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How "Trumpism" trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism.

Trumpism:  A turning away from the treacherous Republicrat Party's treason, toward the only imperfect alternative.

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, January 17, 2016

The old political game is over, and the experts still don't get it.  The only branch of federal government that still works is the fourth branch, which nobody ever gives a thought to or even remembers exists: 

We The People

We are never remembered, except to be exploited for political purposes.  Well, we are awakening to their treason and treachery.  We are not going to not participate in our own political process.  And as far as we're concerned, the Parties are finished, and so is the Media, and so is Political Correctness. 

This is hardly the first time the Donald Trump phenomenon has had to be explained for "conservative" or "constitutionalist" or "Republican" experts.  A whole chapter in Culture=Religion+Politics is devoted to the subject.  Herein, we have addressed the causes of it in Trump-Confounds, Trump-Rise and most recently in Government by Social Experiment.  And elsewhere, I'm sure. 

While there are many facets to the Trump phenomenon, the overarching one involves the fact that the Republicrat Party has not only betrayed it's own voter base, but has openly opposed it and sought to defeat it.  That is no small thing, but it is not even recognized by the "experts" on American politics.  It's hardly mentioned. 

Comrade Jeb Bush has openly declared that he intends to be the first Republicrat Party Presidential candidate to win the Presidency without the Republicrat Party base.  And he's the Republicrat Party's favorite.  The Republicrat Party has turned against us, and no one understands how any of us can support a man like Donald Trump, whom they universally despise. 

Well, they despise him, and, they despise us.  That should be a clue

The Republicrat Party has gone completely Big Government Progressive, which is a kinder, gentler title for Hegelian-Dialectic Marxist.  They are absolutely determined to unconstitutionally ram through "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" which is a euphemism for granting amnesty to all the untold millions of criminal aliens among us.  And that's just for openers

The Republicrat Party has become just as dangerous to the Constitution, or perhaps more so, than the Marxocrat Party. 

So what's wrong with Cruz? 

Guilt by association, if nothing else.  You are who you associate with.  He may look to be the most principled man in the contest, but he betrayed high principle by voting in the dark to fast-track the abomination known as the TPA bill, which could not even stand the light of day, not only before we the people, but even before the Senators voting for it.  They couldn't see it, or get a copy of it, or even speak of it.  It was hidden from view, before and during the voting on it. 

No man of high principle ever would have supported such an evil thing. 

We elected a majority of Republicrats to represent us in the House, and they betrayed us.  We elected a majority of Republicrats to represent us in the Senate, and they betrayed us.  Not one single thing that they promised they would do once in office was anything other than a flagrant categorical lie. 

They oppose us.  And they oppose our Constitution, just like the Marxocrats. 

Trump raised every single issue that came under debate in the ongoing contest, with the issue of open borders and criminal aliens first, and if he hadn't raised each of those issues, none of the Republicrats would even be talking about any of them

Despite the fact that they can destroy us as a Constitutional nation, they were non-issues before The Donald brought them up.  None of the other candidates even wanted to even talk about them.  Not one of them

"But he's not even a conservative!" shout the experts, Glenn Beck and friends included.  "He has flipped on every issue!"  "He has supported the Clintons!"  "He's a liberal at heart!" 

So what's the difference between him and the Republicrat Party?  They have not only not opposed, but they have supported everything the Obamunists and the Marxocrats have done to us and to our nation.  No exceptions.  How, exactly, are they any more trustworthy than The Donald?  How, exactly, are they any more predictable?  How, exactly, are they any more worthy of our votes? 

But ... but ... but ... he's another Obama, all hope and change, and he'll probably take us into Fascism. 

Well, what's happening now?  Who is even trying to stop it? 

Trump is the only one universally hated by both Parties, by the Media and by the whole Political Correctness movement.  That's who and what we oppose ourselves

If he isn't yet talking about destroying the Party system, he is it's enemy, and that's a good thing.  If he isn't yet talking about taking down the Media, he is it's enemy, and that's a good thing.  He is indeed acting to reverse the stranglehold Political Correctness has on our culture, and that, too, is a good thing.

I would love to see a deeply religious Christian candidate who would close the borders, stop immigration, deport criminal aliens, pass the Fair Tax and begin declaring all of that which is unconstitutional to officially be unconstitutional, null and void, and get us back under our own Constitution. 

But I don't see one

I don't even like Trump, but he's the only guy out there who seems angry and committed and determined enough to put a stop to some of this anti-constitutional garbage, even if he might do it for the wrong reasons.  Even if he might do it imperfectly, he will do it. 

It may well be that Constitutional America is now toast anyway. 

If you're up to your neck in it, and somebody throws a bucket of it at you, do you duck? 

At this moment in history, it appears that the best thing we have going for us is the efficacy of prayer.  And second best is The Donald. 

God help us


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Date:  Sun Jan 17 10:41:12 2016
From:  Andrew Maggard
Location:  Port Haywood, Virginia, USA

A very perceptive article that expresses the essence of what is occurring in the political arena. Trump is capitalizing on the smugness and the overconfidence of the self perceived intellectual superiority of his opposition, both Republican and Democrat. His every move is calculated to generate a politically correct response from his opponents. Thus far Trump has profited greatly from this by creating a media stir that has far outpaced media recognition of his opponents. Trump recognizes the mood of the electorate and strives to use that mood of not only disenchantment with Washington but outright contempt for what has been coming out of the Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac. The electorate is responding to Trumps challenge and in a fashion that will likely result in becoming  the candidate named as the Republican nominee for the office of President whether the Republican Party likes it or not.

Thank you for capturing the very essence of what is occurring.

I also appreciate your very appropriate closure of your article.

Thank you for a very thoughtful and interesting commentary on the matter.

Date:  Sun Jan 17 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


Yes, he's very perceptive, and perhaps tricky, and strong-willed and confident enough to win.  And that may pose some real problems for America, but at least they will be new problems.  He has identified several and taken direct aim at them. 

If he doesn't yet recognize Islam itself as a threat to America and to all human civilization, well, neither have any of his opponents, and neither has either Party.  He's closer to being right on that topic than any of them.  All he has to do to find out the truth about it is read the Koran; it's all right there. 

And it's the same with every other major topic of contention.  He hasn't said he wants to destroy the Party system; but neither have any of his opponents, and the Party System has made him their mortal enemy, and that makes him more correct than any of his opponents. 

He hasn't said he wants to take down the Media, but neither has any opponent, and the Media has made him their enemy number one, and that puts him in a more attractive position than any of his opponents. 

We're not ever going to get back under the Constitution so long as the Parties are running everything and the Media is calling all the plays.  He's the only one in the whole contest who says he wants to stop Obamunism and reverse it, is believable, and just might do it. 

Not only are all the others not trustworthy, but they are disgusting



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Rush hit another home run describing all the "PC Vapors" after the last debate.  The whole Media, and even Glenn Beck, got the PC Vapors and nearly feinted, trying to shield the children's ears during the debate.

Did Trump just Flip? He will now "deal" with Marxocratism and Obamunism?  The Donald has flipped before, but this may be the flip to end all flips. If HE won't stop the destruction, WHO WILL?

Trump and Palin: Why are they considered to be the incompatible "Odd Couple"?  If there's an incompatible "Odd Couple" it is the Tea Party and the Republicrat Party, not Trump and Palin, both of whom fully intend to stop exactly what we the people want stopped. 

How "Trumpism" trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism.   Trumpism:  A turning away from the treacherous Republicrat Party's treason, toward the only imperfect alternative.

Cruz and Trump Rise Again, and the Elites still don't get it.  The Candidate who actually recognizes the existing war and then properly prosecutes it will win all the marbles.

Trump Confounds the Republicrats and Flummoxes the Marxocrat Party's Media.  Trump continues to confound the Left, including the "Bipartisan" Republicrat Party.

A prayer for President Trump, that through him we may return to justice.  That the huge responsibility may humble him to his knees, bless and inspire him to lead us in a return to True Justice.

Trump v Clinton = Ignorance & Indifference v Machiavellian Evil.  Choosing Trump v Clinton is easy; it's choosing amoral love of country v pure, deceitful, evil intending, flat out immorality.

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