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The "Pre-Existing Condition" Progressive Marxist Psychological Trick.

Insurance is protection against future misfortune, not past misfortune.  How could anyone insure against past events?

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Pre-Existing Condition problem shows, in microcosm, how Marxist Progressivism has convinced Americans of the need for Government controlled if not provided Health Care, despite the unconstitutionality of government involvement in Health Care.  And, government controlled and/or provided Health Care itself shows, in microcosm, how Marxist Progressivism has overwhelmed the American Constitution, and practically taken it out of existence. 

"Progressive Marxism" is an underhanded psychological and socio-political stratagem by which a population is slowly convinced, in steps, of falsehood(s), in order to gradually move the population from a predominant sense of independence into a predominant sense of dependency, usually based on induced unreasonable fear. 

In America, Progressivism came into political awareness and began to become an actual recognized political tool with Theodore Roosevelt.  It was later perfected and gained actual political dominance in American politics under Woodrow Wilson, was knocked down by Calvin Coolidge and brought back by Herbert Hoover and FDR.  The unspoken goal of Progressivism is always to reduce citizen independence, grow citizen dependence on government, and grow the government. 

It's all about power. 

Progressivism, as positively but falsely portrayed by the elites, is an "enlightened" philosophy insisting on "Social Progress" that must be made in accordance with ongoing advances in science, technology and economics.  Which sounds good and looks good on paper, but which obfuscates the fact that the true ultimate Progressive goal is to progressively move American society into Socialism, in direct opposition to the American Constitution.  And trick the people into agreeing with it. 

America can be either Constitutionalist, or Socialist, but not both. 

Science, technology and economics are not beyond the practical understanding of the American citizenry, despite the efforts of the elites to convince them otherwise.  The elites do not own science, technology and economics; they only pretend to be the experts the rest of us should all be totally dependent upon for any and all scientific, technological and economic knowledge, which the elites consistently abuse and falsify for political gain. 

The ultimate goal of Progressivism is to get the people to clamor for, accept and even celebrate the advent of WBESSWG17 in the belief that they will be saved from all the myriad global calamities falsely portrayed to be coming by the elite-controlled portrayals of science, technology and economics, which are beyond citizen comprehension and far too complex to understand for all of us lowly hoi-polloi.

Unconstitutionality of Health Care.

As we have said multiple times in this website, the federal government is not qualified to practice medicine, to practice pharmacy or to practice insurance.  Those are not among the limited and enumerated things the federal government was constituted to do.  Medicine, pharmacy and insurance are not listed among the limited and enumerated powers of the federal government in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution.  That means that the federal government is not even constitutionally authorized to address them, whether in legislation, execution or adjudication of law. 

But the federal government does indeed address them all.  All three branches.  Unconstitutionally.  Which is to say, illegally.  Criminally

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.  Violation of the Constitution is a criminal offense.  That's why we have an Oath Of Office.  Simple subsidiarity and Amendment X of the Constitution indicates that medicine, pharmacy and insurance, if they are to be addressed by government at all, must be addressed by state or lower jurisdictions, not federal. 

The fact that political "Conservatives", including those who call themselves "Constitutionalists", have themselves been "Progressivized" to some degree is shown by the fact that so many of them publicly argue and legally seek to "Repeal And Replace" Obamacare.  Which is unconstitutional on its face.  So these "Conservatives" would replace an unconstitutional law with another equally unconstitutional law, and they no longer recognize that the whole topic of health care is completely out of constitutional scope

That's what Marxists call "Progress".  That's how Progressivism works.  We now have "Conservative" champions who don't even know that they have already switched sides and now stand against the Constitution. 

"Repeal and Replace" is just as unconstitutional as is Obamacare. 

Obamacare should simply be Declared Null And Void, due to it's illegal unconstitutionality, and left to the competitively scrambling private sector - the free market - to quickly come up with what we used to have, which was, the best health care system on the planet.  Back when it was all private. 

The "Pre-Existing Condition Insurability" Progressive Marxist Trick.

The Pre-Existing Condition problem arose from businesses providing health insurance to employees as part of their pay.  In my opinion, they never should have done that.  American workers and American businesses would be better off if employees were just paid their full pay in money, without "benefits" such as health insurance being part of the employment package. 

Health Care itself, let alone Health Care Insurance, would be both cheaper and simpler if policies were sold to individuals rather than to companies or organizations.  When someone (an employer) is inserted between a beneficiary and and insurance company, that, too, raises cost and complexity.  Whenever anyone is inserted between the doctor and the patient costs and complexities arise.  It's bad enough that an insurance company alone stands between the doctor and the patient.  Add employers, and add government bureaucrats into the mix, and the costs, problems and complexities all grow and multiply. 

The problem with company or organization provided health insurance is that,

  1. the insured employee is not the owner of the insurance policy;
  2. the employee is not the real beneficiary because the policy pays the medical practitioner and/or the pharmacist, not the employee;
  3. government, at some level, sets rules and "codes" doctors and pharmacists must be ruled by in order to ever receive payment;
  4. keeping a company policy in effect, even after getting ill, is dependent upon remaining employed by the company. 

So, in the typical Pre-Existing Illness situation, the employee is insured through his company, he gets terribly ill, his insurance covers his illness, but he cannot perform his job and is ultimately let go from his employment.  Which usually means that he loses his health insurance, because, out of work, he cannot afford to keep up the premiums.  When he tries to find another policy, no one will insure him for his pre-existing condition, for the simple fact that it pre-exists issuance of a new policy designed to insure against it.  

This problem would not exist if the policy belonged to the insured rather than the company, or the "group".  If it belonged to the insured, it would go with the employee when he left employment, and if he were catastrophically ill, it would be in pay-off mode, and no longer requiring premium payments.  His illness would always be covered by the insurance he had when he became ill. 

The Marxist-Progressive argument doesn't want you to think about that.  It demonizes insurance companies who will not sell a new policy to cover a pre-existing medical condition, and the citizenry has been so progressively dumbed-down that they, for the most part, accept that utter nonsense, and are successfully induced to hate the "greedy" insurance companies. 

Legislation (state, not federal) could mandate that group insurance policies must issue "sub-policies" to be owned by individuals who are members of the group.  Individual personal policies to to each individual in the group, to be owned by the individual members of the group.  If the person leaves employment, so long as he pays the premiums the policy goes with him wherever he goes.  If he gets a payable condition while premiums are paid up, he is fully covered.  Problem solved. 

State laws, regulations and rules prohibiting "portability" of policies, interstate coverage and interstate sales, by design, contribute to Marxist Progress, and should be repealed. 

Progressive control of benefit payout.

The other Progressive induced problem is at the beneficiary level.  If the insured is the true beneficiary, then the insured should be the one to be paid the benefit.  Instead, the policies are established to pay the practitioners for services rendered.  This allows insurance companies, who are not qualified to practice medicine, to have some say in exactly how and by whom the insured is to be treated. 

It has gotten to the point that insurance rules are taking over the practice of medicine.  Doctors are made to jump through hoops to be paid, in a market that has been almost closed to private operation, at least among the poorest patients.  And the number of poor patients radically increases as the larger national economy self-destructs.  By design. 

We have addressed this, perhaps to the point of harping on it, among the Socialized Medicine Pages.  The whole medical insurance industry, before it was largely destroyed by Obamacare, had been "Progressivized" into forcing doctors, pharmacists and health-care providers of all kinds to religiously follow "Medical Code" rules, and to keep abreast of a constantly changing and constantly growing gigantic matrix of Billing Codes (unique identifying number codes) representing every minute thing done in treatment of the patient. 

Specific codes exist for every single thing a doctor could do.  Insurance claim forms must contain all insurance company approved codes, in the proper sequence, in accordance with the latest updates, which sometimes occur daily, or the claim will not be paid

This is utter stupidity on steroids. 

All health care costs rocket because of this, because doctors are forced to add highly paid Medical Code Experts just to make sure all the proper codes are on all the claim forms.  Doctors don't learn insurance codes in medical school.  (Nor to insurance agents study medicine in insurance school.)  Every increase in doctor office costs increases costs for treatment.  Doctors have no choice other than to pay someone full-time just to stay on top of the constantly changing medical code system. 

And where do these magic medical codes come from, and who updates and grows them into a universe of incredible complexity on a nearly daily basis? 

From the federal government, which, again, is not constitutionally authorized to even address the practice of medicine, pharmacy or health care, whether in legislation, execution or adjudication of law. 

So how do they do it? 

Through Medicare

Medicare began the "code" system for itself, and the whole private health care insurance industry was induced to adopt it. 

Let me repeat that:  The whole private health care insurance industry has adopted the medical claim code system. 

It now drives all medical insurance.  The codes originate and change, unceasingly, through the sole authority of Medicare.  So federal government bureaucrats are driving the private practice of health care in America already, ordering medical doctors about, even dictating the language the doctors may use in their own records.  And all of this was going on even before Obamacare was unconstitutionally passed into law. 

Now that's what Marxists call Progress

As we have said elsewhere, this little problem could be eliminated by state laws requiring all health care insurance claims to be paid solely to beneficiaries, and not to care providers.  Very simple, nothing to it. 

Private insurance would be forced to drop the medical code system.  There is no way they could induce patients to learn the system, stay abreast of the system or hire anyone to do that for them.  Any company that forced beneficiaries to use the code system to receive payment of a claim would soon be out of business.  Blooming and burgeoning free market competition would very quickly resolve that little problem. 

Medical practice would simplify, and medical costs would plummet

Bottom-Up Marxist Progressivism, through Organized Labor.

"Top-Down" Marxist Progressivism was historically pushed primarily by the Marxocrat Party.  Today, it is pushed by the Establishment "Uni-Party" of both Marxocrat and Republicrat Parties, and their common, Crony, Donor-Owner, Super-Elite Ruling Class

Part of that Ruling Class are the owner-operators of National and International Unions. 

"Bottom-Up" Marxist Progressivism is pushed, not by the actual rank-and-file union members, but by their purported "spokesmen", and by those "leaders" who funnel union dues up to the Marxocrat Party. 

Organized Labor Unions were Marxist from birth, born in 1848 with the closing line of Marx's Communist Manifesto, "Workers of the World, Unite!"  See the Unionism pages

"Company Paid" benefits, such as Health Care Insurance, for the most part came into being through "collective bargaining" contracts with organized labor.  It was aimed at progressively encouraging business to spend money and attention on things unrelated to business, and thus contribute to eventual business failure. 

This is how "Minimum Wage" laws came into being, illustrating how bottom-up organized labor can work with top-down political progressives to squeeze industry into compliance with things not in the best interest of industry.  Through the loud, public, exaggerated plaintive cries of the poor, abused union workers, the Marxocrat Party can make itself appear to be the champion of the working man, while adding more out-of-scope unconstitutional laws to the books, growing the government in scope, size and cost, and the whole country is tricked into going along with another violation of the Constitution.  Which is precisely what minimum wage laws are, just as one example among the many. 

Again, that's progress

Companies that are not under some union contract who are providing or contributing to Health Care Insurance for employees would be well advised to find a way to cut that "benefit" and give their employees an appropriate raise in pay, so they can buy their own insurance.  It would be wise for business to concentrate on the business of the business. 

Companies that are bound by union contract to provide health care to employees need to find ways to break those contracts, if they can. 

Both Health Care itself and Health Care Insurance costs are never going to start going down radically unless and until the doctor-patient relationship is either solely between the doctor and the patient, or at least with only the insurance company, and nobody else, standing between the doctor and the patient. 

That excludes employers, unions and bureaucrats. 

All they do is contribute to complexity, cost, and "Progress". 

Again, on yet another subject, it's hard to accept the fact that so many Americans just don't see all of this for what it is.  As in just about everything else addressed in this website, it just keeps getting worse, and nobody is even addressing it.  When anyone does address it, it's always from the wrong point, even from an unconstitutional point.  Most of America has been Progressivized

I'm telling you, if we don't elect Trump, Constitutional America is Toast.  Everyone in Washington is in on it, and that includes the press.  All of our elites are Progressives, at the very least

He ain't perfect, by any means, but everyone else is working to grow it, not to stop it.  Not even to slow it down.  Trump is the only one who is not part of it. 

Progressivism, like every other form of Marxism, is Evil

Pray for Trump. 


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Date:  Thu Nov 03 08:53:16 2016
From:  Mike Gent
Location:  Saratoga Springs,N.Y. U.S.A

That was fantastic and almost a fantasy because even Trump is talking "Repeal and replace". I sent this to a group representing him and maybe we'll get lucky. I'm reading Hilaire Belloc  and G.K. Chesterton and it's remarkable how prescient they were.

"Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,  there's always laughter and good red wine.
At least I've always found it so
Benedicamous Domino!"  Hilaire Belloc

Date:  Thu Nov 03 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


Yeah, everybody seems to say "Repeal and replace".  Even Hannity and Cain.  The only one I haven't heard say it (and that doesn't mean he hasn't) is Rush. 

What Trump really needs to learn before he learns anything else is that, if he becomes President, he will be able to say "You're Fired!" to multiple Supreme Court Justices, Senators and Congressmen, with the full backing of the Constitution, which is (or once was) the Supreme Law of the Land. (See the Impeachable Offenses Pages.)

And yes, the words of Belloc and Chesterton are as stunningly applicable today as they were when they were written or spoken. 



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A prayer for President Trump, that through him we may return to justice.  That the huge responsibility may humble him to his knees, bless and inspire him to lead us in a return to True Justice.

Trump v Clinton = Ignorance & Indifference v Machiavellian Evil.  Choosing Trump v Clinton is easy; it's choosing amoral love of country v pure, deceitful, evil intending, flat out immorality.

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