, and Republican candidates could argue among themselves, as the Founders did, about foreign affairs, national defense and the state of the national treasury. And leaving the people alone. And We The People could select from among them the one with the best arguments and the highest Principles. If we cannot totally get rid of political Parties, perhaps we can get down to one absolutely dominant Republican Party that is driven by what the Tea Party is driven by, which is our American Founding Principles and our American Constitutional Principles. All the rest is the proper business of state and local governments.

I have infinitely more faith in We The People than I do in any political Party, any political candidate or office holder, or any conservative leader or spokesman. We have always been a can-do people, and we are reawakening to our heritage, and looking to our destiny. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, has set many traps and laid many mines with which to bring us down, and any one of them may yet do its intended nasty work. Whether we are already past the economic catastrophic tipping point, I do not know. One thing is fairly certain in my mind: we are not past the social dependency tipping point - yet.

Although nearly half of us are now on the dole in one way or another, I do not believe that 100% of those on the dole are on the dole willingly. Nor permanently. Many of those on some form of disability, or food stamps, or some other benefit, are there out of desperation of the bad economic moment in their lives, and they don't like it, and they want to get back to work. If they hadn't lost their house, and/or their job, and/or their business, and/or their investment, they would not be among those collecting benefits from the government.

Look at our national history. The Pilgrims were not exactly wimps, looking to be taken care of by anyone; it was just the opposite. It was American rugged individuals who pushed into the West and entered new frontiers. You go tell some Western rancher with some Comanche blood in him that he didn't build that and see what his response is if you've got the guts. We are Americans; we are free; get the hell out of our way and we will do great things.

I unserstand the fear and hesitancy among conservative leadership in directly and openly confronting the Democrats and the Media with what they actually are and what they are actually doing to America, and bringing it all to the full attention of all of We The People in a very open and very public way. it's risky business.

But what is the alternative?

How long, would you surmise, that it might it take for Marxism to win out over us, if the Marxist Double Standard stands completely unopposed by anyone with the ability to seriously oppose it?

Remember the root of all truth.

If you stand with the truth, you stand with God. If God is with you, who do you need to fear? Speak the truth boldly, and fear nothing.

Fast and pray; and then - lets get it on.

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."
- 2 Chr 7:14.

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