The case against unions in America.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, May 02, 2009

We’ve all heard the clichéd pro-union talking points most of our lives:

  • Unions built this country.
  • Unions got better work conditions and pay for non-union members too.
  • Union workers build the best products in America.
  • American union workers are the best workers in the world.
  • If it were not for unions working conditions and pay would be horrible.

And so forth and so on. Are all these statements that we’ve all heard all our lives really true? In a word – no. The main problem here involves the view of what the purpose of a business is.

To the business man, or the would-be business man, the purpose of starting a business and running it is to make profit; the more the better. Every potential entrepreneur begins with the notion of, first, being his own boss, and second, of making more money than he could ever make by working for someone else for wages. That’s the business view of the very reason for the existence of the business.

To the union, just as to the Marxist, the purpose for the existence of a business is to employ workers to produce a product or a service, and profit has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Indeed, profit is a bad word. Any businessman who seeks to profit from his business is seen to be evil. Where the union and the Marxist differ is in what to do with excess revenue. The union would prefer that it all to go to the workers, and the Marxist would prefer that it go to the dictator – I mean to the Party – ostensibly for the support of all of society. (But really, for the dictator.)

The goals and the purpose for being of the union is antithetical to the success of the private business. The goals of the union and the goals of the private business in a free market are at cross-purposes. They oppose each other, straight up. The only way for the union to fully succeed in its purpose for being is if the private business stops being private or otherwise stops seeking private profit, as if it were owned by someone other than the union. If that point were ever reached, where the union fully controlled the business, of course, the business would soon die.

Customers drive the marketplace, and the customer will be pleased; as soon as the customer is no longer pleased with the product or service – or the price of it – the fickle customer will turn to competing businesses for the same product or service, which will always be provided better, faster and cheaper by competitive private businesses. That’s just the way it is. Union guys don’t want to accept it, but that’s still the way it is.

Patriotism – the “buy American” slogan – has nothing to do with it. Cold economics, especially in hard economic times, trumps bumper sticker slogans. Nobody is willingly going to pay more for less of a product or service, and that’s just never going to change.

Unions consistently and continually seek higher wages and more benefits for less work. They do not care what that does to the competitive price of the product or service the business in business to produce. So long as there is any profit visible, they want it applied to more pay and benefits for union members. Unions actively instigate work “slow downs” in which members under-perform or take longer to complete tasks, to force the business to hire more workers in order to increase union membership, just to meet business work quotas. Unions, which are big businesses, profit from union dues, the more the better.

When I came home from Vietnam, the first civilian job I got was at the GM Fleetwood plant in Detroit. I was mildly surprised to learn that I had to join the UAW. ??? It was what they called a “closed plant,” which meant that all employees had to be UAW members before they could be hired as employees. No choice in the matter. The union dues would be automatically deducted right straight out of my paycheck. I didn’t like having nothing to say about it. The biggest surprise, to me, was that it was a law. The government was involved in this.

The law said closed shops were legitimate. The law bound stalled contract negotiations to government “arbitration,” in which the government would almost always lean to the union position. Historically, businesses always yielded and unions just about never lost any ground; they always gained, even if only a little. The courts and the government seemingly joined together to gang up on “big business.” And the SLIMC1 joined right in – you can guess who’s side they were always on.

There was a purely union man, who had no “company” tasks, who was on the payroll and made more hourly than the rest of us, but who did nothing involving the production of Cadillacs. He was called the “Committee Man” and his sole function was to walk around or hang around making sure that no union rules or contracts were in any way violated. He was always anxious to write up “grievances” against the company. GM had to pay him to do that, and there were many more like him; every section of the whole assembly line had one. What do you think that did to the price of a Cadilac?

On the matter of loyalty – meaning to whom it was owed – you would think that it would be GM. But no. The logos you saw on hats, jackets, shirts and so forth were predominantly UAW, not GM. It was the same with bumper or window stickers on their cars. Workers were more proud of being union men than of being GM auto-workers. They felt less loyalty to the one who paid them than to their union.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that every big and famous union in America was originally organized by:

  1. Organized crime families or other gangsters;
  2. Communist organizers; or,
  3. Both of the above.

If that is not true of any major American union I’ll be very surprised.

There has always been a close relationship between Marxism and the criminal element. Marxists need criminals, from the lowest levels of society, and from the highest. Marxism draws the criminal element. Major crime leaders, corrupt politicians and officials, corrupt big businessmen come from the top levels. Petty criminals from the lower social levels become the grass-roots “organizers” and trench-soldiers at the street level. Every historical Marxist dictator, especially the bloodiest ones – Stalin and Hitler – surrounded themselves with and inner ring of ruthless thugs, sociopaths and killers.

Even Castro, mild among Marxist dictators, had his Che Guevara, chief of his political murderers, who could have ordered all on the enemies lists killed, but who so often preferred to pull the trigger himself, and who so enjoyed killing people’s children before their eyes, before finally killing them. We can only guess who Obama might use in a similar capacity to “purge” his Party of enemies.

Now, some might think I’m going a bit far a-field here, but I don’t think so. “Workers Unite!” is the fundamental battle cry of Marxism; it is the grass-roots starting point of social revolution. But when the Marxists take the field and win the victory, everything changes for the workers. Take long, hard look at the Solzhenitsyn Speaks page to see how Marxism deals with worker negotiations in a full-on Marxist society. The chief labor negotiating tool of Marxism is the machine gun.

This is quite serious.

Look at the authority Obama is now exercising over formerly private industries and formerly private banks, with no opposition, and take fair warning.

Pray for America, Western Culture, and the whole world.

Get down on your knees and pray.


Addendum Sat Jul 11 09:09:14 2009

Church teaching, a sense of justice and common sense should tell you that workers have every right to organize unions to collectively secure just compensation and working conditions.

We do not quarrel or argue with that obvious right. What we argue against is the “right”, or power, of a union to force someone to join against his own free will. When unions attain the size, power and scope that many American unions have attained, the Rule of Subsidiarity is violated just the same as when a government, or a monopoly, interferes with it. No union should become a monopoly itself. No union should be able to shut down an entire industry over the problems of one local workshop.

The conditions in Eastern Europe leading to the eventual fall of the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union were somewhat different. There, the Solidarity Movement was an organization of workers who resisted the owners of the means of production, which is to say, the state. Worker-citizens of a so-called Socialist and so-called Communist absolute dictatorship stood up to show the world the true nature of their “Worker’s Paradise.”

Up until then, no workers had ever dared to participate in a determined worker’s strike against a ruthless dictator and survived.


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Date: May 03 02:06:55 2009
From: PiperMac
Location: North Cape May/ NJ/ USA

The American union movement is NOT associated with Marxism. To the contrary, most unions consist of patriotic Americans, ex-military veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Truth is in a perfect world we would not need unions, but just as the Molly Maguire’s, Mostly Irish immigrants, working in Pennsylvania Coal mines in the mid-nineteenth century found out ... greedy company executives, interested in maximum profit at their expense and safety, the union was a necessary evil. Sure there are corrupt union officials whom become hungry with power and greed. But one has just to look at the current financial crisis to see that corporations and large conglomerates put profit above all else, including the welfare of their employees. Outrageous salaries for their CEOs and executives, even as the company fails had become commonplace.

The unions are needed more today than ever as secularism debases the culture of Jude-Christian values which if adhered to by both unions and companies alike, would work to the benefit of all. Hard work and loyalty by an employee would result in equitable reward and sharing when the company does well. AS well as sacrifice when things are down.

Unions do not have a monopoly on greed and unreasonable demands. The companies which put profit above all else, which is the antithesis of true capitalism, are responsible for the very existence of unions to start with.

Date: May 03 07:45:18 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


The greatest part of the problem regarding the association between Marxism and the American labor movement is that the overwhelming majority of the American workers do not see or recognize the existence of the relationship. American workers are not the first to be duped and manipulated by the slick language of the MEJTML14 s among us. Patriotism has nothing to do with being duped. Decent men tend to be trusting men; they tend to believe what is preached to them from the unions more than what is preached to them from their own employers, for the simple reason that the unions always seek to get them more pay and benefits, while their employers always seek to increase the market share and profitability of the company.

We are agreed that there is and has been corruption and greed on both sides of the argument, and there have definitely been American examples of greedy employers endangering and exploiting workers. The fact remains that the goals of unions and the goals of industry are at cross purposes, and unions act to hinder their own employers in producing goods and services out in the otherwise free marketplace, to the benefit of all non-union competition.

Cases of corruption and scandal can be found on both sides, but it always seems to predominate on the union side, where union bosses even abscond with union pension funds. Look at where the big money goes after the big shots get it, on both sides. Look at the names associated with major public works; public libraries; university buildings and even whole universities; poor houses; charitable foundations; scholarship funds for bright students who otherwise might not be able to afford higher education, and so forth. Note how many times you see a name like Jimmy Hoffa, versus how many time you see the names of the worst of the American “Robber Barrons.” You will find names like Melon, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Ford, Kaiser, Hudson and so many others.

I’ll grant you that no one is without sin on either side. But one side seems to predominate when you look at charitable works and contributions. Union leadership – not union membership – is far more greedy than charitable.

This present economic crisis was brought about almost exclusively by our own government, not by bad management, or by greedy capitalists, although some incidents of those may be pointed out. If our government had never gotten involved in this private market matter, the whole situation would have naturally straightened itself out and we would not be in this economic mess. The more our government does to fix it, the worse the situation will become; mark my words. The statement that “we have to do something” is nothing but a lie. Marxists never fail to take advantage of any crisis, even if they have to invent one, or worsen one. Marxism needs crisis.

Regarding the pay and benefits and bonuses of the industry top dogs, as a union member, you should very well know that a contract is a contract, and if that is what the employee – whether a laborer or a big shot – signed on for, then that what he fully deserves to be paid.

At least until we go completely Marxist.



Date: Mon May 04 22:43:19 2009
From: Allen
Location: Pontiac MI

Nobody needs the amounts of money paid out in bonuses and salaries of the Big Three executives. They have always been way out of line.

Date: Tue May 05 17:07:59 2009
From: Vic Biorseth



Are you the new Commissar of Needs and Abilities?

This is still America. Nobody gets to decide what somebody else needs.

I think the major problem here may be the ongoing failure to recognize the purpose of business and the responsibility of the business man. The chief responsibility of the business owner and/or operator is not to the employees, but to the risk takers and shareholders.

A man starts a business to make more money for himself and his household. A partnership starts a business to make more money for the partners. A corporation goes public or starts up to make more money for the investors and risk takers, who are footing the bill and taking the financial risk involved in getting it going. They will be, or they will hire, the best executives they can afford to buy to accomplish that end, and the free market sets the price, not you, and not me, and certainly not Obama.

Note well that our President is hiring and firing executives of private enterprises, directing reorganizations, ordering investors around, manipulating stock, and doing things remarkably similar to the things that Hitler did.

Including making imperial decisions regarding who needs what.

The dividing line between the private sector and “our” government is now gone.



Date: Thu May 07 08:11:12 2009
From: Nate
Location: Langley, VA


You are quite correct in your observations regarding gangster and Communist involvement with early major union organization and control. Preceding and during WWII the government, FDR presiding, secretly negotiated with and even bribed major crime figures and Communists just to be able to ship goods in and out of the New York waterfront. We obtained critical military intelligence of use in the Mediterranean theater in return for substantial bribes that came out of tax revenue. As part of these negotiations the infamous Lucky Luciano was let out of prison. It was then common knowledge that Luciano and the Anastasia family absolutely controlled the waterfront, along with the ILA.

God bless you.


Date: Fri Jul 10 22:47:59 2009
From: Anthony
Location: Detroit

Church teaching, a sense of justice and common sense should tell you that workers have every right to organize unions to collectively secure just compensation and working conditions.

Date: Sat Jul 11 09:09:14 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


That is absolutely correct. See the Addendum I just added at the bottom of the article, quoting your precise sentence.

I do not quarrel or argue with that obvious right. What I argue against is the “right”, or power, of a union to force someone to join against his own free will. When unions attain the size, power and scope that many American unions have attained, the Rule of Subsidiarity is violated just the same as when a government, or a monopoly, interferes with it. No union should become a monopoly itself. No union should be able to shut down an entire industry over the problems of one local workshop.

The conditions in Eastern Europe leading to the eventual fall of the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union were somewhat different. There, the Solidarity Movement was an organization of workers who resisted the owners of the means of production, which is to say, the state. Worker-citizens of a so-called Socialist and so-called Communist absolute dictatorship stood up to show the world the true nature of their “Worker’s Paradise.”

Up until then, no workers had ever dared to participate in a determined worker’s strike against a ruthless dictator and survived.



Date: Tue Aug 31 10:00:31 2010
From: Chazz
Location: Dayton, Ohio USA

As a Catholic, this right wing talk does not surprise me at all but you need to get your facts straight. Yes there is some corruption in a few Unions, hopefully that is [all] in the past.

Unions do not constantly ask for more and more- just a fair shake. Unions have trained more skilled trades workers than all of the so called trade schools, Unions give back to the community and help the needy Unions are nothing more than a group of workers united. the Union leaders only do what the rank and file vote for.

I guess Dr. Lawyers and the Chamber of Commerce are allowed to have Unions but not the working men and women of this country.

Date: Tue Aug 31 19:50:57 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


Some corruption? I submit that the whole history of unions in America is loaded down with corruption. Hoping it’s in the past doesn’t make it so.

Why do unions need to ask for a “fair shake?” Couldn’t a non-union worker simply be worth his pay in an openly competitive job market? I disagree with this statement entirely. When I was a union member, the committee-man came around warning people about the company “time and motion man” who was watching them, and ordering workers to slow down and not work so efficiently. The warning was real. A man would do his job well at his own risk.

Nobody needs a union to be trained to do any kind of work. All anyone needs is job experience supervised by more experienced workers.

You say that unions “give back” to the community, which raises the question, what did the unions take from the community?

Unions do not do what the rank and file vote for. If they did, unions would not be supporting our dear leader Comrade Obama. The rank and file do not support him, but their union dues do.

I never knew that lawyers or the chamber of commerce were unionized. Working people are allowed to unionize; no one is stopping that. I am merely presenting an argument against unions, and against anyone being forced to join one in order to get a job. The market should be free.



Date: Fri Dec 24 12:02:27 2010
From: Jayson
Location: newwest canada

Wow, you are a complete nutcase. You spout total crap. I had a union job until retirement. Because of that, I was able to care for my family in a decent way. They didn't have everything, but they did not go without. Unlike many non union workers making next to nothing so their families suffers. I'm amazed you get away with this this.

Date: Mon Dec 27 06:35:34 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


Yes, yes, I’m sure that’s really what it’s all about: doing better than the next guy. Kind of like the capitalistic bourgeois pig who employed you and paid you more than the next guy, so that you could be a little more bourgeois than the next guy. Right? Your union has turned you into a very nice and obedient, mindless and dependent little pet.

I still “get away with” saying what I say because Comrade Obama has not completely succeeded in destroying America and the free market. Yet.



Date: Mon Dec 27 07:01:38 2010
From: Curmudgeon


You’re amazed that he can “get away with this”? Don’t you have freedom of speech in Canada?

Date: Mon Dec 27 08:31:58 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


I’m not sure that freedom of speech is codified into Canadian law or their constitution as it is here, but I think they are fairly free, although not as free as here. The most important thing to note here is that all forms of Marxism oppose free speech and seek to suppress it. And Jayson is a philosophical Communist who in all likelihood doesn’t even know what he is. That’s fairly typical of the species.



Date: Wed Mar 02 08:18:39 2011
From: Chazz10
Location: Dayton, Ohio

Comment:: You are completely off base, Unions started because of Greedy Business owners, like the ones of today’s world. Yes there have been a few Unions that were corrupt, but a very few. We need Unions more today than in the 1930's I am not surprised by your views, one only need look at your web page and see all of the anti-Obama messages and ads for Palin etc. You make me ashamed to be a part of the Catholic Faith.

Date: Wed Mar 02 11:18:55 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


Excuse me, but you are the one who is completely off base. Modern organized labor got its kickoff from WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! which was and is the last line in the Communist Manifesto. None of it ever aimed at any particular “Greedy Business Owner” because it was a global, international movement from the beginning. We never needed unions in the past, and we have no need of unions today. Not sure where your problem with Catholicism is, but your practice of faith should not be affected by any exercise of my own free will.

Do you believe that only organized union thugs have the right to free will, and that free will is a collective thing rather than an individual thing? Those of us not in the organization are to have no political voice?

What did you say your faith was?



Date: Tue Mar 22 22:43:38 2011
From: Jim Holbert

I'm so sorry you had to come home from VN and then undergo the trauma of union employment. No doubt the high wages the union won for you helped ease the pain. You did take the money, didn't you? Then since unions are un-American and just plain wrong in your eyes, consider yourself an accomplice in the communist takeover of liberty. Perhaps the statute of limitations is past. In conclusion, I don't know what you do for a living now but don't forget, your job can also be eliminated or outsourced by your union-busting capitalist mentors, and if you're retired, don't think they aren't coming for your social security, because they are. Folks like you are helping to screw over folks like me and that wouldn't be a total downer except that folks like me are America, so no support from me on that one, pal.

Date: Wed Mar 23 06:32:03 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


Yeah, yeah; such a trauma it was. And yes, I took my wages, just like you. Detroit has been dominated by unions and Democrat politicians all of my life; there were and are virtually no jobs to be had in Detroit that do not require paying off a union, which meant and means paying regular union dues, from which payments were and are regularly made to the Communist Party. I mean Democrat.

You will never understand this, totally helpless and completely dependent little creature that you are, but I never felt more liberated than the day I changed careers, left that union shop and competed in the open job market.

And yes, you make a good point: I could be outsourced, and I could loose my investments, and I could loose my pension, and then, my heavens and goodness gracious, whatever would I do? And you won’t come to my aid either! Well, gosharooties and holy cow, whatever would I do, and however might I even survive?

You, on the other hand, can always, always, depend on your Socialist, criminal and government support system. After all, that’s what you’ve done all your life, isn’t it? So just rest well, have another cookie, and don’t worry your little head about it.



Date: Sat Jan 07 06:53:15 2012
From: tiredof1945
Location: Anniston, AL

I agree completely with the author. I have seen first hand the strong arm tactics, intimidation and coercion of the union against employees and managers. A union in Alabama through their constant harassment and support of poor employees will be the cause of an entire base being closed through promoting inefficiency, support of employees whose work performance is poor and lawsuits. Corruption leads the way in Anniston, Alabama.


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The Individual Human Dignity of Christianity versus the Collectivism of Marxism.  Is Individual Human Dignity justified?  Is the Individual a God-Image, or just another utilitarian droplet in the Atheistic Marxist Revolutionary Wave?

Our Anti-American Government, defending our enemies, opposing us.  The Obamunist Regime and the Marxocrat Party act like Defense Attorneys for Islam, Marxism and Immorality, and like Prosecuting Attorneys of White Christian Heterosexual Men.

The Great Global Deception: "Death of a thousand cuts" applied to Civilization.  The Global Deception is Machiavellian-ism applied by inches, in which the "Revolution" never quite comes, because the Target Institution destroys itself.

Bible Christians:  More Biblical than Catholics?  No.  Not by a long shot.  Bible Christians all think their "church" is Bible-based; but the Bible is Catholic-based.  The Word produced the Church, and then the Church produced the Bible.

On the Mythical Conservative Movement of the Republicrat Party.  Conservative Movement?  What Conservative Movement?  There ain't no Conservative Movement.

Catholic Resistance:  Church Militant's Grass Roots Movement.  We've got to start somewhere.  Join the Resistance, form your local units and lets get it on.

PC Speech Control Versus the Sin of Detraction.  Calumny is harming someone via a lie.  Detraction is harming someone via an unnecessarily spoken truth.  PC Speech Control is the absolute elimination of free speech.

So, Trump is The Man, and Cruz is out.  Now what?  Trump's nomination to be the Republicrat Party Candidate appears to be sealed.  So what's a Cruz supporter to do?

How Infected Evangelism Itself Helps to Destroy Christian Faith.  When unrepentant active sinners and Protestants alike are welcomed into the Church, who is Evangelizing whom?

On Faith, Doubt, Skepticism, Cynicism and Evil.  On the Skeptic's problem with faith, the Cynic's problem with Truth, and the logical problem with Boundless, Unlimited Mercy.

On the importance of real authority in the world; does culture need authority?  It always turns out that those who are most publicly opposed to all authority secretly seek to become super-authoritarian themselves.

Suffering Computer Withdrawal is like withdrawal from any other addiction.  When you are suddenly stopped from computer access, terrible chemical reactions overwhelm your psyche.

Conservatism is now so divided and splintered as to be a meaningless term.  When everyone in America who is not a Marxist is a Conservative, there is no such thing as Conservatism.

How Evil and Godless Marxism promotes Universal Unification with Barbarity.  Obamunism and Marxocrat Partyism and One-Big-Religionism would "Bring Us All Together", in a Universal Unification, with Satan.

Civil Jihad = War by Immigration; Cultural Marxism = Revolution by Education.  Civil Jihad is like Cultural Marxism: Civil Jihad is War waged by Immigration, and Cultural Marxism is Revolution waged by Education.

It's 2016 Primary Voting Day; when the polls open I'll be there.  I've made my picks and, for me, it's do-or-die day for the American Republic.

Authority never applied is assumed by others, as the Default Authority of Evil.  Legitimate Authority Unexercised becomes the Illegitimate Default Authority of those Legitimately Subject to it.

How to Vote in the Primary to Avoid Holding Your Nose in the General.  The Primary Election in Your State is your Only Opportunity to Vote Your Choice. Your Party would prefer that you vote THEIR Choice.

Millions are Converting to Scientism, the "IN" Religion of the 21st Century.  Converting to Scientism, because, well, just thinking about all them there Absolute Facts We Wouldn't Even Know, if it wasn't for Scientism, will make you downright dizzy.

Billboard America v Real America, and Billboard Catholicism v Real Catholicism.  Advertising is Propaganda.  Political Advertising is conquering America, and now, it's conquering the Church, too.

Praying for a smaller, stronger, moral nation under our Unifying Constitution.  After division and winnowing, a converted, committed American remnant may gather under our Unifying Constitution.

Does the Year Of Mercy mean the end of Moral and Spiritual Discernment?  Fr. Larry Richards says the one thing you are absolutely forbidden to ever apply to anyone else is Judgment.  Is that true?  And is Mercy absolutely Limitless?

On Obama's Gun Grabbing Lies, supporting his destruction of the Constitution.  Obama's Whoppers typify the Marxist rule for lies:  Make the lie so big, shocking and unbelievable that it will actually be believed.

How Spineless Acquiescence to the sins of friends and family destroys us.  Failure to oppose wrong gets harder and harder to do the longer it is not done.  Spineless Acquiescence to Evil is smiling your way into hell.

"Secularized Reason" is Reason divorced from Faith, which is Amoral Nonsense.  Secularized Reason is not merely Amoral, or simply Morally Neutral; it always comes to oppose all sense of any fixed cultural morality.

America's current Anti-Constitution Constitutional Government. All three current branches knowingly violate the Constitution that created them, provided their rules and set their limits.

Rethinking War on Islam: War on "parts" of Islam, or, Unlimited War.  Rethinking War on Islam may mean a perpetual state of war, for Islam's evil cannot be separated out.

Reconciliation with God, through a good Confession with Absolution. Repentance, resolve, confession, absolution, penance, and uplifting, EXHILARATING Reconciliation.

Gay Marriage: What the hell is gay about it?  It isn't Gay Marriage, it's Homosexual Marriage.  If you surrender the language you lose.

"We are not the World Police" say the Lefties.  So, if not us, then who?  In the absence of Police, including World Police, what happens?  The criminals come out to play.

Do we have an Anti-American President?  A Pro-Islam, Anti-Christian,
Redistributionist, Utopian, Pro-Illegal Alien, quite consistently Anti-American, President Obama?

The Three Big Ideas competing in global geopolitics today. The Three Big Ideas, and a Fourth one: aggressive, militant atheism, or secularism.

World War III is beginning, and the Big News is the "News"?  The world is tumbling into global war, but Journalism is all atwitter about Brian Williams.  Go figure.

Babbling Christianity: The Loss of Unity in the Christian Message.  Is some New Testament "Tower of Babble" moment behind babbling Christianity's ever increasing disunity?

Obama Lies Again.  So what else is new?  "My work is done here; Hi-Yo Silver, and Away!" ... Who was that Masked Marxist?

On the lost human virtue of Industry. From Industry to Indolence: how the most industrious nation in history has slipped into almost pure sloth.

Another Obama act of Treason?  Well, ho-hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.  He lives for Treason.  Bringing Constitutional America down is his whole purpose for being.

All the anti Capitalist lies in Marxist propaganda.  Most old Marxist anti-Capitalist lies are now common "academic truths" in formal education and news reporting.

Why is our whole culture going to pot?  It's our morality, stupid.  Every cultural thing - law, order, decency, indecency, salvation, damnation - hangs on a recognized cultural morality.

The Truth about Islam, finally, in a homily at Mass.  You never hear the unvarnished truth about Islam, or other evils, from Catholic clerics.  Maybe that's finally changing.

Presenting the Renamed Reintroduction of Thinking-Catholic-Strategic-Center.  The conversion to the Catholic American Thinker name is now complete.

War Begets War: It's About Islam; It Always Was.  Undoing Islamic Lies of "Peaceful" Moslem Propagandizers.

Undoing Evil: Unraveling the sly "Good Intentions" destroying the West.  Undoing Evil means reversing Political Correctness and Amorality, and returning to Pure Meritocracy.

The argument within Islam, and about Islam, regarding the true nature of Islam.  The true nature of Islam: Ron Paul, King Saud, Ali Khamenei, Comrade Obama, all have their versions.

Letter to an American Warrior, from an old American Citizen, with Love.  An old man's advice to a young man, sent in a letter to an American Warrior.

All the Unintended Consequences: What makes us think they were unintended?  If every single thing done by someone has unintended consequences, the consequences were intended.

The French Islamophobia: Was it real?  Or is Islam really something to be feared?  If the French Islamophobia turns out to have been warranted, what about ours?

You're gonna hold their feet to the fire?  What fire?  They're laughing at you.   You can't hold Republicrat's feet to the fire.  They are the fireproof new political nobility.

What would War on Islam look like?  Would victory even be possible?   With what successful overall strategy could we wage war on an ideology?

On the Anti-Church metastasizing within the Roman Catholic hierarchy.  The anti-Church within the Church: the anti-Papal agenda advancing even in the Vatican itself.

The Required Radical American Re-Revolution. Or, Re-Constitution.It took 100+ years to radicalize Constitutional America. It will take a radical re-revolution to bring it back to sanity.

On the "inevitability" of a Perfect Global Government in a "New World Order".  Is this "New World Order" idea divinely inspired, or is it the ongoing work of Satan?

The Judas Complex: How a traitor may not recognized his own treason.  The Judas Complex explains how Judas Iscariot - like many a modern day Bishop - compromised with the world.

Christmas 2014: Hope is Reborn; Salvation has come into the world.  The Christmas 2014 Turning Point: The Kingdom is upon us; our King is among us.

On Theory Dominating Substance, in science, religion, morality, and culture.  Everywhere we look, we see the theoretical trumping the substantial, up and down the line.

A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ deepens faith and faith commitment.  A Personal Relationship with America deepens love of country and patriotic commitment.

The 2014 Mid-Term Elections Cometh: Here we go again.  Next Tuesday, the 2014 Mid-Term Elections are upon us.  What are we going to do about it?

Anathematizing anathema: the predictable result of the denial of evil.  In a world that denies the existence of evil, anathematizing anathema itself is the only anathema allowed.

The Ebola Setup: Another possible trigger for the final revolution?  The purposeful government infection of America, through the Ebola setup.  Why?

Work at home jobs that have had me.  A long, costly and unsuccessful run at work from home jobs that didn't work for us.

Truth versus Agenda addresses the simplest of problems greatly complexified.  Truth versus Agenda examines the contest between reality and its opposition.

Vic has Iron Weights for sale; Mama says they have to go.  Lots of iron weights for sale; all have to go at once, in one sale.

The challenge describes Capitalism as illusory and Marxism as solid.  The mixture of religion just adds to the confusion of all good realists.

Indifferentism and Moral Relativism eats away at Catholic Culture.  Catholicism stands against Indifferentism. Where do you stand?

My poor old truck is again starting to look like a poor old truck.  After half-a-million miles, we're now approaching another decision time; another paint job, or a new truck.

Battle Line: Where the advancing secular army meets Judaeo-Christian moral norms.  The Secular Position (or Agenda) involves Proactive, Aggressive Anti-Theism, and not merely "neutral" Atheism.

A return to the American Ideal means a severe reduction in Government.  To return to positive growth and progress means, necessarily, purging our nation from all Marxist-Socialist philosophical influence and a return to the American Ideal.

Why this hatred of Palin? What galls modern women of the Left about Sarah Palin?  The blind hatred of Palin we’re seeing expressed is not merely because of hatred and intolerance of the pro-life religious moral standard.

A Palin Parker Ticket? My Dream Candidates for 2012.  Why a Palin Parker ticket is better than any professional politician Republican ticket you can come up with for 2012.

Elitism Vs Palinism: Why the Left and the Elites Loath and Fear Sarah Palin.  It isn’t just Marxism Vs Palinism; it’s also established intellectual elitism vs Palinism. The elite need someone to look down upon.

How is it that opposing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is "arrogant"? If my pro-Catholic, pro-American, anti-alternative-ethos position is "arrogant," then, exactly what is the position of those who claim superiority or even equality with it?

Here we see Bush family class captured in a simple private citizen’s photo.  George W. (and Mrs.) Bush quietly demonstrate Bush family class without hoopla or fanfare.

Marxists love crisis, and they love an oil spill crisis most of all.  Marxists even create and drive crisis.  Their favorite crisis of all must be the Oil Spill Crisis, which is even better than a Banking Crisis.

American Military Assault Weapons originally intended in the 2nd Amendment. To miss the point of the 2nd Amendment is to miss the point of the whole Constitution.

For God and Country – More Thoughts on America, and on National Existence.  For God and Country: Comparisons of martyrdom and heroism, Sovereign Nationhood Vs. Internationalism, distinct people-hood Vs. the Global Village, and Godliness Vs. godlessness.

The Godless Left leads the young and naive to their utopian Hell.  For an honest comparison of the effects on youth, we need to look to the history of the Godless Left versus the Religious Right.

The Rabbi Meir Kahane Open Letter to the World is a must read.  No decent world history course is complete without the Rabbi Meir Kahane Open Letter to the World.

Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn warns the American Worker and American organized labor.  Solzhenitsyn speaks to us as a worker from the “Worker’s Paradise” of Communism; words of warning for all who understand the meaning of the word Liberty.

World Revolution returns with a vengeance: the rebirth of Marxism.  Marxist world revolution returns, and faces far less opposition than in 1848 or the period between the Great Wars.

Our argument against public despair, hopelessness and pessimism re the future.  Despair is a mortal sin, the opposite of the virtue of hope; it is a sin unto the death of the soul, a repudiation and rejection of God’s grace.

On Threats to America's National Existence.  A look at the nature of our national existence, what makes us America, physical threats to that, and the possibility of just going out of existence.

On the ethics of language: English dictionary Vs. Political-Correctness taboos.  Language evolves, yet morals are (or should be) fixed. This poses questions re the ethics of language.

Thinking Catholic direction: threats to America, Church, Ethos, even History.  The Thinking Catholic Direction is multi-faceted, facing threats to American National Existence, Catholic Liturgy, our common Guiding Ethos - emphasis changes to meet the threat of the moment.

Catholics learn and practice Glossalalia, in the Life In The Spirit seminars.  Life in the Spirit seminars, fueling the Catholic Charismatic renewal, bring tongue-speaking "Glossalalia" and being "Slain in the Spirit", into Catholicism.

The website is going on hold for at least the next five weeks.  Business calls, and I must respond. Will be traveling, and not taking the laptop this time.

Current Website Status.  Still too busy for individual responses to questions, comments & criticisms.

Our 2006 Ohio Voter Guide.  The choices are quite clear, and the 2006 Ohio Voter Guide was easy to produce

On carrying my Lord, Jesus Christ, in my pocket.  As a Eucharistic Minister, I am on occasion carrying the Lord Jesus in my pocket. It's a wondrous thing.

A 2006 Christmas and Hanukkah wish.  May the Holy Days we celebrate remind us all of who we are, and how we are different from other peoples.

Current Democratic Party platform reveals anti-Semitic streak among Liberals.  In their voting, their speechifying, and in the slant of their controlled mainstream media reporting, the current Democratic Party Platform is made clear to all observers.

The "Left", and The DaVinci Code, The Passion, and Cartoons of Mohammed.  You can tell a lot about a movement by its public words. The Passion?  "Unreservedly Bad."  The DaVinci Code?  "Unreservedly Good." Anything to do with Islam?  "No Comment."

Who's driving the Health Care bus? Health insurance companies grading doctors?  Health insurance companies grading doctors: a legitimized conflict of interest.  A preparatory step toward the nationalization of the health insurance industry?

On the forced use of medical boiler plate language rather than simple notes.  The "little dictators" from insurance companies and government bureaucracies force MDs to use stilted, verbose, medical boiler plate language in their own documentation.

Home For Christmas 2008.  Website Getting Active Again.

Hydrogen power could be, and should be, the wave of our automotive future.Any move toward hydrogen power is a move toward a cleaner and more efficient fuel, and away from our dangerous dependency on oil.

Thoughts in remembrance of 09/11/2001, five years later.  The changing shape of the war, the changing shape of the enemy.

The Jewish Shabbat. Description of Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) from my Holy Land item supplier.

Kerry lies again, and then lies about his lies, in concert with the SLIMC.There he goes again! Kerry lies again and again about American servicemen and veterans; he just can't help himself.

Kerry's Lies: The Old, Vietnam-Era Anti-War Chickens are Comming Home to Roost.   POW Lawsuit Could Force Kerry To Come Clean - by George "Bud" Day, Chairman, Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation.

What's going on with Mel Gibson? Is he really an anti-Semite?I am surprised that Mel Gibson is an alcolholic. But I am never surprised at any words that come out of the mouth of any drunk.

Still Worrying Over NuVo Consequences.  The Holidays have gone by, several days have passed, and the SANE NuVo Initiative still stands pat.

The Dem's October Surprise involves another flip-flop of their public "standard"  The clearly pro-sodomy Party that openly seeks the "Gay" vote goes Victorian for another pre-election October Surprise ploy.

Some Problems with NuVo: the so-called Null-Vote Initiative.  A "philosophical" movement aimed at keeping religious conservatives from voting? Seriously? Let me state my problems with NuVo.

Come, let us sit and reason together.  Jews and Christians of various stripe and spot can say to each other, 'Come, let us sit and reason together.' But we can't do that with the Moslems.

Regarding SANE works dropping NuVo: Nul Vote Initiative dies with a whimper.  If you can't really present a good argument, sit down.  On SANE Works dropping the NuVo Initiative: a program that works hard to SOUND pro-American while ACTING to oppose American National Existence.

Even experts grossly underestimate the Marxist zeal of the American Left.  The sharp Left turn happened in the Hoover-FDR era, and the Marxism of the American Left has been deepening ever since.

Thinking American, in a nutshell: When one has lots to say, but time is limited.  The older I get, the busier I get. Answering multiple questions as a thinking American, but in a hurry.

"We are an Easter People, and Hallelujah is our Song." (John Paul the Great).  Our absolutely unique and singular Easter story, and the incredible force with which it struck human history.

Witnessing, grieving and weeping for our dieing culture.  What might it take to call a whole people back from the brink of cultural death?

If we have an inherent right to something, then, who must supply it?   Rights and Responsibilities exist in paired sets; a right does not exist in the absence of a related responsibility.   If indeed we have a right to our job, then, someone must provide it.  Who?

So how come we have all these homeless people if our system is so great?  The strong "Utopian Idealist" firmly believes that absolute worldly perfection is actually possible.   Therefore, there should never be any such thing as a hungry or homeless person.

Taking a look at Illegal Immigration and Tax Problem solutions.  In our view, the minimum wage and income tax have outlived their usefulness, and only contribute to the illegal alien problem.

First journal / blog entries when the thinking catolic blog first opened up.  Notes to readers about what I was doing.

On-going WebSite work and planned WebPages as of 09/07/2006  Adding items to book store.

Vic's busted finger status - life goes on.  Another busted finger status report, since the original one rolled off of the 50-entry BLOG update records.

Website Status as of 02/05/2009.  No more Bookstore; no more Contact Me; no more complexity.

Website Status 03-09-2009.  Just a note to bring you up to date on website status 03-09-2009.

Website Status 04/06/2009.  Busy driving daily now; most website work will be weekend and as available.

The Plastic Bags and Eco Doom theory: will plastic bags end life as we know it?  Plastic Bag and Eco Doom predictions tell us that plastic grocery and garbage bags will still be buried in the land fills and dumps a thousand years from now.  Well … so what?

Farewell Smokey Biorseth; Rest In Peace. Hello Coal Biorseth; Welcome Home.  As we were laying our beloved Smokey Biorseth to rest in his grave beside the lilies, a carbon-copy of Smokey, in younger form, emerged from the lilies.

Honky Biorseth really runs this house.  If you want to know what's in any cabinet in the house, just ask Honky Biorseth.

Kill the illegal alien marketplace, and illegal aliens will leave on their own.  Why should we "imagine" life with no Mexico?  Shouldn't the Mexicans be trying to imagine life without the USA?

More Marxist infiltration of higher education.  Public school and the media are not the only places dominated by Marxist thought; even Catholic institutions are infected.

Of Families and Fortunes, and Inheritance Vs. Redistribution.  Families and Fortunes are despised by Marxists, because Marxism demonizes the family, demonizes fortunes, and even demonizes profit.

Website Status Update 11/09/10  Just a Website status update; where we are and where we’re going.

Regarding the 2010 Tax Deal Pledge Breaker: Pledge? What Pledge?  How can Republican deal makers even face us? We need to hang a Tea Party target on all professional politicians for 2012.

Pray for peace in Jerusalem, and for deliverance of Israel from harm.  To pray for peace in Jerusalem is to pray for deliverance from Obama.

A tale of Promised Financial Melt-Down Debt Ceiling Nonsense and Happy Marxists.  Everyone, on both sides, believes the Debt Ceiling Nonsense. Why?

God and Nature: on the Nature of Things, established by the Creator of Things.  God and Nature: on man’s Perversion of the Nature of Things, even with the best of intentions.

Our Ohio voter Guide for the 2012 Election.  The 2l012 Ohio Voter Guide – The Choices Have Never Been Clearer, or more critical.

Evangelization enters the animal kingdom with the first bear prayer.  It is fitting that the first bear prayer would be a prayer of thanksgiving.

Is the Internet down in Lithuania?  Sudden loss of Lithuanian traffic suggests the internet is down in Lithuania.

The rise of the Femi Nazi Green Beret, and the decline of military victory.  The first Femi Nazi Green Beret will be awarded out of fairness, not excellence.

Food Insurance: Is this stuff really any good?  All of us conspiracy-theorizing, global-calamity doomsday-preppers need their Food Insurance.

We just had to try to do Robert Irvine's Plastic Wrapped Baby Back Ribs.  Put plastic wrapped baby back ribs in the oven?  What?  Are you nuts?

Thoughts on the first Eucharist, established by the Last Supper.  The first Eucharist was recognized by the Apostles for what it was on that holiest Holy Thursday.

Get behind these Tea Party Candidates.  The Constitution is not going to be restored to legal preeminence unless we replace leadership incumbents of BOTH PARTIES.

Ecce homo; Behold the man.   Ecce Homo.   Behold the Innocent Lamb, who takes away the sins of the world.

When your system slows down or hangs, it's time for a Total System Reboot.  America, the World, and even the Catholic Church may need a Total System Reboot.

Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass, offered at Assumption Grotto Church in  Detroit, Michigan.  Our deepest prayer, our highest form of worship, and the way God should be treated.  Click here for Latin Mass availability nearest to you, and to add your Latin Mass Church to the list.
The Vietnam War Proved the American News Media's Treacherous Anti-American Marxism.
Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.
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Here comes the Synod Exhortation, and more EENS denial.  Is this original simple mistake leading us into doctrinal and ecclesial revolution?

Agreeing with Mother Angelica, Rest In Peace, on no known exceptions to EENS.  Are all VCII and Post-VCII "exceptions" to No Salvation Outside The Church just imaginary?

Was Archbishop Lefebvre Correct After All?  Archbishop Lefebvre was correct in rejecting Vatican Council II, interpreted with irrationality.  May God bless him for that.

Cardinal Kasper's False Arguments.  Pope Benedict, Cardinal Kasper's false arguments for Synod Report: Vatican Council II agrees with the dogma extra ecclesiam nullas salus as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries.

Rahner's "Anonymous Christian" as main line Catholic theology.  Coming back full circle?

The Heresy of Chrislam.  Those claiming that the “Allah” of Islam’s Qu’ran and Yahweh or God of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are one and the same are missing one glaring point: GOD NEVER CONTRADICTS HIMSELF.

Faith, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. The virtue of Faith; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Hope, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. The virtue of Hope; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Love, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues. The virtue of Love; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Prudence, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. The virtue of Prudence; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Justice, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. The virtue of Justice; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Temperance and Fortitude, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. The virtues of Temperance and Fortitude; Two of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

On the word Consubstantial, the Trinity and Infinity. On the Consubstantial (Single Substance) of God, and the mathematically impossible number of Infinity.

A Proposed Israeli National Doctrine that America should Learn From.  Reprinted Article identifies common ideological enemies of Israel, the USA, and all Nations: Marxism, and New World Order concepts.

The challenge describes Capitalism as illusory and Marxism as solid. The mixture of religion just adds to the confusion of all good realists.

The Obama Ethos: Who is Barack Obama? What is his grounding, his ethos? The Obama Ethos explores Obama's grounds of being; his religious, moral and political guiding principles.

Obama the Moslem: Introducing Comrade Obama (peace be upon him.) Obama the Moslem: anti-Catholic; anti-Christian; anti-Jew; anti-American.

Freedom, yes – but from whom, and to do what? Is freedom from God enslavement to the world? Is freedom from the world enslavement to God? Which is better?

The Room: Born of that still inner voice. A story about a small church pastor who erects a small room to serve as a mediation room for his parishioners.  

Are Catholics Saved, by having been Born Again? The theology of salvation: Catholic vs. Protestant.

Love thy neighbor as thyself: the Law in One Sentence. Can one simple sentence contain the whole of the moral Law of God?

The Catholic call is universal; it goes out to everyone. Although the Catholic call goes out to all, man’s free will means that all will not respond.

God’s Perfect Unconditional Love meets man’s Free Will. Perfect Unconditional Love can be rejected. Liberty and free choice may be a blessing or a curse.

Of Weeds and Wheat growing together, and the eventual separation. - Weeds and wheat in the field differs from in human kind, where either one can become the other.

Why Should I Believe in God? - an article by Eugene Rudder.

On Losing You - a poem by Rosemarie A. Stone.

Our Beautiful Love - a poem by Rosemarie A. Stone.

Catholic Communism: Similarities between Church Hierarchy and Pure Bureaucracy. Mises said that Communism equals Bureaucracy; the Church is a bureaucracy, therefore we have Catholic Communism. True?

The Source of Anxiety: Improper Priorities. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

“I, Pencil … ”; Capitalism in a Nutshell. Leonard E. Read

Endless Concessions to the Palestinians Pamela Levene

The Peace Treaty Sajid Ali Khan

Leftist Politics in Catholic Mass Mark Brumbaugh

The USCCB Flip-Flop Mark Brumbaugh

Open Letter to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Mark Brumbaugh

Truth Versus Evil

The End Of The Age

Authority Meets Truth

The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

The Little Red Hen

Of Sheep And Men

The Gift Bearers Michael from Florida

Dear Vic And Others ... John Felland

The Church Is Rotten To The Core Michelle Lobdell

Hatred of Palin Janet Morana

Proper Catechesis Susan Greve

Who is Barack Obama? Pastor Robert Legg Greve

Limited War Doctrine Colonel Thomas Snodgrass

Rabbi Meir Kahane's Letter Rabbi Meir Kahane, OBM

Solzhenitsyn Speaks Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn addresses the AFL/CIO.

Jefferson Speaks (Declaration of Independence)

The American Constitution (American Founding Fathers)

American Democrat Party Platform Karl Marx and Frederick Engles

Marxist Fundamentals

Prof. Libor Brom

Re The Sin Of Scandal Phil Lange

Re Sydney Airport Security Ahmed

Marxist Infiltration into Catholic Thought Nancy Libert

New "race and racism" thread begun by Stephen from VT. On race and racism: the ever changing definition and generic usage of the word "racism."

The Bush War Doctrine Revisited: a fresh look at our horrible situation. A reproduction of the "Bush War Doctrine Revisited" article and discussion points by David Yerushalmi; there is much food for thought here.

Resignation of Benedict XVI and the Immediate Media Firestorm. The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and Rev. Marcel Guarnizo's interview with the author that caused the international media frenzy.

The Jewish Shabbat. Description of Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) from my Holy Land item supplier.

Kerry's Lies: The Old, Vietnam-Era Anti-War Chickens are Comming Home to Roost. POW Lawsuit Could Force Kerry To Come Clean - by George "Bud" Day, Chairman, Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation.

Just Laws for a Godly Nation. Many nations today still lack a core of just laws for a Godly nation.

What does the World Wildlife Fund have to do with World Youth Day? An unholy alliance between the Leftist WWF and the Vatican?

False Flag: Serious-minded fiction creating a better understanding of 9/11. Can serious-minded fiction play a role in creating a better understanding of critical contemporary social/political issues like 9/11?

Bringing the Liturgy Back to the Real Vatican II. Cardinal Burke Comments on Sacra Liturgia Conference

Layman letter to all bishops. Letter to Bishops from Mariann / Mary's Child

Fetal-Microchimerism gives new meaning to the bonding of Motherhood.  How the unborn child blesses the mother and physically changes her, for the rest of her life.

Ars celebrandi et adorandi - Pastoral Letter from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki. With Ars celebrandi et adorandi, all Springfield IL Catholic Parishes move Jesus back to the center of life!  YES!

To be, or not no be lukewarm; that is the question. Whether tis nobler to fight the good fight, or just smile and be nice ...

Technology: a Two Edged Sword. Technology can be used for good, or for evil.

More American Imperial Edicts Issuing Forth out of Obamunism. Archbishop Schnurr joins Rick Santorum in identifying American Imperial Edicts from this administration.

Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum; Apostolic letter on 1962 Rite.
The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum confirms the 1962 Latin Rite as the 'Extraordinary' Roman Liturgical Rite.

The Pope's Letter to Bishops on Summorum Pontificum.  Benedict XVI's Letter to Bishops on Summorum Pontificum issued the same day as the Motu Proprio.

The Explanatory Note on Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.  An 'Explanatory Note on Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum' issued by the Vatican.

A concerned Catholic spotlights Catholic funded Alinsky organizations. The Alinskyite Gamaliel Foundation underpins multiple Catholic funded Alinsky organizations.

From Shane Leslie Mattison, whose father was Elden Mattison Woolliams. Annecdotes from Shane Leslie Mattison.

Dr. Ben Carson, Champion of God, Family, Country and Decency in Government.  Ben Carson can return America to being a Constitutional Republic once again.

A submission from someone who would be Pope.  If all the last five or so Popes have been invalid Popes, then, where's the valid one?  Why, Brother Michael, of course!

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

(See The Darwinism Pages)

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