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The Marxism of Obama: Marching America into another Socialist dictatorship.
June 05, 2009
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The Obvious Marxism of Obama.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, June 05, 2009

The flat out Marxism of Obama is still not widely recognized by a sizable portion of the American voting public. I know some of you are tired of hearing it; nevertheless, here it is again: You show me a Marxist and I’ll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. President Obama is, by his own repeatedly recorded words, a Marxist. As such, he is a MEJTML, as he must be; it is inherent in his very nature.

He is already in personal control of most of the “means of production” in major American industry, American finance and the American market, and he has momentum on his side. He has fired and hired CEOs of formerly private enterprises, and given marching orders to formerly private major banks, financial institutions and manufacturing industries, just as Hitler did back in the 30s. He owns them; and he intends to own it all, as soon as possible, before anyone has a chance to stop him. He has stated that he intends to fix executive salaries of all of private enterprise, including enterprises that have not received and do not want any bail-out money. He simply intends to control them, too.

The lies continue, and grow. The oldest and most repeated one, which still gets a lot of mileage and heavy usage, is how he “inherited” all his problems from the former Bush administration. If you remember the first giant, humongous “emergency” bail out under the lame-duck President Bush, you saw candidates Obama and McCain, among others, seated at the table with Bush, and unanimously agreeing to the perceived need to proceed with that particular chunk of panic-stricken shear economic stupidity. Obama may have been the only one at the table who was not stupid, but who saw in the panic and the perceived crisis a golden opportunity for the destruction of Capitalism and the advancement of Socialism.

They all gritted their teeth and looked grim for the cameras, and signed off on it.

Since then, whatever bad economic news comes about, Obama can’t really help it, because he inherited such a disaster from Bush. But he’s doing the best he can, and his heart is in the right place. See? He just needs more time. It’s all a lie. His real goal is the death of the free market, collectivization and redistribution, and supreme personal power.

I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve heard the falsehood that some large American entity was “too big to fail” and that only government could supply the “solution” to keep it alive. Every one of the bail-outs and stimulus efforts failed, as was easily predicted. Every one of the bill-justifying statements was another lie. Remember when he told us that, for GM, bankruptcy was simply “not an option”? Now that yet another huge bail-out has passed, bankruptcy is the only option. It was just another flagrant categorical lie, wasn’t it.

And note well that it isn’t any bankruptcy court or judge overseeing the reorganization(s); it is Obama, personally, directing the reorganization of both Chrysler and GM. He said he had no interest in directing the auto industry; then, practically in the same sentence, he said “except for the most fundamental decisions,” which means that he is making the most important decisions. In other words, he is, in fact, managing the auto industry. My fear is that so many Americans might not even recognize that lie because it was so smoothly delivered.

He despises our Constitution, which he solemnly swore – falsely – to protect. His oath of office was a lie.

In a Jan18, 2001 radio interview, Obama began by saying that past Civil Rights court cases brought both victories and failures. Where it succeeded, he said,

“was to invest formal rights in previously dispossessed peoples. So that I would now have the right to vote, I would now be able to sit at a lunch counter and order, and as long as I could pay for it, I’d be OK.

“I think one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court-focused, I think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing, and activities on the ground, that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power throughout which you bring about redistributive change. And in some ways, we still suffer from that.”

So what he is about is Communist redistributive change rather than protecting the American Constitution, which, of course, is not Communist. In another radio interview on Sept 6, 2001, the moderator asked Obama about his thoughts on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


”I – I – I think it’s a remarkable document.”


Which one?


“The original Constitution as well as the Civil War Amendments,” he replied. “But I think it is an imperfect document, and I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws in American culture, the Colonial culture nascent at that time.

“African-Americans were not -- first of all they weren’t African-Americans -- the Africans at the time were not considered as part of the polity that was of concern to the Framers. I think that as Richard said it was a ‘nagging problem’ in the same way that these days we might think of environmental issues, or some other problem where you have to balance cost-benefits, as opposed to seeing it as a moral problem involving persons of moral worth.

“And in that sense, I think we can say that the Constitution reflected an enormous blind spot in this culture that carries on until this day, and that the Framers had that same blind spot. I don’t think the two views are contradictory, to say that it was a remarkable political document that paved the way for where we are now, and to say that it also reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.”

So, Obama sees a “fundamental flaw” in our Constitution and in our country that continues to this day. His Marxist-dominated advanced education left him with an handicap in knowing real American history. Despite his statement to the contrary, it was exactly and precisely a moral issue that drove debate in the nations formative years, and that culminated in our Civil War. As previously discussed in the Racial Victimology page, first, a passage condemning slavery was narrowly deleted from the Declaration of Independence. Second, in the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Article IV Section 2 had a “slavery clause” added to keep the southern planters from walking out and thus destroying the very concept of the United States of America. The nation might have died right there.

He lied; it was the moral issue that drove the debate. It was the continuing immorality of slavery that eventually brought about the Civil War, and the Constitutional Amendments ending slavery. The Civil War was started by white men, and fought against other white men. Brother against brother. White men died, by the tens of thousands, solely because of the immorality of holding black men in unjust bondage. Either Slavery had to end, or, the Judao-Christian Ethos of America had to end; one or the other. It was, precisely, a moral issue.

What other nation, in the entire history of the world, ever fought such a bloody civil war for such an honorable reason? What other nation ever sacrificed so much and bled so severely for a mere moral principle, and to free men who were not even citizens of the nation?

Question: What “fundamental flaw” continues to this day in our Constitution and in our country?

Answer: We are not Communist yet, and whites are not sufficiently punished yet.

Obama had another radio interview on Feb 27 2001 in which he basically trashed the founding principles of America in favor of Marxism.


” … And the idea that you can somehow use the due process clause for redistributing ends socially, and that it would be stable was I think an astonishing assumption in the mind of litigators about what they could accomplish over time. And it just didn’t last very long.”

Barack Obama:

“Right. And essentially it has never happened. I think if you look at the victories and failures of the civil rights movement and its litigation strategy in the court, I think where it succeeded was to vest formal rights in previously dispossessed people, so that I would now have the right to vote. I would now be able to sit at the lunch counter and order as long as I could pay for it I’d be okay.

”But the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. And to that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, at least as it’s been interpreted. And the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties — says what the states can’t do to you — says what the Federal government can’t do to you — but it doesn’t say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf.

“And that hasn’t shifted and one of the, I think, the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court-focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that …

Right. Take it to the streets. To Hell with the rule of law.

Obama long ago bought into the great Communist Lie and made himself a part of it. His intent was Socialism all along.

But added to his Marxism is his barely concealed racism. We need to talk about that.

The Racism of Obama is not widely recognized, because the meaning of the term has been purposely skewed both in formal education and in the media to be an attribute that may be attached solely to members of the white race. Which is false. Whites have no copyright or patent on racism. Anyone can be a racist. The common term “reverse racist,” as in most common usage, proves the point. In simple English, the only way someone can be a reverse racist is if someone is racist against his own race. (Which some whites – mostly Democrats – are.)

Racism is generally defined as belief, and sometimes as a behavior, or as a behavior-guiding attribute. First, racism is a belief in some inherent, possibly genetic racial superiority / inferiority existing between different races. Second, racism is sometimes taken to the point of believing that one race has some inherent right to rule another race, or all other races. Third, racism is sometimes taken to the point of irrational animus toward one or more races, and programs or intent to do injury to members of the despised race(s). The last absolute Marxist dictator of a truly powerful nation, who was also a clear racist, was Adolph Hitler.

Popular government programs thought of as “Liberal” or “Progressive” but which are in fact Marxist, such as Affirmative Action and so-called Equal Opportunity programs, are in fact racist. Look again at the definition above. These programs, on the outside, as presented to the public by the Democrats, the SLIMC and Celebritwittery, as uplifting and equalizing of so-called disenfranchised races. I submit that it is not possible to give any race or class legal preferential treatment without simultaneously giving another race or class legal detrimental treatment.

Purposely and legally treating someone in a detrimental way based solely on race is, definitively, racist. You simply cannot get around that fact.

Here are some other facts that might be uncomfortable for Lefties, but they remain facts nevertheless. Obama never in his life suffered from any American racism. Most Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War never owned a slave. Most American whites have ancestry perfectly innocent of any American white racism. Possibly a majority of American blacks today have ancestry who were never slaves in America.

We all know the horrors that American blacks suffered at the hands of white racists, before, during and after the Civil War. That does not justify the racist animus felt in many black American hearts today toward whites who had nothing to do with any of that. It’s at the point where so-called black leadership publicly chastises black criminals for perpetrating “black-on-black” crime, implying that black-on-white crime might be more acceptable.

If anyone owes anyone else “reparations” for past injustices, then by the same idiotic logic that blacks today call for reparations from whites, whites could claim reparations from blacks for the loss of lives, relatives, income and the huge, incalculable national tragedy of a Civil War fought solely for their ancestor’s freedom from slavery and the right to vote.

None of this should be any surprise to any of you who have been following this site. I’ve been saying these things for some time now. I will put links to some of my most recent past political rants below this article to joggle your memory, or to enlighten new readers.

We are cruising straight into a Socialist state, with Obama steering the ship.

Don’t let this happen. Pray for America.

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