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America’s return to faith in God is now a matter of American national survival.
September 27, 2010
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America’s Return to Faith in God.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, September 27, 2010

We must return to faith in God or all is lost. I know we’ve been over this ground a lot in the past, and it may now seem as though I’m flogging a dead horse, but the American political situation is growing ever increasingly desperate. I submit that our national faith has become the most important topic of our eternity.

We have talked about our national ethos a lot; we talked about the unique nature of our American Christian Nation, and we talked about the principle of separation of Church and state. From all of that, it should be clear to all – but it is not – that America is not a theocracy, and yet, America is a Christian nation. That sentence will seem to you to contain two conflicting terms only if you haven’t been with us very long and this is the first thing you’ve read here.

To make it seem even more bizarre to the uninitiated, our national guiding ethos is not just Christian, but Judao-Christian. If this all seems like nonsense to you at this point, stop here, go read each of the links in the preceding paragraph, and then return here and continue reading.

E Pluribus Unum means out of many, one. It refers to the multiple and diverse sovereign states that unite and stand together to make the USA. It may also be used to describe our multiple and wildly varying Judao-Christian theologies that we American citizens hold, but all of which share the exact same Judao-Christian morality, or national sense of telling right from wrong, that define us as a unique people.

No matter how radically our individual theologies may conflict with each other, we all – Christians and Jews of all varieties – share the same moral code, based on those of the Commandments that describe man’s relationship with his fellow man. These are the Commandments that summarize into the Second Great Commandment, to love thy neighbor as thyself. This moral code is the foundation stone and the basis for American civil law, and it forms our common sense of right versus wrong, and of justice.

Against this moral code stands atheism and Islam.

Atheism today marches most successfully under the banner of Marxism, and has infected the morality and the thought processes of Western man through flawed education, indoctrination and propaganda, pushed on the people by an evil elite intelligentsia. Before anyone may be a good Marxist of any variety, he must first be an atheist, and, in America, he must be very accomplished at deception and lying in order to appear to be a good Christian or Jew for political reasons. Secularism is the proactive proselytizing activity of atheism whose goal is the reduction and ultimate destruction of faith in God. Marx’s Manifesto called for the destruction or elimination of religion, the normative family, allegiance to anyone or anything other than the Party, the notion of private property, etc., and promoted the application of deadly force to enforce these destructions and eliminations.

I submit that there is not one thing in Marx’s Communist Manifesto that is in any way compatible with American religion, the American ethos, the American Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, or even with the traditional American notion of common sense. Marxism, in all its parts, is antithetical to America herself. Yet major fragments of Marxist thought have infected our national political thought to such a degree that we have so-called “Liberal” politicians in office and “Liberal” policies in place that are destructive of America, and we typically see them as innocent, as mere political compromises, and as harmless.

Islam today, as always, opposes everything in our religion, everything in our ethos, everything in our government and everything we stand for. I will leave it for others to argue over whether Islam is a military strategy of global scope, an ideology of conquest, or a religion of total war. The one thing it is not is what it publicly claims to be, which is, a religion of peace. The Koran refutes that notion, and so does the entire history of Islam. The “moderate” Moslem – a Moslem who does not really know his own faith very well – may quote peaceful sounding Koranic verses treating “people of the book” in a friendly way. But he will always lose any theological argument with a better versed Moslem who quotes later verses calling for the killing, disfigurement or enslavement of the same “people of the book.” The reason is that later verses supersede and overrule earlier ones. The Koran is loaded down with conflicting verses, and the correct Islamic teaching is that whatever Mohammed made up later automatically overruled whatever he had made up earlier.

In many, many places the Koran cites “the book,” meaning our Bible, as being the true, prophetic and the incorruptible Word of God. And, in many, many places, it proves that Mohammed, who in all probability was illiterate, never read it or saw it or had it read to him, because he denies or twists and convolutes virtually everything of importance that it says. Some of the errors are so gross as to be comical. The Blessed Virgin was the sister of Moses? Excuse me? Jesus was not God; there is no Trinity; Jesus was not Crucified; etc., etc., etc. The Koran is supposed to be a continuation of “the book” and the final revelation of God’s will to man. The conflict here is total. Either “the book” really is the true, prophetic and incorruptible Word of God, as the Koran repeatedly insists that it is, or the whole Koran itself is pure garbage. One or the other.

No room to negotiate. There is and can be no middle ground between Marxism and the American Constitution and the American Declaration of Independence. There can be no compromise here. There is no room to negotiate. You cannot meet any Marxist notion, such as Redistribution, part way and still support the Constitution. The same can be said of Islam. Submit, be enslaved or die is not compatible with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A half-way or any fraction way negotiated settlement point between Americanism and Marxism, or between Americanism and Islam, can come only at the expense of Americanism. Marxism seeks and will never settle for less than eventual total control. Islam seeks and will never settle for less than eventual total control. That means the death of our religion, our liberty, our Constitution, our property, and all that America has ever stood for. The Legislator, the Executive, the Adjudicator of law who is “Liberal” or “Moderate” or “Progressive” is, in truth, a mortal enemy of America.

An ignorant population is a prerequisite requirement for the advance of Marxism or of Islam. A population must be dumbed-down and indoctrinated in error in order to get them to uncritically accept the rather stupid premises of either Marxism or Islam. That is what our Department of Education exists to do. That is what our SLIMC exists to do. That is what upper academia is doing.

”Educating” us in error and falsehood is the real mission of the Eco-Nazi Movement, the Femi-Nazi Movement and the Homo-Nazi movement. The fraudulent and truly stupid HIV=AIDS Myth is used to bludgeon our children into acceptance of all of the nonsense in the sexual revolution and move them away from our national religion, ethos and morality.

Marxist, anarchists and future would-be dictators know Satan’s first rule of conquest, that if you can get someone to socially accept sodomy and perversion as normal and acceptable, then you can get him to accept anything at all. We have been sitting on our hands watching the successful march of pure evil in our own land. These evil teachings could only advance at the expense of our religion. Evil men know it; stupid, illiterate or mal-educated men don’t even think of it. To educate children in these evils is to turn them away, not only from God, but from simple common sense, and the ability to do good critical thinking.

Our diverse Judao-Christian theologies keep us from being or becoming a theocracy, but they all unite, being from the same theological source, to provide us with our common American morality. This is the common sense of right versus wrong that we all hold and that makes of us a unique and identifiable people, and which has made of us a great nation. As it is weakened, so we, as a nation, are weakened. As it is strengthened, so we, as a nation, are strengthened.

I don’t know how many kinds of Jews there are; here we have Hassidic Jews, Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, Reformed Jews and probably lots of others I don’t even know about. The only ones that don’t make sense to me are the Secular Jews, a term that makes about as much sense to me as secular Catholic, or secular Pentecostal. If it means unbelieving or non-practicing Jew, then, to me, he is no longer a Jew. I submit that there is no detectable genetic difference between a Semitic Jew and a Semitic Arab, or any other Semitic person. Being a Jew is a religious thing, not a racial thing.

There are better than 250 Christian denominations recognized by the IRS for tax reasons, and there are untold thousands of denominations here and elsewhere. The largest single religion in America (and the world) is Catholicism; in America, there are not any two or three other denominations or religions of any kind that could combine to equal the number of Catholic citizens here. Of course, Catholics are outnumbered by the combined denominations of Protestantism by about three to one in America; we are predominantly a Protestant nation, but even at that, we are diverse in denomination and specific theologies.

Our founding fathers all regularly attended Christian worship, even those who claimed to be Deists; all, without exception, were raised up in Christian families and in accordance with the Christian ethos and the Christian moral code. Today the American population is measured to be some 86% professed Christian, of one sort or another. It is without question that we are, and were from our independence, a Christian nation.

I pray for the day when we will have risen above the lies of Marxism and of Islam to such a degree that the most important political topics under hot debate will be theological points of argument. When that happens, it will be the signal that we have turned from the false creed of atheism and rejected the false claims of Islam, and we will be focusing on more important matters. Such as Ultimate Truth. We have here in America the blessing of being able to argue such things “off line,” so to speak, and then go back to work and back to living with each other as neighbors in peace.

I have been told that I am following “the whore of Babylon” straight to hell, by remaining in my Catholic faith. I have told others (Mormons; Jehova’s Witnesses) that they are Polytheists, violating the First Commandment. The discussions have gotten quite heated sometimes, but, as always, they end peaceably enough, and we get along. Because, you see, even in our wildest theological diversity, we share the same morality and ethos. That is a vitally important fact. We can argue about our faith and doctrine, and we can still put on a uniform and march side by side beneath the same flag. We can still look after each other’s interests, property and children; we can still break bread together in peace.

When political candidates for office have such debates in public forums while seeking to win political office, we will have turned a very important corner.

I have had colleagues and fellow workers who were Hindu, and I have known two Buddhists. I have been a guest in their homes, and they have been guests in my home; we have broken bread together in peace. They seem to have no problem living within and abiding by our American civil law, they do not seek to force anyone to do anything or believe anything, they have no expectation of being forced to do or believe anything, and they are what we would all recognize as normal civilized people.

That cannot be said of atheism or of Islam. Atheism is amoral – it recognizes no morality. To the atheist, there is no such thing as right and wrong, holy and unholy, sacred and sacrilegious. There is only pleasant and unpleasant, judged solely in the eye of the beholder. An atheist might do anything at all, and feel no guilt or shame. Islam, of course, is violent, and it intends to grow Islam at the expense of the non-Islamic world, by any means necessary.

Atheism and Islam alike seek our national doom.

Now we appear to be on the cusp of a great political victory in the upcoming November 2010 elections. We may actually unseat the great champions and promoters of forced secularization, open homosexuality, abortion, eugenics, pornography, masturbation, state education, state controlled news and other abominations, from the controlling political Party of the filthy pigs. I mean Democrats. We appear to be on a roll unseating professional political hacks from Republican Party candidacy. If the current trend continues, we could win a political victory of epic proportions here.

It will all be for nothing if we have not nationally turned our faces back toward God and returned to Judao-Christian faith, in all its diversity. It was our weakness and our easy abandonment of Truth that set our national decline in motion in the first place. The atheistic elites and the State – meaning the Marxocrats – have been teaching us that religion is bad, and that secularization is good, and we have been listening to them. Why? What have they ever told us that is true?

I have said elsewhere in these pages that I enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity each day as I go about my work as a local delivery driver. However, now I am able to get Glenn Beck, rather weakly, from WKRC in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, I lose the signal whenever I’m under electric trolley lines and other electric interference lines, or farther north out of range of the signal. But from what little I’ve been able to hear, Glenn Beck has unseated Rush as my favorite radio talk show guy.

Rush and Sean are both professed Christians and make no bones about it. But, compared to Glenn, their profession of faith is almost a by-the-way, sideline issue only occasionally mentioned. With Glenn, it is often the main topic of the broadcast. He is the first one I’ve actually heard pray on the air, and the first to call his listeners to prayer, and the first to call us all to return to our faith, to fast and pray for America, and to turn our lives around. That put him up several notches in my estimation, even above Rush, who I had considered by far the most entertaining and certainly the funniest. Rush may still have the nod in political and economic philosophy, but Glenn is way ahead in what matters most.

We are the problem; our faith in God is what will save us; our continued falling away is what will doom us. It is up to us, individually. Living a God-fearing Judao-Christian life puts our morality on auto-pilot, and we no longer need to worry about staying within the law, so long as the law remains representative law. We can worry instead about selecting our representatives. Our representative should fear God even more than they should fear us.

Let us begin with ourselves. Been to Church or Synagogue lately? When’s the last time you talked to your priest, minister or rabbi? When’s the last time you got down on your knees and prayed unto God?

The time is now. The reason America is in jeopardy right now is because we, individually, are in jeopardy of losing our souls. Turn this around by first turning yourself around.

I cannot end this without putting in another plug for the Fair Tax. If, by the grace of God, we should win both houses of Congress in November, and if we are able to do some serious impeachments as outlined in the Grounds for Impeachement page, we might wind up with a conservative Congress and a conservative President. Which would change things dramatically in favor of the Fair Tax. Only the old line professional, long-term political office holders oppose it. The people want it, and sooner or later, the people will have it.

Fair Tax may be the only way out of the economic pickle the Marxists have put us all in. It is surely the only way to get such things as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc., out of the red and fully funded, without bumping any taxes. The only thing is, after Fair Tax is enacted, if it is decided to keep Social Security around forever, we would have to determine some new formula for determining how much new retirees would get, since the government would no longer have any insight into how much money anyone makes, and there would no longer be any income tax. Some to-be-determined amount might just be added to everyone’s monthly Pre-Bate check after their 65th birthday. See the link above.

I submit that if a Congress and a President were positively disposed to it, the Fair Tax could be passed immediately, with a legislated annual sun-set provision outlawing every other form of tax, including income tax, death tax, etc., until the required Constitutional Amendment could be passed. The sun-set law would be up for expiration or renewal vote every year until then.

I further submit that any candidate who runs on the Fair Tax, and on radically cutting government spending, size and scope by cutting whole departments, such as the department of education, will win. Or, to put it negatively, any candidate who runs and dares to oppose the Fair Tax, or to oppose radical government cuts, will surely lose.

In the meantime, … the most important issue to you personally involves your relationship with God, and your willing alignment of your whole life with the will of God. The most important thing to us nationally involves our collective relationship with God, and the willing alignment of our policies and our laws with the will of God.

I once heard a quick little paragraph or two from a wonderful woman named Professor Alice Von Hildebrand, while I was flipping through the TV channels, and happened upon her speaking on the EWTN network. In her few words I found a nugget that I have kept, as a precious philosophical treasure. Let me pass it on, in case there is someone out there who has yet to find faith in a real, solid way. It pertains to objective truth, as differentiated from subjective truth. Subjective truth comes from inside us; how we think, how we feel, how we react, how we decipher, how we how we imagine, how we emote. Objective truth, however, comes from outside of us. To paraphrase Professor, Von Hildebrand:

There exists such a thing as objective truth, which is completely independent of the mind of man. It doesn’t matter what we think of it, how we think of it, or even if we think of it … it remains objective truth, unchanged, and unaffected by us. Nothing can change it. Once you realize and know that this objective truth exists, you will begin to search for it. If you are persistent, and if you are honest in this search, you will eventually find God.
It’s hard to imagine a better beginning point for anyone who has yet to experience God in a serious way. It is never too late to begin the quest. All of us, in our diverse ways, have got to turn our faces toward God, or all of us are lost.

Knock and it shall be opened unto thee… seek and ye shall find … ask and it shall be given unto thee …

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God and live forever.

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