Tolerating intolerance of America is what Americans are being trained to do.

In tolerating intolerance of themselves some Americans think they are proving something or other.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 09, 2010

We are tolerating intolerance. Of us.  We are a tolerant people; everybody says so. I’m getting sick of hearing it. Our “values” insist on tolerance. There is some truth in it; as a people, Americans may be among the most tolerant people on earth. But the current American government, in league with the World Elites, is absolutely intolerant of America as founded. Proof is everywhere you look.

Just look at the crap that the filthy pigs who run the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) have spent our own American tax dollars to rub our noses in. A crucifix in a jar of urine titled “Piss Christ.” A dung-covered Madonna. A Mapplethorpe photo-art “exhibition” showing faggots using each other’s mouths for urinals, and worse. Thus does our own government show its own absolute intolerance of us, the ones they are supposed to represent. They clearly hold us in utter contempt. They pay people to insult us, and to blaspheme against our religion, with our money. And then they make speeches about tolerance and values.

Now we’ve got this Bozo Imam in New York, pushing to build the Ground Zero Mosque, as a monument to Islamic victory over America, taking our tax dollars to fly around Islamic countries to raise the money to build it. His latest outrageous statements are an open threat that if it isn’t built there will be violence against Americans and others.

And we would be intolerant if we resisted this blasphemy. Our Dear Leader, Comrade Caliph Barrack Hussein Obama said so. Who is being intolerant here?

If we oppose our Dear Leader, we are labeled racists and Islamophobes. But if we were racist, then how is it that we elected a black man? And if we are Islamophobic, then how is it that we elected a man with an Islamic name like Barrack Hussein Obama? Again, who is being intolerant here?

Would Islam consider the possibility of building a Catholic or a Jewish or a Baptist or a Hindu or a Buddhist cultural center within a couple of blocks of the Kabba in Mecca, to show that they might be somewhat tolerant of other peoples? Again, who is being intolerant here?

Now a small town preacher in Florida has threatened to burn some Korans on the next anniversary of 9/11/01, and the whole world, including the Pope, the President, our whole pea-picking government (which championed Piss Christ), the UN, and multiple international rulers are having a hissy-fit over the typical Yankee intolerance of it.

Why, if that happens, Islamic “radicals” would rise up and endanger our troops and any other Americans or Westerners abroad. Well, guess what? Our troops are already endangered by radicals. It might be better if more of them would stick their heads up so they could be blown off.

The real story is that there are no radicals; there are only Moslems who closely follow Islam, and others who don’t. Who is going to be incensed by this admitted provocation are the most die-hard and the most stupid in the world of Islam. The “die-hards” are the evil ones intent on conquest; the stupid ones are the “useful idiots” who are convinced that the Koran really is holy, and that Islam really is a religion rather than an ideology of war and conquest. We talked about this in The Last Barbarians Webpage.

Who are we at war with? That is the popular question. Almost everyone in the West answers that question wrong. Those who are most correct say that we are engaged in a war against Terrorism. And indeed we are. But we are not even asking the right question.

Who is Islam at war with? Everyone who is not in submission to Islam. That has been the status of Islam for almost 1,400 years. It has never changed. Let’s look at the Koran itself:

  1. Moslems are instructed to kill us everywhere they find us (2:191).
  2. We are not to be trusted, bargained with or befriended (2:254) and (3:28) and (4:144) and (5:51).
  3. Moslems are instructed to lay in wait for us, seize us, beleaguer us, ambush us, slay us, enslave us, but if we repent and pay special taxes, we will be spared (9:5).
  4. Moslems take women prisoners of war as slaves (33:50).
  5. Moslems are instructed to crucify us or cut off our hands and feet (5:33).
  6. Moslems are to strike off our heads and our fingers (8:12).
  7. Moslems are instructed to strike off our heads and make a wide slaughter among us, and to carefully tie up the survivors as captives (47:4).
  8. Moslems are to prepare for us garments of fire, to pour over our heads boiling water whereby whatever is in our skin or in our bowels will be disolved by it, and we are to be punished by hooked iron rods (22:19-21).
  9. Moslems are to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (2:139; 8:39; 9:29).
That is the teaching of the Koran; it is Islamic religion; it is Islamic ideology; it is Islamic law. It is what their prophet told them to do, it is how they are instructed and how they are required by law to behave toward us. The Islamic intolerance of the other is just crystal clear here. The only question is whether these words are actually in the Koran or not. That’s a very simple yes-or-no question; the truth does not take many words. If the answer is yes, then we are looking at absolute, non-negotiable intolerance. Nobody is ever going to negotiate those words out of the Koran.

I have said before, in multiple places, that the fact that so many Moslems are peaceful and normal people is true in spite of Islam, and not because of Islam. People are naturally good; Islam makes them bad. The deeper any Moslem gets into his own religion, the more dangerous he becomes to any non-Moslem. That’s just the way it is.

It is not Islamic “radicals” who will be incited to violence by any hint of intolerance shown toward Islam – it is ordinary Moslems who will be incited to violence. The real problem here is that we are not at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us. Islam has always been at war with us. Only the strategies and tactics have changed.

The fear-filled, let’s negotiate, peace-at-any-cost crowd will not, and perhaps can not, accept the truth of it; but Islam is out to conquer and dominate everyone, whether they like it or not. Right now it’s acting like a great constrictor snake, slowly increasing its coils and tightening its grip on multiple nations, slowly squeezing the will to resist out of them.

”For God’s sake, don’t do anything to start a religious war with Islam!” is the anxiety-ridden warning; why, that would be catastrophic. As much as I hate to pop anyone’s little happy balloon, the religious war is already on. It has been on for way over a thousand years. We are just now waking up to it.

Let’s get it on and do it right.


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Web-Page Comments, Dialogues, Latest Updates

Date: Fri Sep 10 01:21:21 2010
From: Ben

You do not realize what you are saying. You cannot wage war on a billion people. You cannot go against the Constitution. The proponents of the new Mosque in NY are seeking to keep negotiations open with Hamas – if we all stop talking there is no hope for peace. How are you going to wage this impossible war?

Date: Fri Sep 10 06:11:07 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


I do indeed realize what I’m saying; you do not recognize the truth in front of you. It is not impossible for a decent American government to legislate or order recognition of and hostility toward a clearly identified national enemy that intends to destroy us. We do not wage war on people, but on armies, where identified, and on governments.

Rather than negotiating with Hamas, we should be researching and finding ways to kill them all. The same goes for Hezbollah, the Moslem Brotherhood, Al Queda, Talliban, CAIR, the governments of Iran, Syria, Arabia, and probably more.

We should be deporting Moslems and restricting visa and green-card access to any Moslem, and not allowing any more Moslems into America. We should not allow any more mosques to be built, repaired or upgraded. Moslem “spill-over” prayer blocking streets or sidewalks should be outlawed. Moslem prayer outside should be outlawed. No piece of America should ever be under Islamic law.

If anyone wants to get violent about it, so be it.



Date: Sat Oct 22 19:41:18 2011
From: guest
Location: Portland Oregon

I am beyond angry with what we have allowed into our country. Islam has destroyed every civilization it touched and brought misery, poverty and ignorance. American's can not afford to be tolerant of an intolerant political.religious system. Muslims come into our country with practices and values abhorrent to America as well as criminal in western societies. Time to stop this!

Thursday, January 17, 2013
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Date:   Sat Sep 13 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

Changes pursuant to changing the website URL and name from 
Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
Catholic American Thinker.

Pulled the trigger on the 301 MOVE IT option June 1, 2014. Working my way through all the webpages.  . 



Date:  Sat Oct 25 06:08:53 2014
From:  Phillip

Your "toleration" is reserved solely for those who believe as you do.  Are you not being intolerant of Marxism?  Are you not being intolerant of Islam?  Are you not intolerant of Atheism?  How do you declare war on these belief systems and not call yourself intolerant? 

Date:  Sat Oct 25 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


I am intolerant of evil.  How do I define evil?  Opposition to Truth

We all know, or should know, about the Judeo-Christian Ethos, which gives our lives purpose, direction and rules. 

What defines the atheist ethos?  Well, the best that can be said of it is that:

  1. Atheism holds nothing whatsoever to be sacred, denying even the very notion of sacredness itself.
  2. Atheism does not believe in the existence of evil. 
  3. Atheism does not know right from wrong. 

What supplies atheistic Marxism with purpose, direction and rules? 

  1. The ends justify the means.
  2. You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.
  3. Shut up and get on the cattle car. 

What supplies Islam with purpose, direction and rules?  The Koranic imperative to treat non-believers as follows:

  1. Kill them and take their stuff.
  2. Subjugate them and take their stuff.
  3. Take them to keep or sell as slaves.
  4. Take them to hold for ransom.
  5. Piracy against them. 
  6. Take their lands in open conquest.  
  7. Terrorize them within their lands by any means possible. 

History proves that what I say here is true.  You can do as you please; I will not tolerate it. 



Date:  Sat Oct 25 10:32:21 2014
From:  Phillip

So you think you could get Congress to declare war on Islam as per the Constitution? 

Date:  Sat Oct 25 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


Not this Congress. 

Any American formal declaration of war would be more against Jihad, which is an integral and inseparable aspect of Islam. 

Jihad involves the instruction of Mohammed to expand the Ummah (the community of believers) until it dominates the whole world.  Those believers who are not actively making war to expand the Ummah, such as the government of Saudi Arabia, are the "radicals" of Islam.  Those who are, such as Al Queda, ISIS, Iran, etc., are the truly orthodox practitioners of Islam.  Read the Koran if you don't believe me. 

Military conquest, plunder, slavery, hostage-ransom, piracy and so forth are the only means of economic support within truly orthodox Islam.  It's how they make their money.  Nations like Saudi Arabia who are fat and comfortable with their oil revenue are living in violation of the instruction to expand the Ummah.  Paying money to support others to expand the Ummah is seen by many Mujahadin as a cowardly wimping out on the Saudi government's responsibility to pursue Jihad. 

Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, has done and is doing everything in his power to destabilize every government of every predominantly Islamic nation that is not actively pursuing external Jihad, in order to unleash Jihad and destabilize the Middle East, if not the World. 

An American declaration of war against Jihad would begin by recognizing that Islam declared war on the whole of the non-Islamic world with the recognition of Mohammed as a prophet and the birth of the Islamic religion.  The sole source of external Jihad is Islam.  Thus, such a declaration would have to Outlaw Islam within American borders. 

(Hard to do, when the current regime has eliminated our borders.) 

Such a declaration of war would have to include:

  1. Direct military action against active, conquering Jihad, under whatever current title, that is seeking to kill or dominate people who do not wish to be killed or dominated.
  2. Direct military action against all Jihadi groups, under whatever current title, that have actively named America or her allies as targets for war, subjugation or destruction. 
  3. Direct military action against pirates and their sponsors. 
  4. Counter-insurgency programs within America and within allied nations to seek out, kill or capture if possible all secret Mujahadin seeking to harm the host nation.  All captured Jihadis within America to be, at the very least, imprisoned for life, as menaces to civilization itself. 
  5. Removal from office or from uniform all Moslems, for they cannot honestly have taken any oath of office to adhere to and defend our Constitution, since keeping that oath would be a direct violation of Islamic law.  
  6. Removal of all security clearances from all Moslems for the same reason. 
  7. All foreign Moslems to be barred from entry into the USA.  
  8. All native Moslems to be barred from reentry into the USA if they ever leave it. 

There is more in the Outlaw Islam page, but I think that pretty well outlines it.  Will it every happen?  Who knows.  One thing only is certain:  Islam has declared war on us.  Before we even existed. 



Please note the language and tone of this monitored Website. This is not the place to stack up vulgar one-liners and crude rejoinders.  While you may support, oppose or introduce any position or argument, submissions must meet our standards of logical rigor and civil discourse.  We will not participate in merely trading insults, nor will we tolerate participants merely trading insults.  Participants should not be thin-skinned or over sensitive to criticism, but should be prepared to defend their arguments when challenged.  If you don’t really have a coherent argument or counter-argument of your own, sit down and don’t embarrass yourself. Nonsensical, immoral or merely insulting submissions will not be published here.  If you have something serious to contribute to the conversation, back it up,  keep it clean and keep it civil.  We humbly apologize to all religious conservative thinkers for the need to even say these things, but the New Liberals are what they are, and the internet is what it is. 

If you fear repercussions, do not use your real name and
do not include email or any identifying information. 


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Taking a look at Illegal Imigration and Tax Problem solutions. In our view, the minimum wage and income tax have outlived their usefulness, and only contribute to the illegal alien problem. 

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The Plastic Bags and Eco Doom theory: will plastic bags end life as we know it? Plastic Bag and Eco Doom predictions tell us that plastic grocery and garbage bags will still be buried in the land fills and dumps a thousand years from now.  Well … so what?

Farewell Smokey Biorseth; Rest In Peace.  Hello Coal Biorseth; Welcome Home. As we were laying our beloved Smokey Biorseth to rest in his grave beside the lilies, a carbon-copy of Smokey, in younger form, emerged from the lilies.

Honky Biorseth really runs this house. If you want to know what's in any cabinet in the house, just ask Honky Biorseth.

More Marxist infiltration of higher education. Public school and the media are not the only places dominated by Marxist thought; even Catholic institutions are infected.

Of Families and Fortunes, and Inheritance Vs. Redistribution. Families and Fortunes are despised by Marxists, because Marxism demonizes the family, demonizes fortunes, and even demonizes profit.

Website Status Update 11/09/10. Just a Website status update; where we are and where we’re going.

Regarding the 2010 Tax Deal Pledge Breaker: Pledge? What Pledge? How can Republican deal makers even face us? We need to hang a Tea Party target on all professional politicians for 2012.

Pray for peace in Jerusalem, and for deliverance of Israel from harm. To pray for peace in Jerusalem is to pray for deliverance from Obama.

A tale of Promised Financial Melt-Down Debt Ceiling Nonsense and Happy Marxists. Everyone, on both sides, believes the Debt Ceiling Nonsense.  Why?

Our Ohio voter Guide for the 2012 Election. The 2l012 Ohio Voter Guide – The Choices Have Never Been Clearer, or more critical.

Evangelization enters the animal kingdom with the first bear prayer. It is fitting that the first bear prayer would be a prayer of thanksgiving.

Is the Internet down in Lithuania? Sudden loss of Lithanian traffic suggests the internet is down in Lithuania. 

The rise of the Femi Nazi Green Beret, and the decline of military victory. The first Femi Nazi Green Beret will be awarded out of fairness, not excellence.

Food Insurance: Is this stuff really any good? All of us conspiracy-theorizing, global-calamity doomsday-preppers need their Food Insurance.

We just had to try to do Robert Irvine's Plastic Wrapped Baby Back Ribs. Put plastic wrapped baby back ribs in the oven? What? Are you nuts?

Thoughts on the first Eucharist, established by the Last Supper.  The first Eucharist was recognized by the Apostles for what it was on that holiest Holy Thursday.

Tea-Party-Candidates-04-18-2014.  The Constitution is not going to be restored to legal preeminence unless we replace leadership incumbents of BOTH PARTIES.

Ecce homo; Behold the man.  Ecce Homo.  Behold the Innocent Lamb, who takes away the sins of the world.

When your system slows down or hangs, it's time for a Total System Reboot.  America, the World, and even the Catholic Church may need a Total System Reboot.

Looking for Limited Constitutional Government?  Fiscal Responsibility? Free Markets? Welcome Home!

Get in there! Get connected! For God's sake, DO SOMETHING!

Give me Liberty or give me death, Hell!  Give me Liberty, or I'll get up and take it.  Click here for contemporary American political positions.

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