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Our definition of anti American goes considerably deeper than the dictionary.
October 31, 2009
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Definition of Anti American.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, October 31, 2009

The dictionary definition of anti-American is to oppose the United States of America and her policies; very simple and straight forward. When expressed by foreign citizens (not governments,) it is often directed at the American people rather than the American nation or her policies. This is an expected result of envy of American citizen liberty, wealth and lifestyle as compared to any other nation on earth. Within the borders of the USA, anti American sentiment has made significant inroads due chiefly to the popularization and growth of Marxist thought among the elite, and its inculcation into the American education system, journalism and entertainment.

All of this says nothing about the unique American Constitution, which actually defines the USA. Most foreigners are oblivious to that point, but American anti Americans, who are, almost definitively, Marxist or Marxist-leaning, are acutely aware of it. The American Constitution is a stumbling block to them; it is a hindrance to the growth of government and the migration of power from the people to the rulers. Marxists need to rule, not to represent. An American cannot (knowingly) support our Constitution and be fundamentally a Marxist at the same time.

Note well that the Constitution is the legal document that actually defines the United States of America.

Our definition of anti American opposes the American Constitution.

You have heard it said that we are a nation of laws, and not just of men. America is nothing without her Constitution. The anti American sentiment favors equality of condition over liberty, and it therefore directly opposes the Constitution. Equality of condition cannot be achieved under the United States Constitution, which limits government action. The only way to achieve equality of condition (meaning wealth, living conditions, stuff, etc.) is to put government in charge of everything (meaning wealth, living conditions, stuff, etc.)

Therefore, the Constitution must be either destroyed or ignored. It is already being ignored by a sitting American government. Constitutional principles are just brushed aside and not even mentioned as Presidential “Czars” order all of private commerce about.

American citizens who were raised to be or who have become anti American in their politics have bought into some level of the Great Communist Lie, to the point that they view liberty, the free commerce of men and Capitalism in a totally negative light, as a system of greed and corruption with no redeeming qualities. It would be much better, in their view, for a benign and wise government to take charge of everything. Since this fatally flawed view is held, taught and strengthened by the elite classes in America, it is taken to be the elite position, which is seen to be the superior position, and the Constitutional or pro American position is seen to be the inferior position.

Teacher said so.

We are rapidly becoming just another nation of men, and not of laws.

Our definition of anti American opposes American moral norms.

The moral code that underlies the American Constitution, the individual State Constitutions, American civil law at all levels and the private and public behavior of the vast majority of the American citizenry is the Judao-Chrisitan Ethos, which is born of the Judao-Christian Religion. This is described in more detail in the definition of pro-American page.

The anti-American argument says that we cannot legislate morality and seeks to divorce morality and all moral norms from civil law. The anti-American goal is to become more inclusive and less exclusive. To that end, no moral code or standard is held to be superior to any other.

Morality is held by some, notably Libertarians, to be strictly a personal thing. In this view, the anti-American may personally renounce and oppose such things as homosexuality, sexual licentiousness, abortion, etc., personally, and yet see it as allowable for someone else who has a different moral understanding. The idea is that, while I may personally detest it, I have no right, collectively or individually, to impose that view on someone else. Therefore there is no fixed moral code for the society, but rather a loose thing we call morality that only applies on a person by person basis.

With no fixed standard to go by, civil law is legislated, executed and adjudicated based solely on the value systems and personal opinions of the legislators, executives and justices in office at the moment. Remember, the anti American position is that we are no longer constrained by any Constitution. It should be no small wonder that we are becoming an increasingly crude and vulgar people. Lack of any fixed moral code should be a brilliant red warning flag for the future of any culture.

A brief study of history of Western Civilization should show that, every nation that ever adopted contraception eventually moved on to adopt some form of eugenics and genetic engineering. And every nation that adopted eugenics eventually moved on to adopt abortion. And every nation that adopted abortion eventually moved on to adopt euthanasia. And every nation that adopted euthanasia eventually moved on to adopt genocide.

This is not a slippery slope; it is a cliff.

Our definition of anti American opposes the American Judao-Christian religion.

All anti Americans strongly believe in the bogus “Constitutional Principle” of separation of Church and state, which may not even be found anywhere in the American Constitution that many if not most of the anti Americans ignore anyway. Based upon this strong belief, they push the agenda of secularism and seek to eliminate our religion from the discussion altogether.

The elite intelligentsia cannot promote, mainstream and assimilate such things as widespread contraception, open homosexuality, open medically unnecessary abortion and so forth in the presence of any powerful or popular religion that roundly condemns these things. They who live scandalous lives seek to eliminate the scandal by normalizing the scandalous behavior. That means attacking our religion and indoctrinating our children into acceptance of other moral norms in place of those from our traditional American Judao-Christian religion.

Hence, the anti American movement agrees with and strongly supports the Homo-Nazi Front, the Femi-Nazi Front and the Eco-Nazi Front. This is the anti American basis for a new set of moral norms, already embraced in academia, show-biz and throughout the entire SLIMC.

Our definition of anti American opposes the Rule of Subsidiarity.

This rule is almost the exact opposite of any form of Socialism, which is at least partially the aim of all Marxists. The Rule of Subsidiarity says that the highest practical authority – most affecting our daily lives – rests in the lowest jurisdiction, and comes reasonably close to making the humble citizen the sovereign of the land, and to making the government the servant of the people.

Anti Americans blur the distinction between the word “public” and the term “government controlled”. For example, the public schools are seen to be the responsibility of government, because they are public. So it is with anything said to be in the “public” domain. The public airwaves, the public spaces, the public transportation, the public highways, the public internet, the public airways, all become corporate entities in need of control by government. Only the highways and streets need government to build and maintain, but eventually, left uncontrolled by any Constitution, government will control who uses them, and how, and when and where they may go on them, and what they may use on them. That is the nature of unrestrained government.

The anti Americans seek to equalize the citizenry in wealth, possessions, and condition of life. This is what they call fairness. It cannot be achieved without redistributing power from the people to the government, so that all corporate wealth, and stuff, and condition of life can be “fairly” portioned out to everyone. Redistribution of all wealth necessitates the prerequisite redistribution of all political power upward.

This is, definitively, the end of individual liberty.

Our definition of anti American abhors patriotic display and nationalistic pride.

Marxism despises the very idea of any sovereign nation.

In the Marxist view, the ultimate goal is the end of national borders, the end of all notions of sovereignty, the end of nations, the end of America and the achievement of Utopia. If such a thing is ever achieved the entire world will be under a bloody succession of brutal dictators for a brief time until the one-world “utopia” is broken up again.

But the anti Americans are too dim to see the future they drive us all toward. Invincible in their ignorance, most of them dream silly dreams of the perfection of the human condition, the elimination of hunger and poverty, and a new kind of “freedom.”

In the hard, cold light of practical reality, what they are driving toward is a culture of impoverished shanty-towns and a reduction of morality into utter barbarity. The result will be savage gangs rather than sovereign nations.

Our definition of anti American is inclusive as opposed to divisive.

To use the popular political campaign jargon of today, the Republicans practice the politics of division, and the Democrats practice the politics of inclusion. I submit that this terminology is only truthful regarding those Republicans who are truly pro American, and those Democrats who are truly anti American. The pro American position is divisive at just about every available level, as explained in the definition of pro-American page.

This is held to be wrong because Marxism damns the “politics of exclusion” and seeks to “bring everyone together.” Those who do not bless open homosexuality and seek to cause even more millions of medically unnecessary abortions every year are held to be immoral under the new anti American standard. Everybody and every value system is to be held to be equal, and no morality or philosophy is allowed to be even hinted at being superior in any way to any other.

What kind of an American citizen are you? Divisive, or all inclusive?

Make up your mind, and then take a stand.

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