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The Anti-Intellectual Sentiment.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, February 24, 2011

You have heard it said that “Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.” There is a lot of merit in that old saying. Obama is proving it, and virtually everyone he has hired or appointed to high office is similarly proving it. None of them have ever actually done anything, in a real-world way. They have financed nothing, paid for nothing, marketed nothing, produced nothing, invented nothing, manufactured nothing, warehoused nothing, distributed nothing, sold nothing, prepared nothing, retailed nothing, never kept up the books, never met a payroll or any other kind of business deadline; not only have they never run a business, they’ve never held a real job that depended on one. They never did any real work, except maybe for brief internships, which Obama once referred to as “working behind enemy lines.”

They’ve spent all of their lives, up to this point, sitting around tables and talking. That’s it. Blithering and blathering. In real-world practicality, they are as helpless and dependent as imbeciles. If it wasn’t for academia, journalism and politics, and maybe sometimes celebrity and show-biz, they might very well starve to death. They don’t know how to actually do anything useful or productive.

But here’s the thing: they hate the ones who do know how to work productively. That is because our intellectual elite is overwhelmingly Marxist, which is to say, opposed to the status quo, whatever it is, because to be a Marxist is to be a Revolutionary. You cannot be a Revolutionary unless you are opposed to whatever is going on around you. Whatever the situation is, the Revolutionary wants to Revolutionize it. They see it as their job, their purpose.

American Universities are just dripping and oozing with Marxism. Most public school teachers lean way left, because they became professional educators in Marxist academies, where they were steeped in it. Most of them will therefore, at the very least, tend to oppose God and favor secularism; tend to favor state authority and oppose family authority over children; tend to oppose property and favor redistribution; tend to oppose big business and favor international labor unions; etc., etc., etc. And these tendencies will be passed on to their young pupils.

Marx despised religion, family and property. He said so in his Communist Manifesto, and that is the main theme and guideline that all modern Marxists carefully follow. Today’s academic elite give intellectualism a bad name. They have learned what to think, rather than how to think. Examples abound.

Who supports the abundant frauds we see all around us today? Well, the highest and most respected among the academic intellectual elite. The more credentials they have, it seems, the more frauds they support. Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a prime example. It’s a proven hoax, a money-making fraud for the likes of Al Gore, pushed relentlessly by the SLIMC1 , and backed up by a long list of – guess what – the most elite of the academic intellectuals. This is not new; it was the same with the old Piltdown Man hoax, maintained for forty years by a cast of thousands of active academic participants. The ends justify the means, for them.

Who supports the quasi-religion of Darwinism? I defined it in the Definition Of Darwinism page, I described it in the Darwinism page and I refuted it in the Refuting Darwinism page. There is no empirical evidence supporting it, I have yet to see any coherent argument supporting it, I have declared it to be false, and yet it still maintains its grip on the world. By what authority is Darwinism taught to be scientific? Well, by the authority of the most elite of the academic intellectuals; a long, long list of them. They refer to me and my ilk as Bible-thumping flat-earth-ers, but they do not see themselves as Darwin-thumping non-critical thinkers. They believe in Darwinism on faith alone.

Who supports the quasi-religion of Freudianism? I defined it in the Definition of Freudianism page, I described it in the Freudianism page and I refuted it in the Refuting Freudianism page. There is no empirical evidence supporting it, I have yet to see any coherent argument supporting it, I have declared it to be false, and yet it still maintains its grip on the world. By what authority is Freudianism taught to be scientific? Well, by the authority of the most elite of the academic intellectuals; a long, long list of them. They refer to me and my ilk as Bible-thumping flat-earth-ers, but they do not see themselves as Freud-thumping non-critical thinkers. They believe in Freudianism by faith alone.

Who supports the quasi-religion of Marxism? I defined it in the Definition of Marxism page, I described it in the Marxism page and I refuted it in the Refuting Marxism page. There is no empirical evidence supporting it, I have yet to see any coherent argument supporting it, I have declared it to be false, and yet it still maintains its grip on the world. By what authority is Marxism taught to be scientific? Well, by the authority of the most elite of the academic intellectuals; a long, long list of them. They refer to me and my ilk as Bible-thumping flat-earth-ers, but they do not see themselves as Manifesto-thumping non-critical thinkers. They believe in Marxism by faith alone.

It just goes on and on and on. The Non-Renewable Resources hoax. The Acid Rain hoax. The Ozone Hole hoax. The Population Problem hoax. The HIV=AIDS=DEATH hoax. Look at the Eco-Nazi Front page for a litany of frauds and hoaxes supported by the overwhelming majority of academic intellectuals. Look at the Fatal False Premise page for false premises fed to children through “education” in order to prepare for a revolutionary future.

It is simply disgusting.

In the user-submission dialogue after the Eco-Nazi Front page, a submitter asked if I could name a recognized intellectual or two who might endorse Palin or agree with my positions. I told him it was the other way round, and that, for the most part, we (the Tea Party) hold most academic intellectuals in open contempt.

The onus should be on the opposition to produce a recognized super-elite intellectual or two whose political opinions might be the least bit worthy of any consideration whatsoever. (I dare say there might be some, but if so it would be a very short list.)

Our academic intellectual elite may be the dumbest among us.

But critical thinking, or the lack of it, may be the least of the problems typical to intellectualism. All of these hoaxes, frauds and errors have been and are being solidified in the mind of the public largely because of elite intellectualism. The one thing in common with all of these falsehoods is that they all trend toward Marxism, in that they all insist that they are too big for any entity other than Big Government to solve. They all encourage growth of government, or even replacement of government with a New World Order that is “smart enough” to solve the problem for us dummies, on an emergency basis, quick, before it is too late. This means the migration of political power from the people to the government.

Before the November election, I warned that we really needed to take the Senate, because cases of impeachment are tried in the Senate. Well, we came up a few seats short. There is now virtually no chance of stopping Obama and his plan to destroy us before the 2012 election. If you look at our economic condition, and at what’s currently happening to oil prices, you should see that it is too late to stop economic disaster for America and the world. And this despite the fact that, as usual, proven reserves of world oil went up again, as they always have throughout world history, and North America now is known to have more oil deposits than Saudi Arabia.

But, you see, we have this purely Presidential moratorium on oil drilling, and Obama will continue in office until 2012.

Obama will not get his wish. He will not become dictator, because we are awake, and there are too many of us, in all segments of society, including most especially the military, for him to control us or kill us. Nevertheless, we are about to go through, at the very least, the worst economic times in all of American history, thanks to the lawless, anti-Constitution Obama, who truly belongs in prison.

May God bless America, restore her faith, and confirm her soul in self control.

Batten down the hatches; it’s going to be a rough one.

Never loose faith in God.


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SLIMC1 Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex
GESGOEAEOT2 Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time
PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious, Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic

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