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What to do with our anti-American Americans? Can America live with them?
July 14, 2012
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America’s anti-American Americans.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, July 09, 2012

What this is all about is the old you’re too partisan; let’s be bi-partisan; let’s pick a leader who can bring us all together argument. I submit that we should not ever want to just all get together simply in the name of togetherness, and I’ll tell you why.

From Lincoln’s famous House Divided speech, June 16, 1858:

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.
What Illinois US Senatorial candidate Lincoln was talking about was one aspect of the same old Federalism debate, specifically, slavery. Was slavery to be a local, or state, or national establishment. What was at stake was a national common sense of morality. Slavery was either right, or it was wrong.

Remember, Jefferson’s attempt at getting an abolition of slavery into the Declaration of Independence was narrowly defeated, but the Declaration was signed in “compromise” to get the nation started in a time of great crisis. Then, in the Constitutional Convention, the Abolitionists again tried in vain, settling on a partial or fractional “representation” of slaves in Congress. They debated and embarrassed the Planters into another “compromise” in which they ultimately had to agree that a slave was at least a fraction of a human being, and thus deserving of some representation in government. That changed the number of US Representatives to Congress in slave areas due to the number of slaves, and began to tip the scales in favor of eventual abolition. Slaves were not yet legal citizens, but they were closer to legal recognition as human beings.

But it all came to a head, so to speak, when positions hardened on both sides to such a point that compromise was no longer possible. The Lincoln-Douglas debates illustrated that point. As much as it pained Lincoln, the facts of such divisive issues are such that, at some point, rather than “bringing us all together” that involves living with and suffering evil in our midst is clearly the wrong approach. You can’t really live with evil. You have to defeat it.

Evil is determined to succeed. If you continuously compromise with evil, evil will eventually win out. Evil cannot be compromised with for long; evil cannot be gathered with; evil cannot be lived with. Evil must be defeated.

The Invincible Stupidity Factor.

The horrors and carnage of our Civil War settled the slavery issue, but hardened the bogus “racist” issue in some American hearts. Why is that? How is it that some cannot eventually see clear error for error, or evil for evil? It is a trick of the mind; it is, perhaps, a tool of Satan. A psychologist or a priest might be able to explain it, but I can only describe it.

The Planter or other slave owner began his slave ownership thinking it was legal and moral, and he prepared or borrowed arguments to support that position. When superior arguments were presented, he either was won over and he freed his slaves – a relative rarity – or he hardened his position and began to move into the realm of the unreasonable. The slave is not a human, or, the slave is vastly inferior to other humans, or some such nonsense. It was more of a defense mechanism than a reasoned argument.

Hit in the face with the fact that a black man is every bit as human and in every way equal to any other man, both in good qualities and in bad, the truth of it is far too hurtful for the long-term slavery defender to take. It means admitting his own mistake, which is now seen to be a major, calamitous, catastrophic mistake. He feels stupid, and resists admitting his own stupidity. So he doesn’t do it; he persists in the stupid racist arguments, because to do otherwise would be to face the unrelenting “How could I possibly have been so stupid” question.

We see it in the abused wife who continuously goes back to the abusive husband, convinced that love will change him, despite repeated experience, despite repeated warnings from family and friends. It gets to a point where, if she admits at this late date that this guy is never going to change, she faces the same unfaceable question: How could I possibly have been so stupid? She blocks out the possibility of any such stupidity, and she goes back to him, and actually defends him.

So it is with the global warming twits, and the renewable energy twits. Even when hit right between the eyes with the facts of climate cycles and the CO2 fraud, and with the unreliability, impracticality and economic unfeasibility of wind and solar, they simply cannot get over that growing, thickening mental block, behind which stands that giant word, Stupid.

And so it is with Marxism, in every variant ever tried. You will still find serious supporters in nearly all walks of life, who cannot and will not face the fact of their own useful idiocy, and their own political manipulation by truly evil men. Show them the history; show them the record; no form of Marxism ever, ever improved the condition of man – quite the opposite! Every form of Marxism ever imposed on a people ended badly. And still, they will persist in the notion that Marx was a genius, and that Marxism, in some form, is the correct path for man to travel.

I invite you to look at the typical committed Obama supporter. Just look at this abysmal Presidential record, and ask the supporter about it, and he will blindly endorse and defend it with tortuous arguments, because to do otherwise, at this late date, after all of this, would be to admit to a personally unacceptable level of personal stupidity.

At this point, it is not a mistake; it is, indeed, quite stupid. Reason and objectivity have left the field. No one wants to admit it; no one wants to personally face their own personal stupidity, and so they reject that possibility, and will not even consider any other possibility. That’s always the real problem. A position – an opinion – has solidified into an absolute obstinacy.

We will call this Invincible Stupidity.

The Invincible Ignorance Factor.

Ignorance about something is the lack of knowledge about it. If a person was never taught or never learned something through their own experience of it, then they may be expected to be ignorant of it. Recognizing this reality, adults are more forgiving of children until they have had sufficient time to learn; and, adults are somewhat less forgiving of other adults who are of sound mind, and who have indeed had sufficient time and opportunity to learn.

In Catholic teaching there are different levels of sin, ranging from venial or minor through mortal, with mortal meaning sins unto the death of the soul. In order for a sin to be a serious or mortal sin, it must be done voluntarily and with full knowledge surrounding the law that applies, the facts surrounding the act, and the penalty for the act. Those are the three major areas of ignorance: ignorance of the law; ignorance of the facts; ignorance of the consequences. Many are the bishops who have softened Catholic teaching and failed in proper catechesis to such an extent that many modern American Catholics are today painfully ignorant of whole areas of mortally sinful behavior.

John Paul the Great commented on the issue of Invincible Ignorance in a situation described in the Moral Theology page, one of the Cafeteria Catholic pages. He said that it might be true that many Catholic sinners might get into Heaven due to their invincible ignorance, but that the priests and bishops who were responsible for that invincible ignorance “will certainly go to Hell.” Theirs was the greater sin.

In a similar manner, a clear majority of American professional teachers today, from elementary through university, do not properly teach the American Constitution and Amendments, and how the American way differs from and is superior to all other government forms that have come into existence. Most educated American citizens do not know their own Constitution, or their own rights under it, or that they are the “sovereign citizens” of America. Presidents and their administrations come and go; Congresses come and go; Supreme Courts come and go; only the Constitution remains. The government is not the law here. The Constitution is the law, and no man is above the law. All men, including Presidents, stand equal before the law. We are a nation of laws, not of mere men. The Constitution was written to protect the people from the government. Many are the American citizens who do not know that simple fact.

It gets worse. There is a racial component to this purposeful error, this induced ignorance of truth. American history and world history are purposely miss-taught to show America, white Europeans and the whole of the white race in the worst imaginable light, with all the worst aspects of racism and colonialism magnified, and all the best and most beautiful attributes, history and accomplishments minimalized or eliminated. This false, politicized history is more than a mere flagrant lie; it is a malicious slander and libel against a whole race of people. This is the purposeful creation of another branch of class warfare and social strife for eventual revolutionary exploitation. All white men are held a priori to be racist, by birth and by nature. The exploiters of this racial myth – the teachers, the journalists, the celebrities, the Liberal politicians – would have us believe that they, enlightened and learned elitists that they are, have risen above this inherent racism that they now see and condemn in all the rest of the white population.

Racism has always existed and likely will always exist; but racism has never dominated the whole white race. Catholicism has always opposed it. The mainline Protestant denominations that emerged from the Reformation also opposed it. In America, the moral imperative to abolish slavery was born in the white breast the day the first Dutch slave ship dropped anchor in the Colonies (See the Slavery page.) That moral imperative was a vitally important factor in the formation of America. The bogus and false teaching from today’s Liberal elitists is that “Once we were all racists, but today, through enlightenment, we few, the enlightened elite, know better.” America, and white Europeans, and the white race, were never, ever, universally steeped in racism. Racism existed and exists in every race; granted. I submit that most of the real racists who exist today in contemporary America are not white.

But it still gets worse. In the overwhelming majority of American schools and colleges, such things as homosexuality are taught to be normal, natural, socially acceptable, admirable and even heroic. Religion, especially Christian religion, is taught to be on the same level as superstition, and religionists are shown to be somewhat backward and of inferior intellect. Chastity is taught to be approaching impossible, and all sorts of mechanical and pharmaceutical measures are taught to prevent or minimize the predictable consequences of promiscuity. Little children and college students alike are taught the mechanics of safe fornication, protected sodomy, responsible promiscuity and discreet adultery. The message: Everybody does it; don’t be left out; there’s nothing wrong with it; even Presidents do it; it’s cool.

But it gets worse yet. Flying in the face of American Constitutional law, American students are taught, at all levels of education, the elements of Marxist redistributionism under the guise of “Social Justice” and “Fairness” and twisted, impossible forms of “Equality.”

(In Constitutional America, equality begins and ends with equality before the law. We all stand equal in rights, remedies and protections under the law. Going beyond equality before the law moves us into the realm of violations of individual rights to private property.)

Communism itself, Marx’s greatest invention, is taught to be just another relatively harmless political opinion or position. Karl Marx is taught to be a great philosopher, an economic genius, and a fair man who made major contributions to the advancement of man – rather than a simple bloody revolutionary promoting the violent overthrow of every government in existence.

Capitalism, which is nothing more than the natural Free Market that automatically springs into being when and where men enjoy the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, is taught to be an evil, contrived, controlled “system” of man, manipulated by evil wealthy men. In point of fact, Capitalism is an uncontrolled market system; if you control it, it ceases to be Capitalism = The Free Market. It is, in fact, Marx’s Socialism, not Capitalism, that is a rigidly government controlled economic system. Capitalism is the exact opposite.

All of this contributes to the making of the anti-American American. We will call it invincible ignorance; but it has a new component: rather than ignorance due to lack of opportunity to learn, this ignorance was induced into people on purpose. There is a plan behind it. While the vast majority of those involved, including even teachers, may actually believe all this false and erroneous teaching, they are being manipulated by evil manipulators with goals of their own. They have become Useful Idiots of Marxism. They have been made into anti-American Americans. Useful idiot teachers, journalists, celebrities and politicians produce useful idiot citizens, who are now anti-American Americans.

They are the predictable product of a purposeful disinformation program.

The two main purposes of the modern Marxism-dominated American education system are:

  1. political propagandizing;
  2. the dumbing-down of the general citizenry.

The Invincible Dependency Factor.

In any human population there are average workers, over-achievers and under-achievers. There are always those very few who will do just exactly and just barely enough work to just get by, and absolutely no more. The worker I am speaking of quickly learns and will always put in just enough hours or labor to satisfy the requirement for his reward, and not one iota of work, and not one more second of time. Such people are normally a very small fraction of any culture, and in America, they may not even be as common as the “black sheep” most families are familiar with. They are relatively rare. However … their numbers can be increased through training or conditioning over time. In fact, a good worker can be conditioned over time to become a just-get-by worker, or even an absolute dependent, who does no work, as if he were disabled.

Tocqueville warned us that the American Republic would only last until the day Congress learned that it could bribe voters with the voter’s money, and until the day voters learned to elect only those politicians who would promise them the most government benefits. Then, America would begin the death spiral into economic collapse, followed by dictatorship. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, appears to be capitalizing on this old principle.

We can see examples living in American Indian reservations. To me, the most crushing thing that caused the rapid decline of the American Indian was less the bullets, swords and cruelty of evil men like Andrew Jackson than it was the movement of families and tribes into dependent settlements, where they were fed and clothed by a government. The minute they ceased being free, they entered poverty, and so long as they remained on the reservation, they remained in abject poverty. That’s what government dependency always ends in. Indians who do not live on reservations live and work, take risks, prosper and fail, just like everyone else, and those who remain dependent on the state always remain in comparative poverty. That’s just the way it is. It is a trick of the mind that makes a man crave imagined stability more than achievement. If anything happens to his government program, he doesn’t know what to do. He is lost. He has become mentally enslaved. He is dependent on others. He has lost any sense of individual independence.

The city where I grew up was Detroit, Michigan. Since my childhood, Detroit has descended into abject, government-dependent poverty. Most of the population lives on the government dole supplemented by minor and major crime. Every office and every government bureaucracy is over-occupied and heavily laden with lazy drones who just put in their time, do little or no work and cannot be fired. You can’t tell where the unions end and government authority begins, and vice-versa. Every politician doles out benefits and anti-Capitalism propaganda, and every citizen takes what they can get, demands more and believes the propaganda. Detroit is a great city to be from. All of the boarded-up businesses, all of the graffiti, all of the idle youth, all of the rampant crime was brought into being by the domination of typically Leftist Democrat politics, Leftist politicians and “well meaning” government programs. The result: Detroit is like a little piece of the Soviet Union in the middle of America. Everyone is dependent. No one is independent. All the independent Detroiters have left, or are leaving.

The Invincible Liar Factor.

The Marxist ideology – opposition to private property, requirement of redistribution, favoring of collectivization, control of education and news reporting, opposition to religion, creation of absolute social equality, expansion of government benefits, government control of business, etc. – is now in charge of American academia, public education, the newsroom, the Democrat Party, show business and celebrity and, believe it or not, even the science laboratory. It has made strong inroads into the Republican Party.

I submit that this ideology is absolutely antithetical to the American Constitution.

Marxism, in any variant or flavor, is diametrically opposed to Constitutional America. It is not merely different; it is antagonistic, and destructive. The two ideologies are so opposed as to be mutually exclusive. They cannot coexist. One must die.

And yet, purely anti-American Marxist ideology has been interwoven into American thought to such a degree that it is now no longer recognized as anti-American, or as a mortal threat to the American Constitution. Many absolute Marxist ideologues are seen to be “nice guys,” “good citizens” and “good neighbors.” I offer as proof of this statement the fact that the FOX News network employs journalist-commentators who are, in essence, Marxist ideologues under softer titles, ostensibly to show balance in their news reporting and their political commentary. Fair and Balanced, they call it. Alan Combs and Juan Williams are examples of what I’m talking about here. Whatever softer title they may prefer, they are a couple of Marxist ideologues, holding to an ideology that is absolutely antithetical to Constitutional America. That is to say they are anti-American. And yet, on FOX News, they present “merely” the Democrat Party view on political subject matter. FOX News doesn’t even recognize the threat. No one recognizes the Democrat Party for what it really is and what it intends to do. How did we come to this point?

It took a lot of time, disinformation and political propaganda.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth" --Vladimir I Lenin.

The press is our chief ideological weapon. --Nikita Khrushchev.

In the Professional Liars of Journalism page we talked about how the field of Journalism, at least in America, has become a profession of paid ideological liars. They might prefer softer words, like spin, or color, or slant. But what they do, and what their employers pay them to do, is to tell lies. Most of them think they are doing it for the greater good of society; some few of them know that they are doing it for the eventual achievement of total social revolution. Their educationally inculcated, foundational ideology is diametrically opposed to the American Constitution, and therefore to America, as founded and as constituted.

A long time ago, in a far distant galaxy, there was an American Senator named Joseph Raymond McCarthy who exposed anti-American Communists in high places in the government, the military, journalism, entertainment and private enterprise. They were part of a plot; a conspiracy, which was aimed at the eventual overthrow of the American government. He chaired the famous McCarthy Hearings investigating this Communist revolutionary conspiracy. The opposition changed the nature and the direction of the investigation by launching ad homonym attacks on Senator McCarthy, accusing him of character assassination, cruelty and recklessness, ending up with the famous or infamous “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?“ from the attorney Joseph Welch.

The Press, as it was called in those days, jumped on that line and hammered it, making Senator McCarthy look like a cross between an evil, demented, paranoid conspiracy theorist, and a clown. The focus changed from the message to the messenger, it never got back on track, and McCarthy was virtually destroyed by the press and his Marxist political opposition. He was made to look so bad that even today, in this new galaxy, any time anyone wants to ridicule or mock any new conspiracy theory, they call it “McCarthyism” and laugh. But here’s the thing: McCarthy was right. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the release of mountains of previously secret Soviet archives, the record showed that all the people he named really were Communists and agents and “fellow travelers.” Even my favorite comedian – Charley Chaplin – was a Communist.

But, you see, the new galaxy had already been formed, and in this new galaxy, Communism was just a sort of opinion, or a harmless political leaning, and the notion that it intended to do the things described by Marx in his Communist Manifesto were glossed-over or ignored, or pretended to not exist any more. Communism, anti-American? Ha! Those silly, paranoid anti-Communist right-wingers are seeing Communists under every bed.

The Press was lying.

The Press was propagandizing.

Long before the McCarthy hearings the Press had been recruited into Communism / Progressivism / Leftism / Liberalism or whatever you might choose to call it. Starting with Woodrow Wilson, Marxist ideology made serious and sinister inroads into virtually all areas of American life, with the most dangerous area of all being the field of Journalism. Marxist ideologues like Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather became the iconic symbols of Journalism; they set the bar, and all lesser Journalists hoped one day to rise to that level of success, fame and riches, while advancing the cause of eventual revolution through the use of the lie. Most of them thought they were working to improve mankind; a few of them were real in-the-know revolutionaries.

Generally, when a kid is caught in a lie, he will realize that the jig is up, confess to the lie in contrition, take his punishment, and learn from it. A few kids, though, will go the wrong way, and what they take out of the experience is how to tell the lie better, or how not to get caught. I think (and I hope) that these are relatively rare.

But, when you’re talking about Marxist ideology in any culture not controlled by Marxist ideology, you’re talking about the absolute necessity and requirement to lie. Marxists have to lie. It’s part of being a Marxist. You show me a Marxist and I’ll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. That’s why I created the MEJTML link, so I wouldn’t have to keep typing it over and over again whenever I was writing about any particular Marxist.

Murrow, Cronkite and Rather exemplify what I mean by the term Invincible Liar. They would never, ever, own up to having lied, even when caught in a lie. They would never confess a lie, they would never admit to having lied, they would go to any ends to continue to promote the lie. They would even go to their final judgment with gigantic lies on their souls. Journalists are not like us. They are invincible liars before they are anything else. Sometimes I think they actually view themselves as some kind of heroes, by sticking to their lies, even unto death or bankruptcy. Papers like the New York Times and networks like CNN would rather lose readership, lose audience, lose advertising, lose money and heroically go out of business than make the radical change from being Marxist propagandists to being actual honest and objective news organizations.

Again, see the Professional Liars of Journalism page and the other articles linked in the right hand column of that page for my evidences. Lying is so rampant throughout the SLIMC that you simply cannot trust anything any American journalist says.

The Constitution, Marxism and the Bi-Partisan Spirit.

The Marxist in a suit and tie who offers his hand and says “let’s be friends and seek bi-partisan compromise” is a smiling, friendly, neighborly, well-dressed snake. There can be no compromise between the American Constitution and the Communist Manifesto. There is no settling point between American ideology and Marxist ideology at which our Constitution is not injured. That’s why Democrats always ignore, avoid or gloss over Constitutional issues, and why they treat the Constitution as an “organic, living, breathing” document subject to variable interpretation to suit the situation.

But the fact of the matter is that the Constitution is a fixed legal document that says very specific legal things in very clear language, and there is nothing variable about it. And Marx’s Communist Manifesto is a plan, guidebook and straight-up recipe for bringing about revolution aimed at the violent overthrow of all existing governments, including this one. The two documents are so incompatible as to be explosive. The two ideologies are opposite, and nothing short of enemy ideologies.

So, when we talk about somehow bringing us all together we are talking about such serious incompatibilities that the task becomes impossible without compromising our own Judao-Christian Ethos, and our own American Founding Principles, and our own American Constitutional Principles. These are principles on which we simply cannot compromise. Not even a little bit.

We are never going to win over all of the Invincibly Stupid, and we cannot join them. We are never going to win over all of the Invincibly Ignorant, and we cannot join them. We are never going to win over any of the Invincible Liars, and we cannot join them. We don’t need to compromise with them; we need to defeat them. The lines are drawn, and the situation is becoming more desperate every day. We need to recognize who is with us and move on.

The American Awakening.

From the looks of it, from any angle you look at it, we have become Socialist, dominated by petty-bureaucracy and government rules, and that’s the way we want it. Well, that’s only partially true; it is certainly not the way we want it. The reason that it appears otherwise is that, that is the widely published and highly public view of the Democrats, the “Establishment” Republicans, the SLIMC, and everyone with a public voice.

But that’s not us. They have the microphones and the cameras and the podiums, but they don’t get out much. They travel in their own small circles. The only time they or the rest of the world here from us is when we go to the polls.

We’ve had this Tea Party awakening in America, where ordinary citizens have been jarred awake by the multiple un-constitutional and otherwise illegal actions of Dear Leader Comrade Obama, peace be upon him. Despite all the public voices, and despite who has the bully pulpit, and despite what you read in the papers or hear on the news, there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them.

I was just finishing the Fracturing of Christianity webpage the day the Supreme Court ruling came down on Obamacare. It made me so furious I lost my whole train of thought and screwed up the end of that page. Fully expecting the improperly, illegally and unconstitutionally legislated and signed law to be overturned, just on the face of it’s clear unconstitutionality, I was prepared to finish that webpage on a positive ecumenical note, and talk about the upcoming election, supposing America survives to see that election through. Chief Justice Roberts blew that all away. I then wrote the Impeach the Bastards! webpage, recommending immediate impeachment of Justices Roberts, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer and Sotomayor just as soon as the Republicans take the Senate.

The smoke is still coming out of my ears. I really thought that Roberts was a Catholic, and a conservative who would uphold the Constitution. This decision turned the Constitution upside down. It no longer protects the people from the government. It grants the government unlimited tyrannical power over the citizens it was designed and intended to protect.

One Democrat propaganda point says that some 13 million uninsured will now get free coverage. That is, of course, a typical Democrat flagrant categorical lie. No one will get free coverage. And no one will get off free, whether they buy coverage or not. Everyone, including the poorest of the poor, will be forced by law to buy very expensive coverage. If they do not buy it they will be charged a penalty. They will then pay that penalty and have no coverage. One way or the other everyone in America will pay, but everyone will not be covered, and there will be no free coverage for anyone. All who buy coverage will be paying for abortion and contraception coverage regardless of their view in the matter.

We have been betrayed by the House. We have been betrayed by the Senate. We have been betrayed by the Presidency. Now, we have been betrayed by the Supreme Court. They all violated their oaths of office. It is now up to us – we the people – because we are all that is left.

Do you begin to see the importance of getting vast numbers of conservative constitutionalists elected into the Senate and into the House? Impeachment cases are tried in the Senate; that means, of course, that Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, will never be impeached, because we will have thrown him out of office before a new Republican Senate is seated, and the current Marxist dominated, Democrat Party owned Senate loves Comrade Obama, peace be upon him. No one is going to impeach anyone so long as Obamunism owns the Senate.

We need enough strong constitutionalists to take over the Republican Party from the “Establishment” Party types, who are little better than Democrats. A Constitutionalist-dominated Congress would be able to limit the damage that can be done by a big government progressive Republican President like Romney. They can repeal Obamacare, and then not allow any bill with anything to do with health care to reach the President’s desk. Congress can thus prevent him from “fixing” or “replacing” Obamacare. Once they impeach the Justices, they can also restrain him from appointing any more Leftists to the bench; it will be up to the Senate to approve his appointments. However imperfect he may be, Romney is certainly not a lawless man of criminal intent, like his predecessor. He may be expected to live up to his oath and follow constitutional procedures, and he will not blatantly bypass Congress to “rule” us through executive orders.

A new constitutionalist Congress then needs to look to dismantling major spending programs as spoken of in the Cut The Spending page. They need to pay particular attention to the constitutional principle that says that the powers of the federal government are limited and enumerated. Where they are enumerated is in Article 1 Section 8. If it isn’t in there, the federal government shouldn’t be doing it.

Constitutionalists always need to look into original intent of the Framers (or those who wrote an Amendment.) Special attention needs to be paid to two particular clauses in Article 1 Section 8 that are the ones Democrats and other Marxists most like to misinterpret to allow vast expansions of government power and authority.

  1. … provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States;
    This is talking about the general well being of the citizenry and has nothing whatsoever to do with any welfare or charity program.
  2. ro regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.
    “Among the several states” was intended to keep individual states from charging tariffs on each other’s goods and merchandise transported between states. That’s it.

America really needs to cut back and simplify.

Restoring America.

There is nothing in the Constitution granting the Supreme Court, the Congress or the Presidency any special or particular authority for interpreting the clear English meaning of the Constitution for or over the other two co-equal branches of government. The so-called constitutional principle of Judicial Review is not a “constitutional” principle at all, since it is not in the Constitution. It was established as a legal precedent in case law, in the case of Maybury v. Madison in 1803. By this precedent, laws challenged to the Supreme Court may be stricken and made nul if they violate the Constitution, because any law that violates the Constitution is automatically nul and no law. This is right and just.

I submit that the other two branches have the exact same counter balancing authority over decisions of the high Court. The fact that they have never exercised that authority does not mean that it does not exist. Court decisions that have the effect of establishing federal law that may exceed Constitutional limitations or even violate the Constitution itself in some way should be similarly declared nul and void by the Congress. Any law that violates the Constitution is no law.

For example, the Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 legally established slaves as legal property rather than citizens. This had the effect, via establishing a legal precedent in case law, of establishing federal law protecting slavery, something never legislated by Congress and not representative of the people. This federal level “law” stood until the 14th Amendment in 1868. In my opinion, it should have been struck down by Congress as unconstitutional. Slavery is not to be found in Article 1 Section 8 and the federal government had no business even addressing the issue. Furthermore, new federal law affecting all citizens must be legislated by Congress, not enacted by the Court. Congress did nothing.

For another example, in the Emerson v. Board of Education decision in 1947 the Court established the “Constitutional” principle of separation of Church and state, again via the route of establishing a legal precedent in case law. This is a principle that is not in the Constitution, and it had the effect of establishing new law over all American citizens without any representation or legislation. Making new law is in the exclusive Constitutional domain of the Congress. Again, Congress did nothing. You can read about how the Black Court went way out of bounds and violated the intent of the Framers to invent this principle out of thin air in the Separation of Church and State page. A new Congress should develop and pass a bill making this law via case-law precedent nul and void for all future cases. It has no real standing in the actual Constitution and the Black Court grossly exceeded it’s authority in making this completely new, unrepresentative and unlegislated federal law.

For yet another example, in the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 and the Doe v. Bolton decisions of 1973 had the unconstitutional effect of making abortion a citizen “right” and overturning representative legislated law as it stood in all 50 states and the district of Columbia. Again, you can read about the convoluted logic and downright silliness that led to these decisions in the Abortion in America page. The story actually began with the silly assed Douglas Court’s “emanations from penumbras” precedent, which was later used by the Blackmun Court to decide Roe and then Doe. The whole thing was just plain stupid; go read about it. At any rate, once again, Congress did nothing. Abortion is not to be found in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, and thus the federal government has no constitutional business addressing new law in this area at all. Furthermore, once again, new law at the federal level is exclusively within the domain of the Congress, not the Court. A new Congress should develop and pass a bill making this law via case-law precedent nul and void for all future cases. It has no real standing in the actual Constitution and the Blackmun Court grossly exceeded it’s authority in making this completely new, unrepresentative and unlegislated federal law.

Finally, the Roberts Court vastly exceeded its own Constitutional authority in upholding any part of Obamacare and thereby removing all Constitutional protections of all of the citizens from the government itself. The most important principle of the Constitution is to protect the America’s citizens from the American government. This decision was, in effect, the judicial establishment of official government tyranny over America. Neither health care nor health care insurance are to be found in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, and thus the Congress, the President and Roberts Court had no constitutional business even addressing health care or health care insurance in any new federal law.

A new Congress should develop and pass a bill nullifying or repealing this law in its entirety. The new Congress should also entertain impeachment proceedings against the five Justices who voted to destroy the Constitution they swore in their oaths of office to defend and uphold. Nor should impeachment proceedings be limited to members of the Court who upheld this direct attack on the American Constitution. Members of both houses of Congress should be proceeded against as well, beginning with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

A new bar needs to be set for all federal level American office holders. All who aspire to high office should forever after this time be cognizant of the meaning of their oaths of office and the vital importance of the Constitution to the continuance of the American nation. And, they should be painfully aware of the available penalties for violating the oath of office and the trust of the American citizenry. The Constitution itself needs to be re-learned, re-studied and elevated to the highest level of importance to all officeholders, and all citizens alike.

What about the anti-American Americans?

In political contests, we are simply never going to win over all of the invincibly stupid, the invincibly ignorant, the invincibly dependent or the invincible liars. Nor should we try. We most certainly will not win over any real Marxists or Moslems; our Constitution is diametrically opposed to both the Manifesto and the Koran. Now, the American Constitution is completely compatible with the Bible, which means that it is also compatible with the Torrah. That might lull the inattentive or the unaware into thinking our Constitution is compatible with almost anything; that most certainly is not the case. I submit that:

  1. The American Constitution and Marxism are so irreconcilable as to produce an explosive mixture.
  2. The American Constitution and the Koran are so irreconcilable as to produce an explosive mixture.
We cannot any longer compromise on our founding principles or our constitutional principles; at this historic juncture compromise is just to dangerous to our own continued existence as a nation. We cannot be bi-partisan with and conciliatory with anyone who opposes the Constitution. We need to defeat them, not bring them together. We need to defeat them.

We – meaning the Congress – need to define a new form of punishment / separation / safety barrier concerning all of our many varieties of anti-American Americans. Who falls into this category?

Well, first and most obviously, those who are identifiably Marxist or identifiably Moslem.

Second, those who have violated an oath of office in which they

” … do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.”
for when they break that oath, they have betrayed the Constitution, the nation and the people, and if they added the words “So help me God” they have also blasphemed.

Third, those who vehemently and publicly announce or broadcast their status as anti-American Americans. Public displays involving urinating or defecating on the American flag, or burning the American flag, or loudly pronouncing, publishing or broadcasting hatred or animosity toward America and/or the Constitution. We should take such people at their word. If they say they stand opposed to America we should believe them.

So, what form does this new punishment, or insulation, or whatever, take? This is my opinion, for what it’s worth. I call it banishment, for want of a better word, but it stops short of actual deportation unless an actual crime has been committed. They should be denied:

  1. Any political office or any office that requires an oath of office defending the Constitution.
  2. The right to serve in the armed forces or any police or other armed security forces.
  3. Any security clearance.
  4. The right to keep and bear arms.
  5. The right to vote.
  6. Any government employment.
  7. The right of reentry into the country if they ever leave it.
We need to remove from office all known Marxists and Moslems, from all the ranks of the military and the government, and from all companies, universities or other entities under government contract.

If they are truly anti-American Americans, none of this should bother them. I have spoken elsewhere in this site about the need to bar known Marxists, Moslems and anarchists from entry into the country, and about the need to deport any who are convicted for committing crimes here, after they serve any required prison sentence.

Watch the upcoming Democrat Party Convention. There you will see a gathering of all sorts and varieties of anti-American Americans. There will be the OWS stupidos; the ACORN agitators, the SEIU toughs, the black panthers, the part-time, college-student Marxists and anarchists, and, of course, some Real Communists and Real Socialists and Real anarchists. And, in all likelihood, Moslems of various spot and stripe. The Alinskyites, wearing suits, ties and political smiles will be mostly inside; the black-masked agent provocateurs with the Molotov cocktails will be outside. The ecology nuts will be there, and the Femi-Nazis, and the Homo-Nazis, and the Celebritwits and their retinues of Celebritards. And, of course, no overwhelmingly Marxist gathering in America would be complete without lots and lots of Democrats, both inside and outside.

It will be entertaining (from a distance) because it will be violent. Watch and see. They are not like us. As much as they hate us, they also hate each other. Seriously. They are not like us. The Convention outsiders see the Convention insiders as “suits” – the man, authority, and politicians who are not doing all that the Leftists want done. Which is everything. Right now. There will actually be police barricades separating the insiders from the outsiders, who are supposed to be on the same side and supporting each other.

But, you see, these people follow the ethos of BMDFP and Democrats. It will be like watching a thundering herd of hungry, half-starved cannibals all gathering for a giant dinner party at which the menu has not yet been prepared.

If we the people do not restore America, then America and we the people will go under. We cannot depend on our current government.

That’s the way I see it.

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