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Website Status Update 11/09/10
November 09, 2010
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Website Status Update 11/09/10

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It may look like this Website has gone into a holding pattern for some period of time because of an across-the-board change Iím doing that will affect all the pages in the site. I will still try to keep up with user submissions, but new articles will wait a bit. Some of you have already noticed that Iím going to a three-column format for the site; some of the pages are already in the new format.

I like to keep things simple, and the two-column format has worked fine so far, since all Iím really interested in is the actual content. But the third column format is available, and it has some attractions. The main thing is that, once I actually created one, which I have done, I can make it a ďdefaultĒ third column, which I have also done. Whatever images or links, or whatever, that I put in the third column will appear in the same exact same place on every webpage in the whole site that uses the default column. That means, when I add something or delete something or change something in the third column, I just do that in one place, and I have effectively changed every single page in the whole site. Now thatís saying something.

There is much to be said for using a ďcookie-cutterĒ template or model for each page so that they all look and feel the same. That reduces my normal Website work time and allows me to concentrate on content Ė what Iím trying to say Ė rather than the nuts and bolts of process. I donít like process; I like actual work, and I like words more than technology. Thatís what makes the default third column approach attractive to me, besides any future possibilities for content on that third column.

I can make other special purpose third columns for use on particular pages Ė which might be good for the ďArguments Pro and ConĒ series of pages Ė but donít know whether I will do that or not yet. Right now Iím interested in getting the default third column into every page. That means that I have to go through the grunt work of recompiling every single individual page just to have it accept the third column. Which will take some time. I donít even know what all will go into the third column yet, just that it will make life easier for me in the future. Whenever I want to add something to the third column, I will be able to do it once and update the whole pea-picking site, all at once.

These days I only have a limited amount of time each morning before I go to work, and an hour or two after work in the evenings. Going through this number of individual pages will preclude any creative writing or getting anything off my chest. But, hey, when something is worth the effort you do the task until itís done.

Planned pages for the future when this project is done is a Faith Alone? page, to go along with the ďArguments Pro and ConĒ section that includes Faith Versus Atheism, Are You Saved? and Sole Authority? argument Webpages. I also plan to do a page on home based businesses that have had me.

I hope and pray that I will be doing a page eating crow and admitting I was wrong, and that Comrade Obama is more of a stupid Marxist useful idiot than he is an evil, manipulating bloody revolutionary seeking conquest and dictatorship. For me, it will be an astounding and dumbfounding turn of events if it turns out that he is just a stupid and naive ideologue of a failed ideology. You have to wonder how anyone that dumb could even do so much as get out of bed without instruction from someone, let alone become President of the United States. My gut still tells me that he knows exactly what he is doing, and that he is following a plan.

Please, pray with me, that I am wrong.

I will work as steadily as I can; each submission from anyone will be addressed as usual, and the page for that submission will get its third column added in the process. All user submissions to anything in this Website get automatically forwarded to my personal e-mail, and I check them morning and evening. Most of them take little time, because they are of the vulgar variety typical of Liberals and so they just get deleted, which doesnít take much time at all. Serious arguments or submissions will still get my attention.

Donít really know yet how long this will take. Weíll see.

God bless.

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