The Republicrat Liars: Cooperating in the Destruction of America.

Marxocrats are expected to lie; therefore, Republicrat Liars are the most treacherous political liars.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Monday, February 17, 2014

Anyone who says our Immigration laws, our border security laws, or our long-lived, time-tested method of American Immigration is "broken" or in need of "reform" is a liar, plain and simple.  When they butter the lie up with deceptive phraseology such as "Everyone knows the system is broken" they thereby prove their own sly treachery through the slickness of their lies.  When they say "Everyone agrees we need to fix Immigration" they begin to bury the original lie under more lies and deceptions. 

It has now gotten to the point where everything they say is a lie, and nothing they say - not one thing - can be trusted to be true.  They pile lie upon lie upon lie, and they just keep piling on.  It simply is not possible for them to be mistaken on this.  There is no way they could be this wrong, this long; they cannot possibly be too stupid to know the wrongness of their positions.  Therefore, I call them liars.  You are free to guess at their motivations; I am as free to guess as you, and my guess is that they are in league with the enemy.  They are secretly in cahoots with the Marxocrats and the Obamunists in the mission of "transforming" Constitutional America. 

It may be that they are deep-cover Marxists, whether Revolutionary or Progressive, or it may mean that they are neo-Marxist, Republicrat "Big-Government" promoters, who hope to win for themselves important posts in the resulting ruling class - which will be the Government-Class - after achieving success in the total elimination of the Constitution. 

The only thing wrong with our existing Immigration law is that it is not being enforced.  Not enforcing existing law is, for an American government, a crime.  It is a criminal activity.  In not even recognizing that fact, let alone not opposing it, the Republicrats make themselves complicit in the crime.  They cooperate in committing it.  The whole of the federal government is deeply involved in this unconstitutional criminal activity; all three branches of government, and both major political Parties.  Our own government has made itself into a criminal enterprise

Bottom line:  We cannot long remain the only country on earth who's government enforces a policy of absolutely open borders, and with the government itself and a major political Party sponsoring foreign-language ads in widespread foreign nation broadcast and print media, telling would-be criminal intruders how to illegally come to America and apply for food stamps and other "entitlements".

No other country on earth does this. 

It spells national doom.  The anti-American Obamunists know it, the anticonstitutional Marxocrats know it, the treacherous Republicrats know it, and the Globalist, Marxist and Islamist - dominated anti-American United Nations knows it.  They all cooperate in bringing about the downfall of the United States as a sovereign nation. 

Just look at all the clear and obvious lies. 

We can't just round them all up, is a lie.  Someone in government said this lie when it involved just a few hundred or a thousand.  They raised their voices a pitch when it hit tens of thousands.  Why, rounding that many people up would be inhuman, and un-American.  They shouted this lie when the number got into the millions.  Today, when "officially" they think it to be 12 million, and unofficially it may be as high as 30 million, or even more, they scream this lie, to shout-down the opposition. 

But it remains what it was from the beginning, which is, a lie.  The fact that we should have been rounding them up from the beginning does not mean that we cannot or should not round them all up today.

Our Immigration Reform Plan is Not Amnesty is a clear and obvious lie.  The Republicrat plan grants the criminal aliens legal status and the ability to legally stay in America.  That is amnesty, pure and simple.  If you break a law, and the government takes away any threat of arrest and punishment, you have been granted amnesty.  That is all the typical criminal alien gives a damn about.  They have no interest in citizenship or in assimilation; that's not what they came here for, nor is it what they keep going back and forth across our borders for. 

They are American immigrants just like our ancestors is another lie.  They most certainly are not immigrants.  If they are, then show me their immigration papers.  They have never applied for immigration status, and we must assume they have no real interest in immigration.  They are here for whatever they can get, and to send it back home, or to periodically go back home.  They are here at the specific enticement of the Marxocrat Party.  Unconstitutional Minimum Wage Laws have the dual Marxocrat sponsored negative effect of raising American unemployment and encouraging a black-market, paid-under-the-table labor force, encouraging to foreign illegals. 

They are future Republican voters is another flagrant lie, and everyone knows it.  Hispanics, from anywhere in the world, especially refugees, who legitimately immigrate to America are predominantly conservative Catholics, and most of them will wind up voting their faith, morals and conservative values.  But the criminal aliens are not legitimate immigrants, and they project no particular values other than seeking government benefits and entitlements, due to anyone who is just here.   The deserved name Entitle-istas is most appropriately applied to them.  They will vote Marxocrat; they will join the Sant-Clause vote and the moron vote, to favor an ever growing and ever spending government, and the Party that promises the most unearned hand-outs. 

Again, they are not immigrants.  They are criminal aliens.  They broke the laws of at least two countries just to get here, and they violate our laws every day that they remain here. 

So, what are they all doing here, if they are not immigrants?  They are a mixed bag.  The drug cartel and gang members have their own purposes, including controlling both ends of the illegal drug running business, and both ends of the human trafficking business, and other crimes and criminal activities.  The Islamic terrorists and infiltrators have their own nefarious purposes.  The old-time Marxist Revolutionaries and anarchists have their own devious purposes.  Various small-time smugglers, robbers and criminals have their own purposes. 

Many, perhaps most, come here for more pay and certainly more benefits than they can get wherever they came from, and to support others back home, and to "commute" back and forth in various seasons.  Many come here to stay, but not to assimilate; they come to get whatever they can get from a seemingly generous  and charitable Obamunist and Marxocrat Regime.  In their naivete, they don't know that the charity is temporary, and that the system will eventually collapse, leaving them far worse off than they were before any of them ever came here. 

Few, if any at all, come here the way all past legal immigration has historically been done.  Fewer still come here to contribute, or to make their fortune, or to better themselves.  They come here for what they can get; they come for the hand out, to live as well as they can with the least amount of effort.  They are, therefore, not Human Capital; they are, rather, mouths to feed.  They are a drag on the whole system, as was intended from the beginning in the Marxocrat Plan of American national destruction. 

We have discussed all this, unto death, in the Criminal Alien pages

Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan are the worst kind of treacherous political liars.  They came to the party all dressed up like Constitutionalists and Tea Partiers, and then they betrayed their own constituency.  The rest of the Republicrat mix of liars was already exposed as a bunch of common political liars.  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Chris Christie, John McCain - the whole damned slew of them are in cahoots with the Marxocrats to destroy the Conservative Republican base, which is to say, the Tea Party. 

Not one of them gives a tinker's dam about the Constitution or the nation.  It's all politics.  Every one of them is, whether secretly or openly, a big-government promoter.  Win, lose or draw, they want to be part of the Washington inner-circle, and wind up in the ruling "government class" after the rest of us are reduced to little more than the impoverished "ruled class".  What can I say?  The Republicrats and the Marxocrats deserve each other.  It's a match made in hell. 

Again - we need to get rid of them all, through elections and impeachments.  We need to return to our pre-abolition versus slavery condition of a No Party America, by abolishing political Parties.  We need to begin a systematic Fixing of America, and systematically Cutting the Spending, and get back to a simpler and less complicated Constitutional America, and becoming again a nation of laws and not merely of men. 

If Constitutional America is to survive, then we - you and I - must recognize that this is a time of decision, and division.  We said as much in the various Winnowing Pages.  We cannot continue on this path for long and survive as a recognizable nation. 

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life.  Please God, and live forever. 


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Date:  Mon Feb 17 23:06:54 2014
From:  Pablo

"We need to return to our pre-abolition versus slavery condition of a No Party America, by abolishing political Parties."

Do you mean go back to slavery?

Date:  Tue Feb 18 05:40:18 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


No, of course not.  The Party of Lincoln freed the slaves and kept the Republic intact.  But today, it has morphed into the Republicrat Party and outlived its usefulness.  America has no need of two Big Government political Parties merely quibbling over how much bigger to make the government, and how quickly.  Today, looking at how the Republican Party was corrupted over time, the very idea of political Parties disgusts me.  What we need is a strong, educated, moral, Constitutionalist citizenry, who understands and loves their own Constitution. 

Know this first:  we have to be good before we can be free



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From:  Vic Biorseth

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The Vietnam War Proved the American News Media's Treacherous Anti-American Marxism.
Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.
Heterogeneity is somehow better than homogeneity in culture?  Excuse me?

"Politics is chiefly a function of culture, at the heart of culture is morality, and at the heart of morality is religion."
(Richard John Newhaus

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